White opals match everything.

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Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Bechloe/Barden Bellas
  • Pitch Perfect

SO I just made this because I thought these two songs go together really well and they’re both perfect for our girls

it’s super super rough - I made it with Audacity >_< Will make a better version later when I have all the equipments :D

UPDATE (June 28th):

I edited the track a little to fix some parts that were offbeat. And since some of you have been asking for a download link, here it is. Thank you again SO much for listening! The responses to this have been absolutely amazing, I kinda can’t believe it :’)


Just received my custom Battle Arms Development and Bentwood Gunsmithing OIP (Ounces is Pounds) AR-15.

Weighing in at 4lb 7.5 oz rifle, with empty 20 round Lancer magazine, custom Fortis Optic Mount, and AIMPOINT Micro H-1 4 MOA Optic.

You will not find a lighter AR rifle on this planet!

Story of my Life vs. Titanium
  • Story of my Life vs. Titanium
  • One Direction / David Guetta ft. Sia

Taking some inspiration from chloe-effin-beale, I decided to post my mashup of Story of my Life and Titanium. Its the first mix I’ve ever made (which means it’s pretty rough) but I hope you all like it!

To me it’s what goes through Chloe’s mind when she sees Jesse and Beca kiss at the end of the first movie. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions!

Original songs are not mine