La scena della coppia di anziani che si vede nel film “Titanic” che sta abbracciata nel letto si basa in realtà su una storia vera. Si chiamavano Ida e Isidor Straus ed entrambi sono morti sul titanic. A Ida era stato offerto un posto su una scialuppa ma rifiutò per stare con il marito. Anche al marito fu offerto un posto, che decise di rifutare per salvare donne e bambini. Ida disse “abbiamo vissuto insieme per molti anni. Dove vai tu, vado io.”

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The Titanic moored at Belfast - probably on April 2nd 1912.

RMS Titanic was designed and constructed at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland under the supervision of marine architect Alexander Carlisle and chief designer Thomas Andrews.  |  She was 882 feet 9 inches in length and 92 feet in breadth. Her gross tonnage was 46,328 tons. Three propellers were driven by two four-cylinder, triple-expansion, inverted reciprocating steam engines and one low-pressure Parsons turbine. Steam was provided by 25 double-ended and 4 single-ended Scotch-type boilers fired by 159 coal burning furnaces that gave her a theoretical top speed of 23 knots.


i am currently in a heart attack with ebay.  last night i bid on the wrong size actually. i did the UK size conversion kind of backwards… i actually need a size down.  like, by 3 inches off, and i’m not paying for that much alteration on a dress this fancy. there’s 4 hours left of the bid and i’m waiting anxiously for the seller to contact me back… they stand to make MORE $$ off me actually, because i’m going to be buying shiloh’s dress from them too. tonight, if need be… so even though i like-woah max bidded on the initial dress, and the proper size (buy it now option) is cheaper, they’re still going to make twice as much had i just bought the one, which i’d then have to return.  THIS IS MADDENING. BUT THESE DRESSES COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER PERFECT.

they come with shawls, too, did i mention that???

To Make Him Human Again
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Ereri

Author: SunBox
Length: 54k (WIP)
Rating: Mature

Summary:  To tame a beast that was once human, one must act like one, think like one, and feel like one. Still, Levi knew he didn’t need to do that. He could shape the boy back into a human without having to degrade himself, or so he thought. What if the human that had been living in the wild for more than ten years had something else in sight? ~An Ereri fanfic~


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A competição já seria em uma semana. Óbvio que o nervosismo que eu sentia no momento era normal para a maioria dos competidores ali, já estávamos todos acostumados. Mas o nervosismo somado com a pressão que aquela competição em especial apresentava, deixava a gente fora de si. Treinávamos dia e noite, tocando sem parar em nossas casas. 

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