Video from @johnfaccas - SATU vs. Car hood Round 2!! 💥💥😈 The @graymanknives SATU proves why it is the strongest folder on the market. Took no damage from this, the lockup is still like a vault.. And the lock percentage is still the exact same 😱😱😱 The SATU is the most reliable folder there is! I highly recommend buying one! #Grayman #graymanknives #graymansatu #SATU #satusavages #kingoffolders #titanium #dlc #framelock #knife #knives #knifeaddict #knifecollector #knifecommunity #knifeuser #useyourshit #bestknivesofig #grailknife #grailknives #Regrann :
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Magic Aura Quartz 💜 the process used to create these– magnetron ionization – occurs in nature as the aurora borealis~*~:*) Resulting brilliant colors and rainbow sheen are due to optical interference created by permanently bonding a careful mix of metals (titanium, bismuth, silicone, zircon, etc) to the surface of naturally formed clear quartz crystals. This is the same optical phenomenon that brightens peacock feathers and creates an oil film on water ✨🌈💎

Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Bechloe/Barden Bellas
  • Pitch Perfect

SO I just made this because I thought these two songs go together really well and they’re both perfect for our girls

it’s super super rough - I made it with Audacity >_< Will make a better version later when I have all the equipments :D

UPDATE (June 28th):

I edited the track a little to fix some parts that were offbeat. And since some of you have been asking for a download link, here it is. Thank you again SO much for listening! The responses to this have been absolutely amazing, I kinda can’t believe it :’)