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Asks sent to my main, answered here. Theme - how would I do at EU?

geekshallinherit said: hey are you sam? i can’t give you my name, but i need help. specifically advice. the word is, if one needs help navigating the trickiest of situations life at eu has to offer, they should come to you. people say you know things. i’m sure the significance of that word, “help,” isn’t lost on you, and anyway i didn’t come empty-handed, so i hope you’ll hear me out. i have a problem with a name. before i came here, i had never had much of a family. i won’t go into detail, but i was in foster care. now i don’t keep in contact with anyone i knew before i was emancipated. when i got into eu, i changed my name, like people do here. i followed all the rules and found a tight-knit group of friends. we stick together when our school or personal lives get tough. we even banded together to rescue our friend when she was taken. (she was one of three last year, so you can’t use this to id me) my point is we’re close. here’s my problem: everyone here - human, gentry, otherwise - knows the name the people i love most call me by. my new name has become my true name. my friends know that they know, but others? a chill goes up my spine every time teachers, less-close friends, and campus staff call me by my name. i don’t think it’s legible on my face, but people here have become good at seeing without showing what they’ve seen. this school just has that effect. i can’t just get a new nickname, because as soon as i tell people to call me something different, they’ll know something’s up. basically, i’m stuck just letting the gentry call me by my truest name and hoping they don’t figure it out. my friends and i have talked deep into the night about this and none of us knows what to do. that’s why i’m here. i said i didn’t come empty-handed, and i meant it; this teddy bear is the last token i have of my life in the system. his name is taco. he’s brown and ratty and i don’t remember who gave him to me besides the fact that, like everything, it wasn’t my birth parents, but he’s well-loved. i hope this will be sufficient for you to help someone who cannot even tell you their false name. you don’t have to answer right now; you can find me on the quiet floor of the library pretty late into the night most nights. but if it pleases you, i don’t have long to wait. and sam? i would really appreciate your help.

Help freely given, because I have a lot of small kindnesses to pay forward, and I Owe – your best bet is to change schools, my guy.  In a place where reality is less shaky, your true name is just a name, and even someone saying it with intent wouldn’t be able to compel you against your will.

If you’re hellbent on staying at Elsewhere, you’ve got two options. The first is to carry on and keep hoping no one realizes what a precious thing you’ve handed them. The second, if you think you can do so with subtlety, is to try to change your nickname anyway. I know you’re worried it would broadcast the importance of the old nickname, but it’s not actually rare for people to realize that maybe they don’t want to go by, say, Deeznuts for four years straight. It’s a nickname and it gets old. If you’re careful about it, you might be able to shift to a new name without anyone catching on.

If things go really, really badly, remember that your true name is not just a weapon to be used against you. If your loved ones know it, it can bring you home.

(and to answer the ask i didn’t include - i go by she/her, thank you for asking!)

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The Spine let out a small yelp of surprise as he first felt himself getting pushed down, then felt his fedora fall off of his head, much to his dismay, and then felt his hands getting pinned down against the seat of the couch in the living room.

He blinked his emerald eyes a little, looking up at his fiancé with a confused look on his face. Gears usually didn’t do this. Or, well, he hadn’t done this in a while, so this had taken him by surprise, to be honest.

A slight smirk spread on his lips, however, his eyes flashing shortly, as he looked up at him.

“My, Gears. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Gears couldn’t help but to chuckle a bit at that yelp which he had caused from the other. Given how The Spine generally tried to present as that more stoic persona, it was simply amusing, and endearing whenever that act would be broken.

Steam curled up from that copper bot’s vents, giving a crooked grin at the other as he had that taller bot pinned to the couch. (Though he knew The Spine could easily turn the tables, if he’d wanted to- due to their difference in physical strength.)

He leaned his head down to let his lips brush against The Spine’s ear, voice dipping into a lower tone.

“W-well ya’ see, there’s this lil’ phrase… ‘save a horse, ride a cowboy…’ a-and you’re the only cowboy ‘round these parts~”

wxredwrong  asked:

Ohohoho yes!

Yellow digits gently took the fedora from his head and set it on her own, striking a pose before doing the most exaggerated man voice /EVER/

“Howdy, I’m th'Spine and I once got stuck on a flight of stairs because my legs were too long! I was built with a titanium alloyed spine. I’m super cool! Look how cool I am! Yolo swag! REX MARKSLEY OH MY G O D-”

And she took off, stretching her legs as far as she could. Good luck getting yiur hat back, Spine.

