titians curse

Random Quote

“"Seven hundred feet tall,” i said. “Built in the 1930’s." 

"Five million cubic acres of water,” Thalia said. 

Grover sighed. “Largest construction project in the United States.”

Zoë stared at us. “How do you know all that?”

“Annabeth,” I said. “She liked architecture.”

“She was nuts about monuments,” Thalia said.

“Spouted facts all the time.” Grover sniffled. “So annoying.”

“I wish she were here,” I said.

                                                 -Titians Curse by Rick Riordan

Reading this for the millionth time, this part makes me so sad. By far my fav PJO book after TLO. Oh and pgs 205-206

Annabeth's Mom
  • Nico: "If Annabeth's mom was Athena, the goddess of Wisdom, then why didn't Annabeth know better than to jump off the cliff"
  • Pecy: I tried not to strangle Nico asking saying that one
  • Nico: "Was Annabeth your girlfriend?"
  • Percy: At this point, I was ready to stick the kid in a meat flavored sack and throw him to the wovles