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The opening of Batman: The Animated Series (1992) reveals the origin story of the show: http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/batman-the-animated-series/

Les Misérables (1862) but if Lemony Snicket was the author

to Enjolras–darling, dearest, dead.

Chapter One

If you’re seeking a story whose tragic beginning is followed by a less-tragic middle and an inevitably uplifting denouement, this book should be avoided at all costs. The approximately six hundred and fifty-five thousand words that are about to follow contain the tales of several bright and brave young people who each meet an unfortunate end and several less-bright, less-young people, including myself, who unfortunately survive to recount the events. “Unfortunate” is a word which here means “luckless” and “miserable”, the latter definition having been used for the title of this novel, designed to dissuade you, the misguided reader, from continuing past the cover page.

There are other techniques I have employed in this book that are designed to stop you from yourself becoming miserable by reading this story in its entirety. Firstly, the physical novel, which as you may notice shares the same dimensions and weight as a standard housing brick, for the utmost inconvenience. Secondly, I have included several hundred pages of information which are both uninteresting and have little bearing on the grander story in the meager hope that you will come to your senses and place this novel back on your shelf or better, in a lit fireplace, where I solemnly believe it belongs. 

For example, the use of candlesticks. The word “candlestick” is derived from the purpose of the item itself, that is an object, most often metal, commonly silver, in which one can stick a candle. Many dictionaries define “candlestick” as  “an often ornamental holder for securing a candle or candles”. “Candleholder” is another, less commonly used word for “candlestick”. Candlesticks come in a variety of forms and sizes, and can contain a variety of numbers of candles often demarcated by their names-a “trikirion” contains three candles and a “menorah” contains seven. If you have had the fortitude-a word which here means “strength of mind”-to make it this far through this dull paragraph, it may be of some note to say that the candlesticks with which we concern ourselves in this story are single candlesticks, that may each contain one candle. 

Thirdly, not only have I named the main character in a redundant manner-Jean Valjean-I have decided to tell you here that Jean Valjean perishes on the final page of this novel. That is my story’s conclusion.

With all this information in mind, and having the ending already known, I now give you my final warning and pleading suggestion to forget about this book. Put it down. Hide it away. Bury it in a cemetery late at night with the assistance of a man named Fauchelevant. Forget it ever existed. For now the story must begin.

It begins in a town called Digne, on a grey and dreary night under the roof of a very kind but elderly and poor man, the bishop of the town, whose name was Myriel.


The OPENING that I directed, storyboarded and animation-supervised for “Atom the Beginning”. Art-director: Jun Kumaori /
『アトム ザ・ビギニング』アニメのオープニングを演出と絵コンテと作画監督しました。/ OP美術監督とカラースクリプト:くまおり純 
・久保田 誓・伍 柏諭・Jonathan Djob Nkondo ・山下 清悟
・川野 達朗・森匡三・榎戸 駿・土上いつき・佐田とし
・黄 成希・末澤 慧・吉松孝博・磯 光雄・吉田大洋
OP Title Motion-Design: 松野貴仁-Maxilla Inc.

Congratulations to the Adventure Time cast & crew on their eighth consecutive Emmy show nomination. The category is Short Form Animated Program, and the nod was based on the episode “Islands Pt. 4: Imaginary Resources,” written and storyboarded by Pendleton Ward & Graham Falk and directed by Elizabeth Ito.

Trophies are handed out on September 17.

Good luck, everyone.

Title card designed and painted by Joy Ang.


My final for my graphic design class where I had to recreate a title card from a movie or TV show. So I chose Over the Garden Wall. I animated and finished coloring all of the images two days before it was due and finished it about 18 minutes before the critique started. I recently fixed up a few parts of the animation and timing, so here it is. It’s not the best that I wanted to be, but it turned out pretty nice.

Song:  Steam’s Wonderful Contraption by Steampianist (x)