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keith and his time with the blade of marmora

  • on wednesdays they wear pink
  • ‘oh no this door is locked. however will we get past?’ keith, a part-time criminal: 'not to worry’
  • they form a cheerleader pyramid with keith at the top cos he’s the smallest
  • kolivan: 'why did you leave your team? they are your family are they not?’ keith thinking about the spider he found on his ceiling: 'i just had to get out of there’
  • their ears wiggle when they sneeze
  • 'kolivan, when did you join the blade of marmalade?’
  • they have a duel where the winner gets to braid keith’s hair, because it’s the softest thing they’ve ever touched
  • marinade member: 'what did you used to do on your old planet, black paladin?’ keith: 'i uhhh…i used to collect furbies’
  • majorca member: 'what are they?’ keith: 'vicious creatures. feared by many and with a terrible reputation’
  • marmite member: 'wow…so you were a great warrior?’ keith looking into the camera like he’s on the office: ’…yes’
  • keith gets his own blade of mango flannel pyjamas and fuzzy purple slippers
  • 'kolivan, did you know my mother?’ 'yes. when she yawned she would also say the word yawn out loud’
  • keith gasping: 'exactly like me’
  • keith teaches them a team chant which goes 'i say mar- and you say -mora! mar-!’ every blade member yelling at once 'marmora!!’
  • there are framed photos of thace, ulaz, antok, and regris in the dining room with the caption 'rip in pieces’
  • keith doesn’t tie his bangs back because the Aesthetic™. at mealtimes the blade watches in amazement as his hair flies into his mouth and he struggles to spit it out for 40 minutes
  • 'i’m keith and this is my boyband, the blade of margarine’
  • he sits on their shoulders to reach shelves, because everything is taller than him
  • 'keith, do you have feelings for anyone on your team?’ 'uh, kinda. you know lance?’ every blade member at once: 'ooooooooh’
  • kolivan: 'brothers and sisters, cease! we must not tease keith for his strong romantic attachment to the red paladin’ keith, cheeks pink: 'thanks’
  • kolivan in a whisper: 'you must tell me every single small detail’
  • they allow keith to fold their ears inside out
  • they formally introduce him as Keith Kogane, Black Paladin of Voltron, Warrior of Texas, Herder of Chickens
  • 'we are the blade of mustard and this is our small human son’
  • one morning he sees them spray painting their skin purple and bursts into tears

@prairiedust said: Oooh you want a fic title? “Lightning in a Bottle.”

Fuck it I’m finally going to write the Slytherin!Cas x Hufflepuff!Dean fic that I deserve and I’m going to call it “Lightning in a Bottle.” 

I’m thinking that maybe Dean pulls a Ron and tries to take Felix Felicis for Quidditch tryouts, because while he really does not like flying he does have his eye on one of the chasers for Slytherin and he thinks that his chances with him will go WAY up if he is also a Quidditch player. Think Yellow Fever!Dean. Sam is Harry in this situation, showing their buddy Charlie that he actually swapped out the potion for a common tonic and that Dean is doing it all on his own.

(Of course, Castiel finds Dean endearing all on his own, but he’s sort of awkward and doesn’t know how to ask him out. Dean is so relieved when he finally finds out that he quits the Quidditch team immediately.)

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If you're still doing the fake fic title thing: Right Kind of Sunshine

A little background: my dad and I commute to work together over the summer, and we have to get up pretty early to do so. When we drive the scenic route to get around the beltway, we have to pass through big swaths of forest, and since it’s so humid in DC the sun filtering through the leaves actually refracts in beautiful perfect strips. We call it “Bambi Sun,” because it looks like sunlight drawn by some animator for the movie “Bambi.” Picturesque, you know? And we’re always a little disappointed when the light doesn’t hit just right to create that effect on our drive.

