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do you have any recommended reading for donna troy? I want to read some stuff that has her in it but idk where to begin

Bro I have had a word doc open on my laptop for five months waiting for this ask. But I’m going to just give you some important ones; keeping it simple really, because Donna is probably one of the most complicated (confusing) characters in DC, okay? Enjoy!

Teen Titans v1: #22, 23

New Teen Titans v1: #1-2, #8, #30, #38

Tales of the Teen Titans: #42, #45, #48, #50

New Teen Titans v2: #7-8, #18, #19, #20-21

~who’s ready for some retcons~

New Titans:  #50-54, #55

Wonder Woman v2: #47-48

New Titans: #85-88, #90-92

Team Titans: #3, #5, #6, #21-22

New Titans: #118, #119, Annual 11

~more f-ing retcons!!!~

Wonder Woman v2: #121, #123, #131-136, #178, #186

Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day: #1-3

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy: #1-3

JLA v2: #41-44

Titans v2: #1-4

JLA v2: #49, #50, #53, #60

Blackest Night: Titans: #1-3

Titans v2: #20, #21

Wonder Woman v3: #1-4, Annual

You know I’m actually rather excited for “Slade the Superhero.” Bracing myself for some emotional rollercoaster moments and waiting for reasons behind some WTF? elements but overall Priest is a capable author who can make this work: it’s probably going to be a study on morality as well as another convoluted plan by Slade to spend time with his kids (which is another reasons I’m pumped: Wilson bonding). And you know it’s not going to be permanent but it will be interesting. Especially the reasons for all those people have for joining Slade.

 And Terra. How? Is this your redemption too? Are you the Terra or a Terra? It does suck Wally left TT already when he was one of the few not deaged NTT members. Also remember when Joey and Rose were allowed to be on superhero teams and have friends? Good times, good times. And I’m happy Tanya is being remembered and her character being developed. That’s another thing I hope from this is that DC might entertain the notion of another Titans branch for the characters who have outgrown TT or don’t fit the TV synergy requirements for current TT or don’t belong to whatever generation Titans is focusing on and ultimately have no other place to go. After Slade goes back to being the World’s Deadliest Assassin that is.

Also laughing at how this is probably one of the more diverse team line-ups DC has so far: team consisting even number of guys and ladies. Half of the members are PoC and two of them are biracial to boot (Tanya could be too even). The two white guys on the team are both disabled in different ways and one of them is bi. 

Where to start reading Jericho?

His first appearance was in Tales of the Teen Titans #42

  • Tales of the Teen Titans #43-91 (esp #44, 51-52, 58, Annual #3)
  • New Teen Titans v2 #1-49 (esp #1, 10-14)
  • Teen Titans Spotlight On: Jericho #3-6
  • New Titans #50-84 (esp #55, 66-67, 71-84)
  • Teen Titans v3 (esp #1-6, 11-12, 40-41, 77-78)
  • DC Universe: Decisions #3-4
  • Deathtrap crossover (Titans #12-13, Teen Titans v3 #69-70, Vigilante #5-6)
  • Titans v2 #37-38, Annual #1
  • Deathstroke v3 #2-6
  • Deathstrike: Rebirth #1
  • Deathstroke v4 (esp #1-4, 6-10, 12-17)

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Hey Im new to comics and I have some interest on reading about Starfire ,is there any recommendations on where to start? Ive also seen in another post that you said that she's a subversion to the born sexy yesterday trope, may I ask how?

Hi, there! I have a ton of recommendations for Starfire reading and I have a rec list right here but I’ll give you some of my favorites with an explanation to go along with them:

  • New Teen Titans v1 and v2
    • these comics are where she comes from (her technical first appearance was in DC Comics Presents #26 but you don’t need to read that to really get a feel for her) and I think because they’re written by her creator they’re some of the most reliable (and interesting) comics to read
    • my personal favorites: v1 #1-3, #6, #22-26 ( + annual 1 because it fits right after #24), #28, #31-33. v2 #6, #22, #23, #26, #27, #39.
  • Tales of the New Teen Titans #4
    • this is where Wolfman solidifies her backstory and it’s well worth reading because of that 
  • Teen Titans Spotlight #19
    • you get a really sweet look at Kory’s friendship with Harbinger and she’s just generally so cute in it that I can’t leave it out
  • New Titans v1
    • This is overall a very bad volume and you don’t need to read most of it but she gets married and I love him so it’s worth it
    • #127-130
    • Annual 6 because it’s Tamaran centric (read before you read #127-#130)
  • Titans v1 (surprise! I hate this volume but there’s a handful of issues I like)
    • #47-50 
  • Teen Titans v3
    • #1-20 
    • it’s not the best series for her character for a small list of reasons but I love the way she looks drawn by Mike McKone (muscles fOR DAYS) and modern comics acknowledging her friendship with Vic is my Kink 
  • I’m leaving Outsiders out of this because I don’t like how Judd Winick wrote her (he wrote her in Titans v2 as well but I’m not reccing from the part of the volume he wrote)
  • Titans v2
    • #21
    • that’s it
    • that’s the only issue I like

As for Kory being a subversion of Born Sexy Yesterday - her original iteration is a beautiful princess from another planet that comes to Earth not knowing any of the languages or the cultures and as the video essay elaborates on, Born Sexy Yesterday often creates female characters who are full grown women that are beautiful and sexy but so naive about the world that they act like children and require men to teach them the ways of the world. Kory takes this trope and kicks it into the upper atmosphere - aside from one or two scenes that come to mind but I’m in a bit of a block right now and I’m having a hard time elaborating - because while she comes to Earth ignorant of its customs, languages, and history, she’s never treated (by the writers) as someone who actually needed to be taught how to function in society and she makes it very clear that she’s no idiot:

She’s also incredibly aware of how she looks, which Born Sexy Yesterday characters usually aren’t. Being unaware of your own beauty is something that men seem to like and she doesn’t play into that concept at all, which is something I absolutely love: 

This isn’t a super in-depth analysis but I hope that I gave you a good idea of why she subverts that trope so beautifully.

  • The New Teen Titans v1: #1-3, #5, #8, #16, #19, #22-26, #28, Annual #1
  • The Tales of the New Teen Titans #4
  • Tales of the Teen Titans #41-58
  • New Teen Titans v2: #6-9, #10, #12, #13-19, #22 & 23, #26 & 27, #31-33, #36 & 37, #39, #46, 
  • Teen Titans Spotlight: #1 & 2, #15, #19
  • Omega Men v1: #33-35
  • Cosmic Odyssey #1-4
  • New Titans v1: #85, 97-114, 127-130, Annual #6
  • Titans Sell-Out Special
  • The Darkstars: #26 & 27
  • JLA/Titans
  • Titans v1: #1-4, #12, #14, #17-19, #47-50
  • Teen Titans v3: #1-20, 22-25, 28, 29, 32, 45, 50, 68, 70, 75, 78  
  • Outsiders v3: #16-32
  • 52: #3-5, 7-9, 16, 17, 19, 20, 28, 31-33, 35-37, 41, 47, 51, 52
  • Countdown to Adventure
  • Titans v2: #1-5, #11, #16, #21 & 22
  • Blackest Night: Titans: #1-3
  • Last Days of Animal Man: #2-6
  • Justice League of America: v2 #41-43
  • R.E.B.E.L.S.: #15-28