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Title: Never Give Up

Character: Erastus “Deaf” Smith

TV: Texas Rising

Warnings: None!

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The past couple of years had been difficult for the Deaf and his wife, Y/N. Her especially.

Many tears had been shed, many nights of Deaf holding her closely to him, rubbing her back and soothing her sadness when they found out that she wasn’t pregnant.

Y/N felt broken. She felt as though she wasn’t good enough. No matter how many times they laid together, she never could get pregnant.

Deaf had felt that he was failing as a husband in some ways. He knew that Y/N desperately wanted a family with him and he wanted that with her, but something always seemed to come up and he couldn’t focus solely on Y/N.

Right now was one of those moments. He was being called away on a mission with The Rangers and Y/N stood by the dinner table, biting her bottom lip.

“How long will you be gone?” she asked, her voice thick with emotion.

Deaf went to her, sweeping some loose strands of hair behind her ears, “I don’t know, Sweetheart, but I promise to stop by when given the chance,”

The tears that pooled in her eyes broke him.

She rolled her lips and blinked, sending wet trails down her cheeks, “Just… just promise to c-come back to me?”

Cupping her cheeks and wiping away the tears, Deaf leaned down and gently laid his lips over hers, unmoving.

The peck was soft, making Y/N cry even harder.

He could sense that she had been more tearful as of lately, but he figured it was because of her monthly.

“Shhh, you know I’ll come back, Sweetheart,” he soothed, resting his head on top of hers.

She sniffled, gripping his arms.

Deaf pulled back, his brows pinched, “Y/N…”

She shook her head and took a deep breath. Standing on her tiptoes, Y/N pulled Deaf’s head down to give him one last kiss goodbye.

“I love you, Erastus,” she whispered into the kiss.

Damnit, he really didn’t want to leave her.

“I love you, too, Darlin’.”

He kissed his way from her lips to her cheek, where he squished her to his body in a crushing hug.

Backing away and going to the door, he looked back one last time at his beautiful wife and silently hoped that he’d make it back in one piece.
Deaf laid on the ground, staring up at the stars that were becoming visible. He was tired, worn down and wanting to go home to be with his wife.

They’d finished their mission, but it was too late into the night to travel any further.

The thunder of a galloping horse nearing the camp, had the Texas Rangers on high alert.

They gathered their weapons, ready for what was approaching.

The rider was male and young of age. Appearing to be out of breath, he scanned the small group before speaking with his hands.

Deaf watched, his eyes widening when the boy finished.

“What did he say, Deaf?” Beans asked, adjusting his gun.

Deaf had his eyes on the kid, not hearing his fellow friend.

Beans tapped Deaf’s arm, making him jump.


“What did he say?” Beans asked again.

“It’s Y/N… she’s sick,”

What felt like a giant lead ball l fell into his gut making him nauseous.

His fellow friends all urged him to follow the boy back to his home. Doing so, Deaf gathered his stuff and mounted his horse, the rested animal taking off in a gallop.
The faint glow of candles lit up their bedroom. Deaf quickly jumped off the horse, letting the boy take the reigns as he ran into the house.

Deaf could feel the vibrations of his heavy footsteps as he neared the bedroom.

Slowly, he opened the door and peered in. Y/N lay on the bed, a light, crisp sheet covering her.

Quietly walking in, Deaf removed his hat, his nervous hands playing with the brim of it.

The closer he got to Y/N, the more pale she looked with dark circles shadowing her normally bright eyes.

He carefully sat next to her on the bed and bowed his head as he tried to keep his spirits positive.

Deaf looked up when he felt her warm hand on his forearm.


To his damaged ears, her voice sounded faint and weak.

He shushed her, leaning over to run his fingers through her hair.

“Keep your strength, Darlin’.” he said, lightly kissing her lips.

“I’m fine, Erastus, I promise.” she reassured, but from her looks, it had him more than worried.

“Has Doc Kline been by yet?” he asked.

Y/N nodded and held up her arms, “Help me up, please?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Deaf whispered.

Gently, he propped Y/N up and pulled the sheet up to her waist.

“What did the Doc say Y/N?”

She lifted her hand, covering her mouth as she yawned, then tried to blink the tiredness from her vision.

“Y/N? C'mon Darlin’, you’re scarin’ me,” Deaf pleaded.

“I’m pregnant,” Y/N whispered, a small smile on her lips.

Deaf just stared at his wife, not comprehending what she had said.

“Come again?”

Lifting her hands, she slowly signed that she was carrying his child.

