titanium plugs

The new lobe plugs started working immediately. He could hear nothing but my dronestream, transmitting everything I needed to know about his physical and sexual motivations. A brilliant and charismatic young man… Absorbed. I could feel him as I caged his will and silenced his autonomy. And most amusing of all, is how excited he was to install the plugs. “Titanium” he beamed. Unwittingly enthusiastic to give me his newly stretched ears as permanent conductors of psyionic energy that would feed from, and nourish his mind and body… attuned solely to the dronestream. A cacophony of soothing digital white noise that could only give room to my voice… My will for his being.

The moustache… It suits him, don’t you think? It sets him apart… and marks him as creature of kink and subservience. He wears it to keep the scent of his master’s seed at the height of his olfactory awareness. ‘Slicked and curled, using what little cum he hasn’t swallowed once I’ve commanded him to service my cock.

“Here’s another set of lobe plugs my boy. Now go show yours to a friend… kiss him deeply… and bring him to me”.

There are plenty of other cyborgs in the mgdmt spacefuture but they almost unilaterally think it’s rad as hell to have a cool robocop body and patronize Tank constantly for being so weird and anxious about it. When he was 100% flesh and bone he was unattainably superior to his peers as far as strength, size, speed and all that went, but as far as being a cyborg goes he didn’t commit as much as he could have and ended up kinda middle-of-the-pack. So he traded his reputation as the scary, violent, unapproachable cock-of-the-walk with the genmod soldiers to the squishy, emotionally fragile one to the other cyborgs who are mostly brains and faces plugged into unstoppable titanium bodies.

Anyway this is worldbuilding I did for a book that will likely never get made and doesn’t matter at all.


To be honest, a picture wouldn’t have captured the beauty of these INCREDIBLE titanium super tear drop plugs from the very talented folks at Anatometal, so we had to take a video instead. Showcased is a pink tourmaline gem surrounded by opals #17, #8 and #7.

While these are reserved for a very special client, this illustrates how easy it is to custom order whatever jewelry you desire.


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Super excited to be updating my etsy store, I hope to be adding more treasures quite soon but here are some of the gem candy available at voidcoven now, all from my personal collection ♡

As a thank you for all your magical support, use the coupon VOIDLOVE for 15% off your entire purchase! ♡ Active up until Valentine’s Day, 2/14/2016.

Thank you guys so much, I know these beauties will go to good homes they deserve.

The first to spend $50 gets a FREE geode crystal splice.
And the first to spend $80 gets the geode splice AND a free opalized ammonite fossil!
Just use the code voidlove or include my URL in note to seller to let me know you were directed from this post ♡

Love & light – VOIDCOVEN


New for sizes 4ga through 00ga.: “CHROMA”

These Titanium Drops and Silver Eyelets can be interchanged with the new Hyperion Style (Bottom Picture) 

AND each color can be purchased separately. You want green one day and pink the next? Go for it!

Your designer is at work - more innovation coming soon.