Remember that time when Teen Titans Go! basically acknowledged itself as an inferior show to the original?


#SuperWonder in the DC Animated Universe

Justice League : War

Justice League:Throne of Atlantis

Justice League vs Teen Titans

@hajime-isayama-official HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAJIMAMA!! I drew this for you! Thank you for being not only a genius manga artist, but a person who appreciates his fans and would even go through the trouble to make a tumblr just to get in touch with them! I love that you appreciate your fans and you don’t take shit from anyone! I love your fabulous, sassy sassmaster self and i hope you have a fantastic birthday! Love you, hajimama! I hope you see this!

tall booknerd levi and k-pop dork isabel request for amazinglinzieisnotonfire ! i’m so so very sorry for the long wait but i hope you like it !! thanks for requesting (keep requesting for more tbh) and i hope you have a nice day  ♡

(btw, levi’s shirt reads “my book club can beat up your book club”)

- dane