Magic Aura Quartz 💜 the process used to create these– magnetron ionization – occurs in nature as the aurora borealis~*~:*) Resulting brilliant colors and rainbow sheen are due to optical interference created by permanently bonding a careful mix of metals (titanium, bismuth, silicone, zircon, etc) to the surface of naturally formed clear quartz crystals. This is the same optical phenomenon that brightens peacock feathers and creates an oil film on water ✨🌈💎

Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Bechloe/Barden Bellas
  • Pitch Perfect

SO I just made this because I thought these two songs go together really well and they’re both perfect for our girls

it’s super super rough - I made it with Audacity >_< Will make a better version later when I have all the equipments :D

UPDATE (June 28th):

I edited the track a little to fix some parts that were offbeat. And since some of you have been asking for a download link, here it is. Thank you again SO much for listening! The responses to this have been absolutely amazing, I kinda can’t believe it :’)

Bechloe Headcannon Idea

Instead of there being a Riff Off in the third movie, they should make each Bella pick a song for another Bella to sing. And since EVERY SINGLE Bella knows that Beca and Chloe are madly in love with each other, they make Beca sing ‘Chloe’ and Chloe sing ‘Jesse’s Girl’. It would be perfect! And then at the end Beca says she wants to sing another song, but she wants to pick it. They let her, of course. And she sings ‘Titanium’. Chloe then grabs and extra microphone and joins her without warning.

Story of my Life vs. Titanium
  • Story of my Life vs. Titanium
  • One Direction / David Guetta ft. Sia

Taking some inspiration from chloe-effin-beale, I decided to post my mashup of Story of my Life and Titanium. Its the first mix I’ve ever made (which means it’s pretty rough) but I hope you all like it!

To me it’s what goes through Chloe’s mind when she sees Jesse and Beca kiss at the end of the first movie. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions!

Original songs are not mine 

A wee little fun making a very smexi Industrial Barbell.
Using a 3 Threaded point Ti Barbell. Anatometal Clusters and Threaded gems.

Creativity at it finest.


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The first image here is a repost of one that featured a few weeks ago. It shows Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle leading Paris-roubaix in 1994.

Note the front suspension used on all three bikes. Just visible on the second bike, ridden by GB MG’s Johan Museeuw, is the compact position of the top tube, part of Bianchi’s dual suspension system.

The second image shows the 1994 bike used by Museeuw. The third image is an updated version from 1996, built from titanium rather than aluminium and with redesigned rear suspension.

Sweet custom industrial piercing by @mattbrezz He did the piercings using a commercially pure titanium bar from @industrialstrength that he hand bent and styled for one of our happy clients, and it turned out great!! We love doing custom stuff, and would love to help you out with your next idea!! 💎🎨#creationbodypiercing #thunderbay #superior #industrial #industrialpiercing #legitjewelry #safepiercing #bodymod #titanium #bar #barbell #piercing (at 💎CREATION BODY PIERCING💎 thunder bay 🍁)


TiSurvival Titanium Fire Piston -Esteban Acosta

“The beauty behind the fire piston concept is its absolute simplicity in design and, ultimately with practice, the simplicity of its functionality. An idea that is literally centuries old, the fire piston is a marvel of compression and combustion that creates fire without flint or matches. Once one gets used to the technique, the fire piston becomes fun to use and is practical as well.”