So when I think of “Right Kind of Sunshine,” I think about days like that, when the sun hits the trees perfectly and the temperature is just right, a little cool in the morning but with the promise of warmth. I really like the idea of Castiel as a forest deity, or maybe a powerful fae, shifting forms so he can lay in the sun and watch over the forest. Picture Castiel as powerful deer, huge antlers with moss and white flowers draped in their curves, new shoots sprouting at his heels as he walks leisurely between the sunbeams.

Dean would be the lucky mortal that catches a glimpse of him one day - half delirious, barely awake, coffee in one hand and his other on the Impala’s steering wheel - on his morning commute. He catches Castiel’s mysterious eyes while at a stoplight, alone in the woods, and is convinced that he’s imagined the whole encounter when the next day, a cloudy day, when the sun isn’t out, he doesn’t see the deer again.

Castiel doesn’t avoid humans, but he doesn’t seek them out, either. He has lived far longer than they have, and will continue on long after them. But even from the cover of the trees he can see that this man in the loud black car has eyes the color of spring time. It endears (ha) him to him a little bit. So maybe he watches for him, curious, hidden from sight, every morning for the duration of the summer months.

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would it be weird if i tried to recreate your sims? i love them so much but i know they're pretty close to your heart and won't upload

ummmmmmm i mean i really can’t stop you from doing what you wanna do in private but if i just give you the go ahead i feel like that clears the path for others to hop on the bandwagon and take advantage of that but on the other hand do i really actually care that much, it’s not the end of the world

what i’m saying is i will turn around for an indefinite amount of time and u can do what u want behind my back ok


On this day in music history: November 22, 1977 - “Chic”, the debut album by Chic is released. Produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, it is recorded at Electric Lady Studios and The Power Station in New York City from September - October 1977. After playing together in various incarnations since first meeting in 1970, bassist Bernard Edwards and guitarist Nile Rodgers form the band Chic in 1976 with keyboard player Rob Sabino, drummer Tony Thompson and singer Norma Jean Wright rounding out the basic line up. A DJ friend of theirs named Robert Drake gives them an opportunity to make demo recording of their song “Everybody Dance”, by sneaking them into Electric Lady Studios after hours where he works part time as a recording engineer. A few weeks later, Drake invites Rodgers to The Night Owl, an upscale disco where he DJ’s. Spinning two acetate discs he has cut of Chic’s demo of “Everybody”, Rodgers watches him in stunned amazement as the DJ spins the discs non stop for nearly an hour to the euphoric crowd on the dance floor. Shortly after this, the band return to the studio to cut the single “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)”, which attracts the attention of Buddah Records executive Tom Cossie who options the record for release. When Cossie moves to Atlantic Records only a couple of weeks after Buddah releases “Dance”, he takes the band with him, signing them with Atlantic in spite of the fact they had been previously rejected by the label. The debut album by the New York City based R&B/Disco band is recorded in only three weeks for a budget of $35,000. It features all original songs written by Edwards and Rodgers with vocals by Norma Jean Wright, Alfa Anderson, David Lasley, Robin Clark and Luther Vandross. It spins off the hit singles “Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah)” (#6 R&B and Pop) and “Everybody Dance” (#12 R&B, #38 Pop). Originally released on CD in the early 90’s by Atlantic, the original CD is deleted and goes out of print for several years. It is reissued by Wounded Bird Records in 2006, with WEA in Japan remastering and reissuing it on CD in 2011. “Chic” peaks at number twelve on the Billboard R&B album chart, number twenty seven on the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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fic title - big blue sky

A Western, Cowboy AU. Nothing but Castiel, his ranch, and the big blue sky that stretches over them all.

And, occasionally, the town Sheriff. Winchester comes to sit on Castiel’s porch some afternoons and drink moonshine and lemonade with him for no reason other than Castiel is content to sit in peaceful silence. The Sheriff’s a gruff man; he doesn’t want to be bothered, but sometimes he just needs company. Castiel is happy to oblige.

Sometimes they go days without saying anything at all, just staring out at the horizon until the sun sets - or rises, whichever it may be - and Castiel can’t help but long for more.

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