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Fav Musicals Songs that are Pretty Underrated

For Forever - Dear Evan Hansen

My House - Matilda the Musical

A Way Back to Then - [title of show]

Part of it all - [title of show]

Disappear - The Burnt Part Boys

Time - Tuck Everlasting

One Last Time - Hamilton

When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground - Finding Neverland

You and Me (Mostly Me) - Book of Mormon

A Little Fall of Rain - Les Misérables

I’m Not That Girl - Wicked

Wonderful - Wicked

Maybe - Miss Saigon

Opening Up - Waitress

I Wish I Could Go Back to College - Avenue Q

Memphis Lives in Me - Memphis the Musical

Wash Cycle (Heavy Load); XiuHun
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Wash Cycle (Heavy Load)
Author: trashcake
Pairing: Xiumin/Sehun
Rating: NC-17
Words: 12,846

Summary:  There are rules for proper housemate etiquette and Sehun’s pretty sure he’s breaking all of them. On the plus side, Minseok doesn’t seem to mind all the dildos he finds in the dishwasher.

Loading - Coming Soon // Preview

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

Title: Loading 

Genre: Fantasy - Gaming! AU 

Pairing: Soonhoon

A/N: @chewyvernon​ Preview Part 2 haha 

A sudden high pitched ring, he guessed it was Seungcheol’s squealing though he doesn’t remember it being so…high, shook him out of his stupor. He could hear him chanting ‘It’s starting!’ Over and over until his words began to mush together.

Kingdoms come and go,” the banquet hall disappeared from the screen, instead the trailer for the video game expanded, like a camera that had zoomed in, but in reality had become the actual pictures, “Kingdoms rise and fall.

His breathing hitched when the Prince’s and Princess of the game were flashing onto the screen.

They were only faces without names at this point, but each of them had their own visual charm. One of them, with a lime green tint atop their blond hair, smiled cheekily at the camera, his crown crooked.

But an empire can last lifetimes. Are you the key to the survival to any of these kingdoms?” The boy winked at the audience before he was placed in front of a kingdom. The others appeared shortly after, each one in front of their own kingdom, wielding swords. Fairies, knights and other characters hovered in the foliage of each kingdom, peeking out just enough.

Jihoon fist pumped into the air, biting the edges of his lips. After calming down from the excitement that the new game’s trailer made him feel, he adjusted his set again making sure to hold the beaten up microphone up.

“I’ll see you later, Cheol, I’m gonna go to sleep now.” He muttered.

“Sleep?!? The great Lee Jihoon is going to sleep early f–”

Jihoon glared at the bare wall above the TV set, imagining Seungcheol’s stubbly face, “Goodnight. Seungcheol.” He said, before ripping off the headset and pressing 'disconnect’ on the computer screen.

He stood up stretching out his arms and legs, the hem of his shirt riding up his torso. He knew sitting all day was not a good idea, but then he was going to be walking to the game store tomorrow. So, his lack of exercise on this day would balance out with his midday walk the next day.


We are super excited to be returning to @safarifestival this August!

Safari has been a consistently amazing day for the past few years, hosted by the fantastic @breakdownpress and packed with some of the most interesting comics and artists around.

We will be debuting Dead Peter a new mini from George Ratcliffe @gratcliffe about a son dealing with returning to live at home.

We will also have copies of our other 2016 releases including:

Pinkin by Jonny Clapham

Two Rivers by Rosie Brand

Free Tampons on the NHS by Peter Cline

Breathe in Deep by Jayde Perkin

and loads more titles, prints and original art!

It’s going to be a really great day, come and say hi at the Protein Gallery in Shoreditch on 27th August.

Tweakscoffee is now Thecreekgame!

I’m getting farther into development, and thus a lot about the game is evolving and changing. Including the original plot- Tweek and his family will be working at “Tweak. Bros” rather than Harbucks, and the idea for the title “Tweak’s Coffee” has been scrapped due to how confusing that may be later on.

The game is now officially titled “At Peace with Pieces”

Partially because it’s unique, partially because I’m making fun of fractured but whole, and partially because it’s abbreviation could be PWP which I think is hillarious

Anyways! I’ll have a few more backgrounds and things to share with you all soon, and there’s a good chance I may spiffy up the title and load screens before I take a short break in March to finish my fanfiction.

Thanks for sticking with me, you guys!

  • Adrien: So whats the history behind Ladybug and Chat noir
  • Plagg: Oh~ why the sudden interest? This doesn't have anything to do with your big OBVIOUS crush on ladybug, does it?
  • Adrien: Of course not! Just a little curious is all. .ahah.
  • Plagg: Uh huh.
  • Adrien: Come on tell me, does chat noir end up with ladybug in the end? Is this fate?
  • Plagg gulping down cheese and mumbles: Its something alright~
  • Plagg: Sometimes. . .and Sometimes no.
  • Adrien: What do you mean sometimes no?
  • Plagg: Chat Noir is a very loaded title. We aren't the luckiest cat in the box. We don't always get what we want, and sometimes things don't go as planned.
  • Plagg: There was once a time where Chat Noir was not on ladybug side. For almost a decade there, were nothing but nasty fights.
  • Adrien nearly blowing plaggs ears out: WHAT!?
  • Plagg: It was stupid, you humans have very complex emotions. Not to mention the bad guy had a hand in the whole hate situation as well.
  • Adrien: Plagg!?
  • Plagg: Calm down it not like it gonna happen between you and this ladybug. Its in the past, where it belongs. . .but beware of white.
  • Adrien: Beware of white?
  • Plagg: Yup! Now more cheese please!

“In Horst Harnest’s view, humans must evolve in this period of transition into the new humans, and must first avoid repeating the follies of absolute democracy and the Earth Federation, owned by the noble ideas to manage society.

This is the ideology is the source of the future "cosmic aristocracy”. However in promoting reform when he realized that he did not have a distinguished pedigree. In order to achieve the reform goals, he wanted a “noble” title and loads of money to buy an old European aristocratic family home.

Although he did not reach the ideal, and died, two of his children inherited his legacy. They took over the management of the family Group, and lead it into the universal aristocracy. Although he died before seeing this dream through Harness’ family created a doctrine derived from cosmic universe aristocracy called the Cross Mission.

In addition to this, his daughter’s son Carozzo is marshlling trained fighting group called the Crossbone Vanguard, to ensure sufficient military strength to rise up. So far, they have completed the preparations, a hope in a human society to be established that never perishes, a ‘Cosmo Babylon.’“

from Gundam Fact File 54