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Fav Musicals Songs that are Pretty Underrated

For Forever - Dear Evan Hansen

My House - Matilda the Musical

A Way Back to Then - [title of show]

Part of it all - [title of show]

Disappear - The Burnt Part Boys

Time - Tuck Everlasting

One Last Time - Hamilton

When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground - Finding Neverland

You and Me (Mostly Me) - Book of Mormon

A Little Fall of Rain - Les Misérables

I’m Not That Girl - Wicked

Wonderful - Wicked

Maybe - Miss Saigon

Opening Up - Waitress

I Wish I Could Go Back to College - Avenue Q

Memphis Lives in Me - Memphis the Musical

Restart your Wacom driver with one click!

Hey guys, so… I realized I had a pretty handy little script lying around to stop and start your Wacom drivers fast. I’m gonna explain how I did it so you can make one too.

Sadly this will only work for Windows

Open Notepad

copy paste the following in the file;

net stop WTabletServicePro
net start WTabletServicePro

You can use net stop to start or stop whatever service you want. Be sure to click on the properties of the service to get the right name though, the displayed name and the actual name of the service aren’t always the same. 

Next you are going to save the file on a location where you wont easily throw it away. I saved mine directly in the C:/ directory. Make sure that you save it as a .bat and not a .txt. the name can be whatever you want.

If you saved it right the file should look something like this (or if you have a detail view it will tell you that it’s a .bat file);

Next you’re going to make sure that whenever you click this program it will be executed with admin rights. You can´t do this directly on the .bat file, so you´ll need to make a shortcut. rightclick on the .bat file and select “Create Shortcut”. I’d avice you to put the shortcut on your desktop or another directory you can easily access.

right-click the shortcut and go to Properties -> Advanced and check the box next to “Run as Administrator”. This will ensure that your .bat file will always run in administrator mode. 

If you don’t run the .bat file in administrator mode it will not work.

Now if your driver crashes all you have to do is close your art program, double click the shortcut you made (it will show you a prompt asking for permission to run the .bat as admin, click “yes”) and the program will stop and start the wacom driver for you. A command box will appear and you’ll know the commands ran succesfully if the command box dissappears again.You can then restart your program (if you are a bit handy with the windows command line you can even start the artprogram of your choice in the same script).

I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

edit: Forgot something important!

Last step: Feel like a

B.A.P as Youtubers
  • Yongguk: Indie music artist, edgy monochrome home-made MV's of people walking in streets and broken buildings, actively doing charity events, does videos of him talking about social issues but with his face cut out of frame, literally everyone had tried to parody him and his voice at some point
  • Himchan: Lifestyle blogger with one of those really annoying intro's like "HELLO MY DEAR WATCHERS IT IS ME, HIMCHAN, AGAIN WITH ANOTHER VIDEO!!!". Always sponsored by beauty products, fashion lines, app games, diet foods. Really click-bait video titles and icons. Does loads of collabs because he's friends with everyone. Does regular meetups with fans.
  • Daehyun: Cover artist who changes genre of the song to make video's like "WHAT WOULD BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY SOUND LIKE IF IT WAS AN R&B TRACK??????". Probably a huge musical nerd. A little bit Thomas Sanders with the good vibes and kindness. mas massive following of teenage girls who leave disturbing graphic comments on all his videos and instagram posts. Sometimes youtubers make fun of him until they meet him at vidcon and he's just the nicest guy.
  • Youngjae: Lets Player known for his really graphically violent threats at the game as well as his sneaky tactics and bad sportsmanship in online FPS'. Has not played a single other game since Overwatch came out. Sometimes sings as he plays to deal with his burning hatred for other gamers. Has a REALLY annoying LPer intro like "WHATS UP GUYS ITS YOUNGJAE AT IT AGAIN HAHA!!!". Has his own line of tshirts and assorted merchandise with his ugly af logo on it.
  • Jongup: Makes anime parodies or commentaries of pop culture movies and has a really fucking annoying fanbase that quote the same ancient meme for 300 years. Has a line of merchall based on said annoying memes. Sometimes plays games using the voice of the popular characters of the anime's hes parodied. Once bumped into Youngjae on Overwatch and they spammed the hello emotes at each other for the whole game.
  • Junhong: Sketch-comedy videos based on his #relatable life, all of them with over-the-top youtuber titles like "MY DOG NEARLY KILLED ME :O!!" "MY GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME BECAUSE IM TOO TALL :(!!" "I NEARLY DIED DANCING TO EDD SHEERAN!!". He owns several low-quality wigs for re-occurring characters in his sketches. Has a really embarrassing story about the time he bumped into Himchan on the streets and made a fool of himself. Himchan commented on it. One time he parodied Yongguk in a video and Yongguk put it in his favourites playlist and Junhong has never recovered.
This Seems Familiar...



“Aisling! Wait for us!”

“Aisling… we can’t read minds. Please talk to us…”

“Get back.”




An error has occurr-


Trying again.

“Hey… c’mon, can you hear me? Please… please be okay…”

“Aisling! You’re awake, thank goodness!”

