Along with a few surviving western titles, by 1961 much of Kirby’s output was now movie-matinee-style monsters with names like Monstrom and Titano and Groot and Krang and Droom. With every successive cover, they became more hilarious in their repetition: It was always a clutch of tiny, high-tailing humans shrieking, falling down and pointing fingers as they announced the mind-boggling danger that pursued them. “They warned us—but we didn’t believe Monstrom existed!” “Help! Save us! He’s alive! He’s coming! IT’S DROOM!”

“I would much rather have been drawing Rawhide Kid,” Kirby lamented. “But I did the monsters. We had Grottu and Kurrgo and it…it was a challenge to try to do something—anything with such ridiculous characters.”

(Excerpted from Marvel Comics: The Untold Story)

“You better hide that heart of yours, Lady Titanos. It won’t lead you anywhere you want to go.”

Mare Barrow & Maven Calore from vaveyard‘s “Red Queen” 

Well, I didn’t expect at all to ship them so hard. Not at all my kind of male character but… Maven happened! Loved the novel. Loved the second prince. Totally broke my heart at the end. x