Tears blurred his vision as relief hit him like a sack of rocks.

“Really?” he asked, coming closer to her.

When he cupped her cheeks, she leaned into his touch and sighed happily, “Really, honestly and truly,”

After trying for so long, their wish to become parents had finally come true.

Deaf wanted to run around the house and shout out to anyone willing to listen that he was going to be a Dad.

Tilting her head up, Deaf lowered his lips to Y/N’s and kissed the very breath from her.

She giggled as he got down on his knees, his head at the perfect height with her stomach.

Deaf laid his forehead on the small bump forming in her stomach. He even went as far as kissing the bump and speaking to it, even though he knew that it wouldn’t understand him.

When Y/N’s fingers ran through his hair, he looked up at her and smiled, “I love you Darlin’. The both of you,”

Smiling down at him, she softly said, “We love you too, Honey.”


Fair Date

Title: Fair Date

Characters: Reader x Donghyuck

A/N: I know the endings are super awkward but I’m dry of anything to post and this at least made the cut. Plus pls support Donghyuck (:

  The fair was in town and my boyfriend, Donghyuck, decided to take me. He saved for weeks to afford both of our wristbands (despite saying I could pay for myself) and extra for little activities and food.

  When we got inside, we waited for a good 15 minutes to ride this huge ride that spun you upside down from like 70 feet up. As we got ready to take our seats, he squeezed my hand. “Are you ready?” He smiled and I nodded, trying to seem fearless but I was lowkey shitting myself.

   Of course, my front was blown after it started because I became a screaming mess, leaving me shaken on the ground. “You’re too cute, I’m sorry it scared you Y/N” Donghyuck latched onto me until the shaking stopped. “Let’s just walk around for a bit, does that sound good?” He grabbed my hand 

  We walked around for a good while, before stumbling upon this little ring toss game. “Donghyuckie~ look at that bear!” I pointed. It was decently sized and super soft looking.

  “Do you want it?” He smiled and I nodded sheepishly. He gave the lady administering the game the money and picked up three rings. He threw each one with such ease and perfectly got it around the target.

   “Which one do you want?” The lady asked. He pointed to the biggest fluffiest bear up there and she took it off the hook and gave it to him. Donghyuck turned around and handed it out to me, his face beaming with pride.

   “Thank you so much~” I hugged him with the huge bear in between us. “This is why you’re my absolute favorite.” I smiled and went to kiss him.

   “Well, I love you too.” He stuck his tongue out at me and started to drag me away with him.

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thoughts on That Character dying in archie #21

I’ve said a bit about this already under the #archie spoilers tag, but I’ll just summarize here. 

I’m honestly not even sure that the character is going to be dying for sure. The interviews by Mark Waid keep sending me mixed signals on this. But, yes, I prefer this character dying over say Dilton or Reggie or whatever. But I just don’t think a character death in general is good writing? Archie Comics has already done the whole “beloved character dies WOWIE” before. It’s not interesting anymore and it’s a cheap way for to create an emotional tension. In the horror comics at least they can make it more interesting like okay Jughead murders everyone, neat. But death just isn’t shocking anymore. They killed Archie so many times,

 I know no one’s off limits because they killed THEIR TITLE CHARACTER and I don’t think it’s interesting and the writer didn’t do anything new with it that I cared enough. A lot of Archie 2015 feels that way to me where it lost it’s emotional impactfulness to me? Anything after the #LipstickIncident just isn’t engaging enough. It’s pretty shallow and thoughtless so far. Same with the Reggie and Me series. That dramatic twist of almost killing Vader was so cheap and in the end it didn’t even have a consequence. Vader didn’t die, Reggie didn’t change as a character. As a writer, the things you do need to have a point. And -SPOILERS - Betty dying seems pointless.

Betty is a hard character for me to like because she’s very opinionated and nosy, but treated as the best thing because she’s the nice girl and a lot of fans are attached to her. Mostly because they see themselves in her or something. But she’s missing a lot of redeeming qualities sometimes. And a lot of it is that I find her boring or annoying. Because there’s no consequences to her or she lacks depth. Which is shame because sometimes I do like how they write her. Like the #LipstickIncident at least they explained why she had the change. In the Jughead Werewolf one shot, that was her best appearance? Y’know why? BECAUSE SHE DID SOMETHING. She had character and took action, but most of the series? She just sits by the sidelines, waiting for Archie or has conflicted feelings over dating other boys because OF DAMN ARCHIE. 

