I tried to make it pretty okay? Here is my first follow forever people~! 

I dont really know how this goes so here I have a few people who are the sole reason I worked on Alexander

First there are Flail and Senpai, because I have eaten their heads so often about this and other matters that it isnt even funny anymore XD Searching for names and making my poor babu suffer was much more fun because of these two. Two very precious people for whom I entered this fandom in the first place.

And then we have Minahil who loves this character more than I do (Basically she told me to be more active here because she liked him much more than my other muse, Tch)  She is a crazy sassy ass, but without her school wouldnt be fun at all. Yea we fangirl…a lot….a whole lot.

And I will stop now

Thank you sooooo much for being on my dash and making my day every day~!

Awkward as Bawls

There was a pregnant pause that hung heavily between the two soldiers for the briefest of moments. One with cheeks flushed the colour of the most vibrant cherries, and the other clinging to whatever remnants of apathy she could grip on to. If only for the briefest of moments, a thin brow twitched as if to highlight the fact that he hadn’t answered her request. Mikasa had never been one for idle conversation; useless topics often left to those with the simple desire for amusement, and unless there happened to be a conversation where one of her few interests was being discussed, she just might take an interest.

Deft digits pull at the carmine fabric that his and secreted the porcelain skin of her throat in little more than habit; muted silvers soon narrowing, if only fractionally before her lips part to expel a quiet sigh. Perhaps cornering him in a corner of the dining hall had proven to be a bad idea, if the agape mouth of Jean was anything to go by. Slender shoulders roll in a half shrug, soon deciding to fill the silence with her own thoughts.

“–If you don’t want to…~”

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       The least he needed was any interruptions right now. His desk had barely any left space, whereas the paperwork was anything but scarce. He let out an exasperated sigh, gazing up from the papers he was reading just a second before the door bursted open. 

       Slowly, almost lazily, he set all those papers aside, arching an eyebrow at his guest. They better not bring more papers to sign, or he would seriously have Irvin’s head as a trophy. It had been some days since they had any interaction with the Titans, and the corporal was eager to get rid of that constricting feeling that bothered him every time he did not allow his wings to be free every once in a while.

       Unconsciously, he scratched at his back with his right hand, just where his tattoo was, burning under his skin.

       "What is it?“

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The Questions:

You drank water lately? Had some food? Stretched yer legs?

I did! I actually keep a bottle of water wedged between my pillows because I’m a crazy. Ate a Japanese coffee bread for breakfast and walked my dog for a little :3

How and why did you chose to rp?

I followed some Fairy Tail rp blogs unwittingly, thinking they were just fandom blogs, and showed my best friend at the time. She wanted to make a Juvia blog, so I made a Grey for her (my OTP there was Gajevy though wtf). I really didn’t interact with too many people there, though, but I still follow sky-sorceress because she’s just faboo.

A headcanon about your muse/s/?

He likes cooking while listening to Prokofiev. Because he’s a badass.

Does anyone outside of the net know that you rp?

Basically everyone who knows I have a tumblr knows about it. I have no shame, I’m just all GAYSEX: IT’S WHAT I DO BTW

Are you self-conscious of talking about rp with RL people?

Nah. No shame. I should have some, but I’m a fail Asian. A Failsian.

Did you know that you are awesome?

Fuck yeah, I’m awesome -flips hair- But you’re awesome too, gravesradium-senpai -waggles eyebrows-

Ever broke a bone before?

Never. Knock on wood. Frick that sounds awful. I had an ex that had his femur snapped in half

What was the last thing you were praised for?

My buddy Tom told me I was perfect wife material because I cooked him doenjang jjigae with yubuchobap and fried tofu in a sweet, spicy soy sauce and baked him a Japanese xmas cake last Christmas and he was still dreaming about it :3 But then he said I had DSL and I slapped the coffee out his hand.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

to get to the other side. Which apparently is supposed to mean the chicken was suicidal or sth and that’s fukn dark man i heard that joke as a kid wtf

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Wanna be my valentine?

LET’S FUKN GO. I’ll get all prettied up for you with heels and a party dress and cook you dinner and bake you a strawberry and cream cake, then we’ll cuddle on my bed and watch a movie about serial killers while we snuggle :3 I’M ROMANTIC

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  2. What’s your favorite comfort food?
  3. Favorite animal? Why?
  4. What’s a food so vile you would throw it in the direction of your greatest enemy in hopes that it blinds them?
  5. What are your thoughts on Eren Jaeger?
  6. Describe your worst romantic encounter.
  7. Describe your favorite romantic encounter shut up ii’m feeling fluffy right now
  8. What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone?
  9. What is a quality that’s an ultimate dealbreaker in a friendship/relationship?
  10. What are your feelings on clowns?
  11. Any plans for Valentine’s this year? If nothing, would you wanna watch a horrible movie on skype with me :3?
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From what it seems like a win for the Scouting Legion and an escape from the forest, the ginger was ready to battle. However, the battle was a brutal one. Something that she had never encounters or expected. The fact that the ginger could not escape was a fear that almost every soldier knew. The titan was coming much closer and her maneuver gear was not operating well. It was too late once it started working again as the monster literally smashed her body against the bark of tree. Everything dropped out of her hands and a body was sliding against the tree. The titan had moved on and started running up ahead, leaving the ginger to bleed to death.

Somehow, she was still surprised that soft breaths were escaping her mouth. Blood nearly surrounded all over her body and agony had taken over. Petra could not even move a single inch without feeling the effect of her torn up body. The fact she was still alive amazed her but she could not move at all. She wanted to close her eyes and be ready for what was going to be the end of her. Giving her life up seemed like the best option until she heard some footsteps along the way. 


   [To: Stretch]

   ah see now it makes sense. maybe check who ur textin next time ? i dont want in on u n reiners business man

[To: Ponyboy]

Sorry about that. You two are right next to each other in the contacts list.

[He may or may not have you both listed as Ponyboy and Pinhead respectively.]

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About me or about you?—-Well, I hope about me. Because I don’t know you story of live or something. But well let’s start.

My name is Maria. Right now I’m waiting for my 15 bithday. Which in 4 months. Yes, I was born in Christmas. I was a happy and healthy child. But also annoying. And I mean really annoying. Actally almost everything had changed. I’m still annoying, yes. My poor parents. But, I’ve got very aggressive. Note that can’t be seen on my silent behavior that had changed to this from the happily little shit. Though, I’m pretty mean to people who knows me in my town.
I’m pretty different over there, since I hate the people in my town. Everyone of these bitches. People over here see me as funny and crazy and stuff like that. But if I have to be honest, I’m more serious, more guardedly and besides, I always prefer to make an shitty face. Know, if you ever in really bad mood and look as if you going to kill someone. Well, thats how I look every day. I never laugh, so at least not often. There are only few days when I do. For example, I almost never laughed this summer until——until I met him again. I don’t know if the people accept me as I am. Actually, I shouldn’t care at all. Still, I hate to be alone. That’s why I’m going to the safe side. And try to be nice.