Kubo Tite Rant

Kubo Tite’s biggest f*ck up in his series is his unjust treatment of the 4 Main Nakama. Bleach started out with them, and it looks likes it’s ending with them too. But Chad, Orihime and Uryu have constantly been outshined by the shinigami. We know they have been training for so long, and have become stronger, but no one gives a shit about them because we have not seen much from them throughout the series. 

Currently Chad is fighting a bunch of faceless giants, and even that he’s not doing alone. 

Is2G Kubo, needs to really make up for this shit, I have high hopes in the upcoming chapters that will now focus on Ishida, Orihime, Chad and Ichigo’s fights. 

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omg what city / town do you live in in Georgia? I live in ATL!

i live near atl!! i wont say where specifically but thats tite that we live close


An upcoming DVD from ジャンプ流 (Jump Style!)


They’re releasing behind the scenes DVD of different mangaka as their follower count rises. Recently they hit the 14k followers on Twitter needed to have Kubo’s DVD released on 2016年2月18日 (that’s the 18th of February!) It will include footage of him doing colour pages and an interview with him, among other things! It will retail at 1290 yen.


Did a hand test for Hancock. I used SKIN TITE. From the Reynolds Advanced Materials website, Skin Tite “ is a skin safe silicone used to create fast wounds, scars and skin effect appliances directly to the skin.” Comes in two parts. Add some pigment, mix it up, put it on, wait 3-5 minutes and BAM. It peels off and rolling the smaller pieces off reminds me of boogers.

Other coloring I used Skin Illustrator.

I will be using this for my hands, neck, and bald cap.

*Important note, use Vaseline when applying to places with hair. Unless you want no hair.