I must have had sweet things on my mind last night, because I couldn’t think of anything other than ‘what sweet, yet healthy thing can I eat when I get up?’

Answer: TITIYAS! I could pretend I knew I was making that from the beginning, but I’d be lying. I had some flour, cinnamon, sugar, oats and no milk or eggs - so pancakes were out. It wasn’t a far stretch to think of making sweet tortillas- flour, half that quantity of water, 2 tsp sugar, lots of cinnamon, ¼ cup oats, a little salt and 1 tsp baking powder. I added a little cornmeal flour as my mix was still sticky and I was out of plain flour. Knead the dough and rolled it out into a large, thin circle with a glass jar in place of a rolling pin. With less than a tbs vegetable oil, I fried the tortilla for a few minutes on both sides until cooked.

Titiyas, or sweet tortillas, is a traditional Guam bread made from sweetened flour. I’m pretty sure Mexico has a similar, thicker variety.

Turned out great: soft inside, lightly sweet (enhanced by the cinnamon) and the cornmeal and oats gave it more crunch and substance. Served with black coffee and some ciruela/plum jam. A nice sweet, low fat breakfast with the oats being fibre rich and slow energy releasing.