Just… killing her or just putting her in a coma makes her a Martyr. And her death makes it that so she can’t do anything in the plot actively. She is just an object or a concept now. She has no agency or weight to her. This is the worst way possible that you could try to show why a female character matters. And Mark Waid has said that’s why he killed her. He just wants everyone to know why Betty matters. But this isn’t how you do it. Objectively, killing off someone makes their impact mean so little. It’s one note. It shows THAT CHARACTER doesn’t matter, but everyone else does because everyone else will get character development but this Dead Character won’t change in this series. 

Death is a cheap way for a main character to end up when there’s been so set up, no point, no active choice in their death. When Archie got SHOT that had weight to it. He took a bullet for a gay character who was going to be assassinated. That had emotional weight, he chose that. Betty’s death was sudden, she didn’t CHOOSE to die. The entire presentation of her death has been… “BUY THE NEXT ISSUE TO FIND OUT WHO DIED”. It’s just for shock-value. When Archie died by being shot, EVERYONE knew that it was going to happen beforehand. They had a press release, they showed him dying on the cover. But it didn’t hurt the emotonal impact of the scene because him Dying wasn’t the point. The point was WHY he was dying. Betty’s death is incredibly shallow and a pointless side-track that Mark Waid is doing. No matter who had died, with the way that they did it, it would still be pointless and bad. 

Useless Things I Know About Scooby-Doo: The Original Series That Are Actually Canon:

1. Shaggy Rogers is a vegetarian

2: Shaggy was called “Buzz” until his 10th birthday

3: Shaggy has a collection of 653 decorator belt buckles and he wears a different buckle every episode, you just can’t see it

4: Shaggy started collecting belt buckles to combat his Scooby-Snack addiction related weight problems

5: Shaggy’s actual name is Norville

6: Shaggy found the Mystery Machine

7: Shaggy is a talented gymnast

8: Daphne wanted to be a supermodel or detective when she grew up

9: Daphne gets straight A’s in school

10: Daphne regularly loses dates because she leaves them to solve mysteries

11: Daphne’s Dad, George Blake, gave the gang a 100 dollar check to get started 

12: Velma came up with the phrase “Jinkes” on the fly

13: Velma used to say “oh my” before she said Jinkes

14: Velma’s has hundreds of awards for outstanding achievements in school

15: Fred is a bass and sings from the opera Showboat when the team gets scared

16: Fred’s nickname is “Pickles” according to his school yearbook

17: Fred traveled with a performance crew as an actor before deciding to be a detective

18: Fred wants to be a mystery writer

19: Scooby’s full name is Scoobert Doo

20: Scooby Doo has a limited number of phrases he can say and has to act out anything that can’t be explained simply

21: The gang thought Scooby’s speaking was strange at first, but decided it “really wasn’t a big deal”

22: Before they had the Mystery Machine the gang used to pay their parents gas money to drive them around

BONUS: The series was supposed to be about a band who went around solving mysteries, but that completely changed when Scooby-Doo got added to the cast and became the title character

Oikawa is actually a very safe driver. Look, he’s even using turn signals… sort of.

Full disclosure: I saw this star wars fanart a week and a half ago and thought “So cute!! I want to draw something like that, but with an HQ team.” Then I put that thought away until I made this piece this weekend… And upon review discovered I unintentionally copied even the same vehicle… so… full credit for the idea to OP. I just wanted to draw something summery with the seijoh kiddos for a new desktop wallpaper/header img ;;;

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: heather duke's most defining character trait is that she's always imitating/copying off of other people and has "no discernible personality". in the musical, every other title character has their own song, or at least a duet, that is Their Song (heather chandler in candy store/me inside of me, veronica with dead girl walking, kurt and ram with blue, macnamara with lifeboat, jd with freeze your brain/meant to be yours, even ms fleming gets her own song) all except for heather duke. the only time we get to hear her sing solo is in the reprises of other songs or when she steals chandler's solo in the end of candy store. she never gets her own song, she just copies other people. chad, she never gets to sing her own song. chad wake up. they're all reprises chad.

This is a list of 800+ character titles I’ll be continuously updating. The current number of titles will be below the cut, so I don’t have to chase after different version of this. This list is going to be one of unusual titles that you won’t really find in any other masterlist (at least, not any that I’ve seen around), so if you need something more descriptive and unique to use for your characters or your RPG, I’m sure this is a good list for you.

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GOTGvol2 Lines That Went From 0-100

Drax: You remind me of my daughter.

Mantis: Disgusting?

Drax: Innocent.