This is the End of Control Reviews

I’ve been cruising the internet checking reviews of TITEOC. I expected they would probably be mixed and I would probably end up pissed at some elitist who just didn’t get it. I was wrong. I’m sure there must be at least a MEH review out there somewhere, but I didn’t find one. The links I have below aren’t “Cherry” picked (pun intended) either, they’re just the first 8 real reviews listed on Google in order. They’re all positive though there are clearly a few cases of “Did Not Do The Research”. One reviewer states that they only wrote two of the songs (it was eight - check the liner notes) and more than one thinks Julia sings lead on everything and note her vocal versitility (versitile enough to sound like four different people I guess - she’s good guys, but not THAT good).

Here’s the list:



Cherri Bomb “Too Many Faces” video…

This is my FAVORITE song off of This Is the End of Control, it’s so anthemic and perfect, I get goosebumps EVERY TIME I hear it! I’m stoked the girls made a video. :)

P.S. I LOVE the “whoas,” the drumming rules, and just the whole feel of the song.. again.. it’s perfect!


My little sister's thoughts on TITEOC

Got my little sister to tell me what she thought of the album as she listened to it for the first time…

Take This Now - even though it’s only an intro it’s not too bad, it kind of scares me, it reminds me of a song that would play when someone’s about to kill you or something… well i know what i’m talking about.. you probably think i’m retarded.

Better This Way - don’t really like it that much, it’s too hard for my liking. the singing isn’t my fancy either.

Raw Real - i think i’ve heard you playing this song before, i like the chorus, but the verses are retarded. but otherwise it’s alright.

Shake The Ground - not too bad. probably the second best one i’ve listened to so far. best so far is raw real.

Too Many Faces - in the first few seconds i was thinking it sounded like living on a prayer… but now it doesn’t… i like the beat. good song, i like it.

Let It Go - the intro is really good, the beat is really good. it’s just the person singing - it puts me off all the songs. she sounds old. she reminds me of the singer off evanescence a tiny bit. not really. the chorus she sounds alright but the verses are ehh.

Sacrificial Lamb - the title of the song is stupid first of all. it’s alright i guess.

Act The Part - i like it, everything is good.

Drawing A Blank - i like. not as much as act the part. act the part is probably my favourite now.

Heart Is A Hole - very technoish, it’s retarded - nyeeah… don’t like it. 

Paper Doll - the guitar is really cool. i like the beat. don’t like her voice.

Hold On - its alright. the lyrics are weird. HOLD ON TO EACH OTHER GOOTTA HOLD ON.. lalalala. don’t like it, don’t hate it - if it came up on shuffle i would probably skip it.


I have to say I’m really disappointed that she doesn’t love the album as much as I do, but then again she doesn’t normally listen to this sort of music so the fact that she enjoys some of the songs is a plus. 

New pre-game playlist

15 minutes before leaving home:

Raw Real - Cherri Bomb
Spin - Cherri Bomb
The Pretender - Cherri Bomb
Let It Go - Cherri Bomb
On the way to the stadium:

Better This Way - Cherri Bomb
Hold On - Cherri Bomb
Paper Doll - Cherri Bomb


Shake The Ground - Cherri Bomb

and then… GAME TIME!

Yes, this is all Cherri Bomb, but it gets me in a good frame of mind and it worked a charm tonight. So from now on, this is my new playlist for basketball.