File reload successful.

Achievement Unlocked: The Return of Harmony

Team Harmony is now open for asks.

Seer of Doom

Seer:knows/sees/understands aspect

Doom: inevitability, rules, death

so a Seer of Doom is “One who sees/understand/knows inevitability,rules, and death.

All seers will have some type of snarky humor. For this is a way seers cope with all they see good or bad.

A seers challenge is too be able to know what to do with this information and when to tell others about it.

 Seers of Doom will obviously be able to see things of the unchangeable and death, so these players need some humor and will most likely be pessimistic.

This title would most likely be a very challenging title for the player. Death is a serious and common matter in Sburb and Seers of Doom will be able to see a lot of it. A Seer of Doom would also most likely know the rules of the game, and of what to come of them.  Seers of Doom will try to have the team avoid any doom timelines. They will know what to do and how to avoid and when to avoid it, so they are a very helpful team member to have.

A good example would be a fully realized Seer of Doom who can take in this information and know what to do with it. A Seer of Doom can defiantly go Grimdark, it would make a lot of sense too, but this Seer of Doom would then need to get their head together and will learn what to do by themselves.

A bad example would be a Seer of Doom who would freak out about it and choose the wrong times on when to tell their teammates. This can result in a lot of chaos in the group and break it apart!  Seers of Doom may even break apart themselves and will sit there not knowing what to do.

As far as relationship status goes, They would probably be very busy with their job, but if they had a chance the relationship would all be based on the other persons personality, and their future.

A Seer of Doom would invert to Witch of Life

(This one seems a bit all over the place so if you’d like to point out some things to me you can tell me by using the ask box)

The Haunting of Braidwood Manor Soundtrack

Note: Some tracks are included @hollyashton’s descriptions.

1. A Chorus of Men’s Altos (x)

WARNING: Don’t play this at night unless you want to feel the real horror.

When The Haunting of Braidwood Manor was released, @hollyashton posted something about the music from the story (x). I wanted to give credits to her for posting a brief description of the music.

As the title frame loads, you’re hearing a chorus of altos (men?) which immediately sets the spooky mood. The same alto chorus plays when you enter the manor and look around. - @hollyashton‘s description.

2. Sinister Sounds (x)

WARNING: Don’t play this at night unless you want to feel the real horror.

This plays in a very terrifying situation or a suspenseful situation that gives you the chills. Alternatively:

When fire begins to appear in your room, and as you look around the haunted house, a quieter sound comes on accentuated by what sound like hushed whispers. I bet that’s just my mind playing tricks on me but it sounded like the wind or whispers. Creepy. - @hollyashton‘s description.

3. It Was Only A Bad Dream (x)

WARNING: Don’t play this at night unless you want to feel the real horror.

You woke up from your nightmares of Jonathan haunting you, your heart racing. It was only a bad dream.

4. The Music Box (x)

As you approach the house, the music becomes less daunting. It sounded like a music box to me, suggesting simpler, happier times. This same music plays when you encounter the tin soldiers. Does this suggest the innocence of the souls at Braidwood? They are mostly children after all. - @hollyashton‘s description.

5. Piano Melody of Braidwood Manor (x)

I love this soundtrack so much. It’s beautifully composed by the Pixelberry Team for this horror story and it’s quite relaxing too. By the way, this and “The Music Box” are considered as the “Normal Tone Music” in this story. They play when you’re with the children and Eleanor Waverley. Nothing spooky happens.

6. Hannah and Thomas’s Piano Duet (Snippet) (x)

This plays in Chapter 4 of The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, where you (canon name is Hannah) meets Thomas Waverley in the parlor. Thomas was seen playing a lovely melody on the piano. He hit a wrong note and you decided to join him, much to his dismay. Later, you two played the melody as a duet. Finally, you and Thomas bonded after playing the melody.

Total length: 0:04:25 (4 minutes 25 seconds)

I love random historical stuff. Today’s excerpt is brought to you by James I/VI (England/Scotland - also known as Mary Queen of Scots’ twatty son) and his boyfriend George.

Things you should know about these lads:

  • George was nicknamed “Steenie”, supposedly after St. Stephen who was described as having “the face of an angel”, because apparently he was universally acknowledged as super-hot
  • George pretty much called James ‘daddy’. It’s in their letters. James called himself that too
  • Speaking of which: sugar daddy extraordinaire. There was a 20-something age gap. James got his sweetheart a load of titles and ranks and elevated him so far that people were appalled. James even dissolved Parliament to keep them from impeaching his boo. Twice.
  • James didn’t give a fig for public opinion and told the privy council “I, James, am neither a god nor an angel, but a man like any other. Therefore I act like a man and confess to loving those dear to me more than other men. You may be sure that I love the Earl of Buckingham more than anyone else, and more than you who are here assembled”.
  • They were regularly scandalous with petting and kissing each other in public.
  • James referred to himself as Steenie’s husband in letters to him and even said “I had rather live banished in any part of the earth with you than live a sorrowful widow’s life without you”
  • Steenie responded just as ardently, writing “I will live and die a lover of you”
  • Not to mention the poet who noted “it is well known that the king of England / has union with the Duke of Buckingham”
  • Oh and let’s not forget the secret passage between their bedrooms that was found in during restoration work at one of the palaces.

