titanic suite

  • Cyborg: Now, are you familiar with the gear shift?
  • Beast Boy: You mean... the “prindl?”
  • Cyborg: The what?
  • Beast Boy: The “prindl!”
  • Cyborg: ...Are you referring to the shift lever that says P-R-N-D-L?
  • Beast Boy: I’m not a child, Cy, I know how to spell “prindl.”
  • Cyborg: It is not something you spell. It is a gear shift. The letters stand for park, reverse, neutral, drive, and low!
  • Beast Boy: You’re making me nervous with all this technical talk!
  • Cyborg: Oh, I’m sorry! Why don’t we just relax and turn on the radio? Would you like “AMMM” or “FMMMM!?”

My dear rose…


Someone told me, that the engl. voice actor from Ken and Marco is the same, and I draw Jean in this fucking sexy suit before, I wanted to try the outfit on Marco too… and I think, he looks … really good! He would be such a cute ghoul :3


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The Titans

Founding Titan and history information translated by Reddit user u/OrganicDinosaur 
(Translation can be found here)
The remainder of this post translated by me


The Attack Titan

Height: 15m
Holders: Eren Kruger- Grisha Yeager- Eren Yeager

The power of the Attack Titan has been transferred from the Owl, to Grisha and then Eren.
Through internal plans, 7 of Eldia’s 9 Titans were in the hands of Marley. One Titan that Marley was unable to capture in any age was the one that fought for freedom, the Attack Titan. Eren Kruger, who had infiltrated the Marley security force, was in posession of it. He passed it to Grisha Yeager, who then passed it to Eren Yeager.

The Colossal Titan

Height: 60m
Holders: Bertholdt Hoover- Armin Arlert

The overwhelming destructive power of the Colossal Titan
With a height of 60m, the Colossal Titan is overwhelmingly massive, but moves slowly because of its size but makes up for it with great power and was strong enough to destroy the gate at Shiganshina with a single powerful kick. Like all Titans, it explodes on transformation and can emit large amount of steam by burning its muscle mass. It caused massive casualties to the Survey Corps.  

The Armoured Titan

Height: 15m
Holders: Reiner Braun

Marley’s Warrior that defends with its body armour
This Titan is known as the Armoured Titan because it can harden its skin, like armour. When Marley’s enemies attack, it acts as a shield. It’s impossible to damage, even with humanities 3DMG. To damage it in the same way as another titan, the Thunder Spears used by the Survey Corps need to be used at precise points.

The Female Titan

Height: 14m 
Holders: Annie Leonhart 

Skilled at fighting and using the hardening ability
This Titan has excellent versatility due to its mobility and versatility, and can harden in any specific area. Paired with Annie’s fighting technique, it is capable of great destruction. In addition, it has the ability to attract Pure Titans by screaming, though the range of the scream is limited. 

The Jaw Titan

Height: 5m
Holders: Marcel- Ymir- Galliard

The Titan Ymir took from Marley
Due to its small size, this Titan moves quickly and has fast reflexes. With strong claws and a powerful jaw, this Titan is best at assault. Ymir received the Jaw Titan after eating Marcel. After being returned to Marley, Galliard inherited it.

The Cart Titan

Height: 4m
Holders: Pieck

A Titan on all fours that carries heavy artillery
With its incredible endurance, this Titan is suited to long-term assignments. It can be used in various ways depending on the assignment, and plays an important role in terms of expanding military plans. The Cart Titan participated in the Battle of Shiganshina and rescued Zeke, who had fallen into danger after his fight with Levi.

The Beast Titan

Height: 17m
Holders: Zeke

A Titan with a strong throwing arm and the ability to control Titans with its scream.
This Titan has a throwing technique that involves crushing rocks and throwing them like a pitch, dealing massive damage from a distance. Those who have been injected with Zeke’s spinal fluid and hear Zeke’s scream turn into Pure Titans that will obey his orders, even on moonlit nights. It was because of this ability that Utguard Castle was attacked by the Titans at night.

(Disclaimer: I am not a translator by any means, so mistakes may be present. Please feel free to correct me.)