titanium lip

To Live, To Love

The creation see the creator

Entwined affectionately

With her lover.

His hand is on her hip,

His teeth on her lip.

He picks her up

And she laughs;

He carries her away.

The creation wonders;

Will she ever feel that laughter

Flowing from her own titanium lips?

She laughs, but it sounds…

Not quite the same.

Is she anything but

A lifeless piece of machinery?

And yet, to live;

To live,

That is her directive.

Kazooland Date | derangedxmonster

Steam would coil from the cheek vents of the silvery automaton, as he excitedly made his way towards a certain portal that was pretty much a permanent part of the inventory of Walter Manor. The portal leading to Kazooland, to be exact. For a while now, they had been talking about going out. Going on a real date. They had been talking back and forth about where they should go. 

San Diego itself was out of the question, seeing as The Spine was rather well known there, and there was a high posibility of running into some fans of the band. A portal to Japan was suggested, and quickly scratched out again, seeing as The Spine had rather unpleasant memories there, and Saki was feared by most. Then the sassy Walter Worker, Miss Alyssa, suggested that they went to Kazooland. That place was a dimension between dimensions, The Spine would not be out of place, seeing as it wasn’t uncommon meeting other robots there, and no one would know who Oroku Saki was, so no one would fear him. 

That was why The Spine was now headed that way, dressed up in his regular clothing…. With a twist. For he had changed his regular, red tie and pocket square, and in stead wore a deep, red tie with black and silver embroidery, and a pocket square to match, folded the way he always would. It wasn’t that much of a change, but it was still noticable. Subtle, just the way he preferred it. 

Emerald eyes flashed shortly, as he eyed his lover, who had already been shown to the portal by Alyssa, and a smile would appear on those black, titanium lips.

“Saki! Ready to go, I see?”


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Hi hi! Can you do a Gajevy #11 plzzz?

I almost lost you kiss

The water receded, taking the foul magic and poison with it. Finally, Gajeel felt secure enough to remove the iron bars over his lips, the titanium steel skin becoming flesh once more.

Salamander, Juvia, and Bunny Girl floated safely back to the stone ground, still unconscious, but one was left out.

Levy, her eyes closed in peaceful acceptance, rested in his arms, legs curled under her limp body. 

She gave him air when he needed it most. Now, as her eyes slowly and blearily blinked, Gajeel felt a certain gratitude was required.   

As the blue haired woman slowly regained her bearings, Gajeel moved, pressing his lips to her forehead in a quick and chaste kiss that had her burning under his touch.

“G-Gajeel!” She squeaked, squirming in his grip like some slippery shrimp. “W-What are you d-doing?!”

Ignoring her, the iron dragon slayer pulled her closer, resting his head in the crook of her neck with a mumble of, “I almost lost ya, Shrimp.”

His voice quivered slightly, and with careful inspection from the blue haired woman, the pair remained in silence as the others were slow to wake.

They had almost lost the light.

@aqua-marine-gem cont from here ( x )

Titanium soon departed her lips from the other gem and let out a fit of giggles from seeing how red Aqua was. the atmosphere was growing fuzzy and blurry but the general could barely stand on her two feet she had to use her dear friend for support, leaning on to her.

“you are turning red a a ruby!” *hic*