Things I’m waiting to see in the kuro movie

- Everything.

But specifically:

- Dr. Feelgood:

- “We’re The Midfords”:

- “My mother did this to my hair because we’re going to church today” hairstyle:

- “You’re a freak but not for me” scene:

- “I am alone but I have food”:

- Masters of deception:

- Sportacus:

- Resident Evil. Starring Ronald Redfield:

- “Your face is grass and I’m gonna mow it”:

-”Even though I have to kill you I admit you have nice shoes”:

- This guy:

- “I am secretly a five year old inside of a demon’s body”:

- Ceiling Lizzy + “You just seem to keep falling for me”:

- Female character people would have liked more if she had been a boy:

- Jealous is the new red:

- Fetus Ciel:

- This guy snorts when he laughs:

- Titanic 3D:

- I am all technique (but I have killed many while trying to acquire the perfect precision):

- Emperor Nero + That moment when everyone was tired of Druitt’s shit and wanted to kill him:

- “My hair hides my true identity”:

- Undertaker’s real name is Charlie Chaplin:

- This scene will look awesome animated:

- Yandere! Sebastian + That moment when everybody’s heart broke:

- The origins:

- #LetUsAllHugFetusCiel 

- “Maybe this burnt down mansion was a bad idea”:

- “Cause you’re hot and you're cold, 

don’t wash me at all. 

You’ve hurt me, get out. 

It’s too hot, I’m out!”:

- The mistery of where Sebastian’s left hand is in here will finally be solved:

- More fetus Ciel:

- “And he was like, ‘hey bastard, your ends are split’ and I was like ‘just like your girlfriend’s legs last night, but you don’t see me complaining about it now, do you?’”

- It would have hurt more if he had hit the top of his hands instead of just the palms + Oh, so you suddenly feel the heat but you couldn’t manage to make a simple fucking bath, huh?:

- I don’t care if she doesn’t even talk I just wanna see her in the movie:

- Madam please, I’m still not over you:

- “Sweet kiss, shitty ass crown. Just get me a princess tiara and we can pretend”:

- When you think you know a lot of stuff for your age so you bother your father about it, but then your old man gets tired of you and hits you with the harsh reality:

- *Mmm watcha say…*

- Do you think Sebastian DiCaprio will get his oscar after this?

And of course… The thing that most definitely has to appear…



Attack on titan-Escape from certain Death 3DS Game PV 2!

Featuring new images, dialogue and music!

(no, this is not a Season 2 PV)


Prototype photos of my upcoming Galvatron kits!  Yes, there will be two different kits, a G1 version, and an IDW version, both available in Titan Returns and Legends colors.  Preorder will go up soon, once I have plastic testshots ready to show.

Each kit will come with one helmet, 3 swappable faces, a side cannon adapter, and one weapon; either the G1 inspired toy rifle, or IDW barbarian axe.

For Love & Money Pt.8


Words: 5277

Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

Originally posted by bwibelle

“You want to what?” You scrunch your eyebrows, crossing your arms, mouth open in shock. It had been two weeks since the dinner party and the both of you had been extremely busy, not sparing each other glances, never mind words. And now he wanted to do what?

“Movies. I was wondering if you wanted to go the movies.” He says, a little louder this time.

“Uh…Why?” You ask, narrowing your eyes with obvious suspicion. It wasn’t like you disliked Jin but you still couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was still out for revenge from the laxative-sleeping pill ordeal.

“Just cause.” He shrugs.

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