Annnnnnnnd of course, historians immediately declare these were passionate letters of friendship ;)

Guys, you literally have contemporary accounts saying that they were all over each other. You have the comments to the Privy Council where James is recorded as saying he loved the man. You have their Sekrit Love Letters which they declare each other husband and lover. But no. Of course. Hetero bros.

christivnsen  asked:

Hey, I tried making the cult ending work by swapping the level files of the bbq scene with the cult ending and did the same with the assests. The game loads the bbq scene perfectly fine but when it does the screen is black and only the controls of save, load and title show up. I think it's because the cult ending has no start command. Do you have any idea of how to add a star command to the ending?

I’m familiar enough with Unity to know how to dig around in the game files, but not how to modify an exported build. If we had access to the source code it’d be easy to add the scene back in (obviously!!!), but nobody except the devs will have access to that.

My understanding is that in order for it to properly trigger, you’ll need to link it to other scenes and have the .exe/.app understand which scene to load next. Dream Daddy uses Fungus for scripting and linking scenes together, and ink to a certain extent for writing and coding dialogue choices.. perhaps if someone out there knows how Fungus works in more depth they can help!

Good luck!

The crew didn’t dare touch Ray’s room. But there was a spare one next to it. And that’s where Jeremy sleeps. Well, at least attempts to. He swears to them he could hear an Xbox turning on and off at night. Or muffled sounds of a video game. And no one believed him. Until one night he records evidence; sounds from the computer in Ray’s room. “Let me out… Let me out!” playing over and over on a loop.

And Michael’s petrified. It’s Ray’s voice from an old prank video they recorded years ago when he and Gavin shut Ray in the closet of the old base.

The Lads want to perform a seance. Geoff want’s to move, right now immediately. Jack gets her way, and so they finally crack open their late friend’s room and begin packing his things. Nothing of Ray’s is to be left in the base.

Months go by until Jeremy is able to sleep peacefully again. And soon the crew forgets about the whole incident.

Until, that is, Gavin drops a quarter in the hallway and it rolls under the door into Ray’s room. And without thinking he busts into the room and is startled to see it completely empty. Completely, except for Ray’s purple Nintendo 64 sat upside-down in the corner of the room.

“Must'ved dropped it,” he thinks. And he reaches for it. But instead of taking it to Jack he’s lingering with the thought of bringing it to his room. His broke a long time ago, and Ray always kept things in working order.

So it sits in his room until the weekend when he’s free. He dusts it off and hooks it up with all his old wires. He clicks in Ocarina of Time, and bloody hell, it works!

But hold on, did Ray ever play Gavin’s game? There’s a profile in the load screen titled “Ray”, and he’s not going to lie, it’s a bit eerie. He wants to tell Michael, but what good would that do? He’ll just tell him to quit it and throw it out.

He enters the profile and it takes him to the naming screen. He hasn’t played for years, but he knows that’s not how it works. The cursor moves without Gavin touching the controller. And it types.


KazaChi Week 2017: The First Time

For @hakuoukishippingweek’s KazaChi week: A modern-day AU one shot. Apologies in advance. I have no idea where this plot bunny sprang from. [Read HERE on fanfiction.net.]

Day 4 Prompt: First Time


“Chizuru,” Sen whined across the phone line, drawing out the last syllable of her name. “He’s only going to be here for dinner… There’s no reason for you to not come home after class!”

“I’ll come back to the apartment when he leaves. I’m sorry, Sen, but your cousin is…” Chizuru paused, seemingly trying to find the right word.

“An ass?” Sen supplied helpfully.

Chizuru exhaled loudly. “Yes. Yes, he is. A condescending one who has been rude to both me and the guys on multiple occasions.”

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Before his second show in Toronto, Ed Sheeran talks about letting people know when he’s written a song about them, quitting twitter, communicating with his fans, and Adele’s decision not to tour. Then he makes a hilarious attempt at a Canadian accent. July 8, 2017.

“It was stuff that I’d said that was, not exactly taken out of context but it was like, there’d be an article and they’d take one – so one of the things was, I got asked in an interview, 'How do you feel when people copy your music?’ And I said, ‘I don’t care if people copy me.’ And what was taken as the title was, ‘People Copy Me.’ And then, you kinda see that, and there’s lots of people having an opinion about it and you read all that, and you’re kind of like, but I didn’t–I didn’t mean it like that! And that just drove me mental. Every time I’d say something, there’d be something that was put as a title and there’d be loads of people having an opinion and just assuming I meant one thing when actually I meant another. So yeah, I just chose not to read it. ‘Cause it, like, it’s not like someone saying, ‘Hey, you’re fat!’ and it like made me upset. It was just stuff that I’d said that people were misrepresenting and people were then thinking that I was a certain type of person.”