titans vinyl

I made this in auto collision repair for my exploratory project. I had to cut the design out of vinyl with a fucking razor blade and then airbrush it. Do you realize how fucking difficult that is?
Point is, it’s fucking beautiful and I was told I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I did.
I’m proud.
(I posted this on my personal tumblr a while ago but all my posts got deleted so I’m re-posting it here.)


These are some amazing vinyl figures by Titan Merchandise! Mass Effect The Normandy Collection has a wide range of your favorite crew members! 

Who is your favorite?


My Alien Titans case came in the mail today! These kinda caught me by surprise and I just had to order a case, and cause I found it a bit cheaper than everywhere else.
Every case seems to come with 2 of the rarer figures, there are 4 altogether, I’m happy with the 2 I got, but I really wanted the rarer Ripley, although I’m glad I didn’t get the egg one.
The third photo shows the exact placement of the figures, so if you’re on the hunt for a certain figure use that as your map.
And if you get an extra Ripley in her unders, send it my way?? 👍😁


In preparation for Comic-Con, we want to let everyone know what merch will be available at the BBC America booth (#4129) so you can know how much you need to save up in the next week! Here’s a comprehensive list of what to expect-

First to Market (available in the booth before anywhere else)

  • The Wand Company Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control: $120
  • Dalek Striped Socks: $13
  • I am the Doctor Socks: $13


  • Companions T-Shirt (Men’s and Women’s sizes S-XXL): $20
  • Four Doctors T-Shirt by Alice Zhang (Men’s and Women’s sizes S-XXL): $20
  • TARDIS Hoodie by Alice Zhang (sizes S-XXL): $40
  • TARDIS Tote Bag by Alice Zhang: $15
  • Lounge Pants (sizes S-XXL): $25
  • Tenth Doctor Fez Titan Vinyl (3” figurine): $10
  • Tenth Doctor Tuxedo Titan Vinyl (4.5” figurine): $15
  • Advanced Graphics Mini Standees Pack (includes the Twelfth Doctor, Clara, and the TARDIS): $15
  • TARDIS Charm Bracelet: $25
  • Sonic Screwdriver Dog Tag: $15
  • Titan Comic Book: $10

BBC Shop Exclusives

  • 2015 Mini Calendar: $8
  • Adipose Seatbelt Belt: $30
  • Opening Watch Seatbelt Belt: $30
  • Ladies’ Raglan TARDIS T-Shirt (sizes S-XXL): $35

Additional Merchandise Available Includes:

  • Funko POP TV Figures: $11
  • Massive Audio TARDIS Bluetooth Speakers: $120
  • Weeping Angel Wings Earrings: $10
  • TARDIS Blue Gemstone Earrings: $10
  • TARDIS Pendant Necklace with Bow Tie: $15
  • Weeping Angel Three-Tiered Necklace: $15
  • TARDIS Headband: $15
  • Twelfth Doctor Sticky Notes: $11
  • Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver: $40
  • Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver: $40
  • Weeping Angel Backpack: $40

And after you’re done spending all of the money on cool stuff, don’t forget to make your way to the official Doctor Who Fan Meetup at the House of Blues