Woman of metal, woman of steel –
Titanium spine, iron mind
Like candlelight glinting off a loaded gun.
(god? devil?)
Flowers sprout from her claws, beauty from chaos, starshine off pools of cyanide. Her words are perfumed daggers, sugared bullets –
Sweeter deaths are hard to find.
—  woman of metal // abby, day 144
My Favorite Things From Steam Powered Giraffe’s Performance at the San Diego County Fair
  • The Spine coming out ten minutes early then running away when everyone started cheering
  • “I was made with a titanium metal spine and well thats my BACKstory”
  • Butter Vendor fight
  • The Walter Workers Caramelldansen in the background
  • Hatchworth tastes cat blood
  • Rabbits breakdown mid Honeybee
  • Qwerty singing the fresh prince of bel air theme
  • Hatchworth and Beebop getting milkshakes after the show
  • Spine and Rabbit’s secret handshake
  • GG possibly trying to eat Rabbit
  • “The Spine infinite loop slap Hatchworth in the face”
That Feeling Of Pain  || Open

The Spine had noticed something with his spinal collumn lately, it had been oddly stiff, and whenever he had been sitting down and needed to get up, small clicks would sound from it, and the same happened when he simply stretched his body. 

This would happen from time to time, so he had thought nothing of it, for normally, it would get better, just needed a bit of oil, and there was no problem. So he had merely brushed it off, thinking that it was nothing to worry about, that it would merely vanish over time, as it usually did. 

But nothing could have prepared him for what actually happened. 

He had minded his own business, merely walking around the halls, a book in his hands, while a soft hum would sound from his vocoder. It wasn’t a special day in particular, he simply enjoyed the quiet of the manor at this time. He straightened his back a little, feeling his neck getting a little sore, from him having looked down into the book for so long, and what was when he froze in place, the book falling out of his hands, to the floor with a bang that echoed off of the walls. 

That titanium frame would shudder, and first, he would fall to his knees, his teeth clenched, emerald eyes wide open, glowing in that vibrant color of green, in a way indicating that something was horribly wrong. Then he would fall, not being able to hold himself up anymore, all the way down, laying on his side, his hands clenched in fists, his entire frame shuddering. 

His vertebrae had locked up, pain shooting through his body like a lightning bolt, making his face twist in agony, a silent scream. Oily tears welled up in his eyes, starting to roll down his silvery cheeks, dripping to the floor. 

He couldn’t move, he was locked in that position, and the pain rolled through his body, making it twitch. Angry hisses of steam left his cheek vents, his core humming hoarsely, as if it gave its sympathy for him. There was nothing dignified about that bot at this moment, he looked frail, in despair, a rare sight for everyone who knew him.

That titanium automaton was broken down, his entire body in utter agony, and he could do nothing about it, the pain being so overwhelming, that he couldn’t even cry for help, he could only lay there, tears dripping to the floor, and that face twisted in pain, having a faint hope, that someone would come to his aid. 

Ghost Grinder

Rattletrap Rabbit Walter liked many things, the colors red and blue, purple, traveling, sugary snacks and tea, talking to ghosts and such.

 So when a portal opened near the back kitchen door, he didn’t think twice about there possible being danger. he walked right through, basket hooked on his arm full of treats…and a repair kit…and blinked at how bright and sunny it was.

 He’d seen serveral walter manors, (his own was half-sunken into the swamp and overgrown with a mutated willow tree) but this one looked as closely to the ‘right’ one.

 "b-b-b-b-b-bounjour?“ He said, finally reaching the door. “Is anyone t-t-t-t-t-tt'home?”

It was a seemingly normal day at the Walter manor. Or, it had been, until one certain titanium robot heard a familiar, yet slightly different voice by the door. It sounded like.. Rabbit. But Rabbit shouldn’t be there right now, he should be with Hatchworth in Kazooland at some Sandwich Convention. So why was he at the door? And speaking french?

The Spine was was beyond confused as he opened the front door, green optics searching out the figure outside “Rabbit, why are you outside, shouldn’t you be with Hatchw-..” He paused as he saw the figure outside, his expression more confused than ever. Well, it was a Rabbit, alright, but it certainly wasn’t his Rabbit.

That robot would clear his throat a little, reaching up to adjust that red tie of his a little “Well, uh.. I guess I’m home?” Now, that was just lame, but he had no idea what on earth to say.