So, since I recently hit my 950+ followers, I wanted to make something that wasn’t singing or some sappy stuff like that. Can’t really do anything but tell everyone who my favourite RPers are, and list them up. It’s possible that I have forgotten some of you, of course, and not being in this list doesn’t make you a horrible RPer, so don’t be mad if your name doesn’t appear. This is a follow forever post after all, and of course, it changes as time passes. There are some people which I followed quite recently, and that’s why they are not here: because I want to see more of them~.

Eren RPers:

titanshifterjaeger, movesliketitanjaeger, apexjager, askerenjaegar

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fedelis-militaris, spicytactician, yearningfortheoutside, hereticaltactician

Jean RPers:

titansatemybaby, yourhairispretty, nicelyfit-jean

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major-mama-hanji, buntaichouhange

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charismatic-commander, orderandsophism, devotedtomankind

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fiftyshadesoflevi, libertatis-de-avem, m-alignant, wachsendexflugel, jaegerlevi, alaelibertatis

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eatthebread, redscarfed-girl, unwavering-loyalty, mercilessvictor

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the-lost-messenger, the-protective-sword, two-faced-soldier, infirmixetxvix, sunnycrossbones, hisonlybeloved, hokori-ni-katsu, delusiveaffection

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Know Thy Enemy | Pre-Expedition AU

Things were strange now that they’d all chosen the branches of the service they would work within. In a way, Bertholdt hadn’t expected that they would actually reach graduation, given that he had hoped to be finished with this mission before now. Oh well. He’d just keep waiting. Perhaps the directive he and his accomplices had been given would change. Part of him kind of hoped so. Despite his apprehension and tendency for a bit of social distance, he’d grown fond of those around him. He’d kick himself for that when it would probably come back to bite him, he was sure so long as the directive didn’t change.

Annie had gone into the Military Police, leaving Reiner and Bertholdt behind. In a way, he felt a bit betrayed that she’d skipped out on them in the name of avoiding suspicions and access to better intelligence. Then again, she’d be safer that way, or so he told himself. There was that little bonus. She wouldn’t be out in the open, prime for being chomped by mindless titans like he and Reiner were going to be. It was what they got for following their target into the Scouting Legion.

With a sigh, Bertholdt sat down at one of the tables in the dining hall, having arrived a good half-hour before anyone else was due there. It was quiet when the room wasn’t packed to the brim with rowdy young soldiers excited and afraid to leave the “safety” of the walls. This wasn’t going to end well for anyone, was it? Getting lost in his thoughts again, he didn’t notice one of the doors behind him opening. Bertholdt leaned his head against the table, wondering if there was any way to minimize collateral damage, especially with Reiner getting antsy to get this mission over with… when he actually seemed to remember they were here for a reason, not to actually be humans. If any sort of deity was listening, he thought as he whined quietly, please change their instructions.


I tried to make it pretty okay? Here is my first follow forever people~! 

I dont really know how this goes so here I have a few people who are the sole reason I worked on Alexander

First there are Flail and Senpai, because I have eaten their heads so often about this and other matters that it isnt even funny anymore XD Searching for names and making my poor babu suffer was much more fun because of these two. Two very precious people for whom I entered this fandom in the first place.

And then we have Minahil who loves this character more than I do (Basically she told me to be more active here because she liked him much more than my other muse, Tch)  She is a crazy sassy ass, but without her school wouldnt be fun at all. Yea we fangirl…a lot….a whole lot.

And I will stop now

Thank you sooooo much for being on my dash and making my day every day~!

[[apologies for the low quality, but I really wanted a handdrawn one >.< and I just like to draw my little shit shirtless]]

There are many people who deserve to be on this list, so to get a few down, here’s a first batch and I hope for many more to come~

EXCUSE any spelling mistakes, I’m never fully awake. These are all in a RANDOM ORDER.

Queer-rage (has a url-change for halloween I think)

NOTE: not being on here does not mean I will unfollow you, nor that you are a bad rp-er. We probably haven’t interacted much (yet) either as muns or as muses. Of course this list is way longer but I cannot spam too much now and will do another one somewhere in the near future, no worries~

Criminal Minds | Closed AU

‘France, right bank of the Seine, first arrondissement, the Louvre.
About 35,000 objects spread over an area of 60,600 square meters.
Egyptian department, Rez-De-Chaussée , glass pyramid entry is used the most, avoid going through there.
Object: the Gebel el-Arak knife why would someone want an old knife?

Eren looked over the small paper once more, the handwriting sloppy and making it more difficult to read it without problems, after this he’d get himself to improve on that handwriting some more. It wasn’t a lot of information but it was enough for him, he liked to have the element of surprise, that also included himself being surprised instead of well prepared, it was more of a challenge that way. Speaking of challenge, he had decided he’d get in through a window on the second floor. Yes, second floor, not the main floor where he should be because where’s the fun in that? He also had no idea of the floor plan but surely that was what made this whole thing excited, many called him an amateur, but he knew very well what he was doing. He couldn’t help it that the others were so uptight with not getting caught by guards, cameras or any other security measurements, if being an amateur meant actually having fun doing your ‘job’ than he’d rather be an amateur, he would be an expert at being one.

“Get in, get the knife, get out.” Was what he had been chanting for the last five minutes, sitting on top of the roof and looking over his notes again and again. Maybe he should’ve looked up some more information or at least taken a look inside before he’d just blindly jump into this huge building, it’d have to be the biggest yet and it surely did a good job at getting on his nerves. He let a deep sigh slip from between his lips and pulled the pitch black mask over his mouth, tossing the hood of his black coat over his head, leaving only bright, green orbs visible in between all the black. Grabbing a hold of his lower arm, planning to smash the window to pieces with his elbow, of course not without a thick elbow guard, just in case the glass was thicker than presumed. After all the window had to break into pieces, not his bones.



“I’m tired of being what you want me to be
                Feeling so faithless,
                                lost under the surface….”

Mikasa stood outside against the railing and looked up at the stars as she whimpered those lines. They seemed to stare back at her, shining brightly, and yet they did nothing to answer out to her cries. Magnificent and beautiful in their own way, though very cruel. They seemed to be laughing at her from above. Looking down, the female looked down and watched a tear drop to the ground. What would her parents say now? She didn’t know, they were gone.

“And I know
      I may end up failing too….”

When would those emotions she felt inside go away? She was beginning to feel that they’d never go. She was completely aware that she was the cry baby of the remaining teenagers alive. But why was that? Because she was that cry baby? Or was it because of that fear? But that fear wouldn’t always be there, She could feel it herself, even now, it felt like her crying was getting anywhere anymore. She had been doing it for such a long time now that it was basically useless. Everybody didn’t really care for her crying.

After wiping her tears away from her face, she straightened up.

        Become so…

She didn’t even see Jean walking up to her. In fact, she ran into him. Bumping her head lightly against him, she looked up. “Jean…?”

I didn’t want to quite make a follow forever, so I made this thingy. Because I love you guys and I’m so glad I met you all. You made 2013 awesome even though this year was complete poopy for me. c:

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