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Pre-order prints!

Okay, I know I’ve promised to take orders and tell about prints some time ago. It’s just that having exams, being in senior year and such is quite tiring ;A; more tiring than expected; I even had a mental breakdown orz

I’m trying really hard to find some time to draw for fun again and I’m not sure when I’ll be selling prints, butttt you can at least pre-order now!

It will cost nothing, but I do it because I get to see how many people are interested and which one is populair for example. Just send me a message which anime eyes piece you’d like to pre-order! (Specific details will be announced later~)

Also done:

  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • Yuri on ice!!!

Planning to do/ working on:

  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Noragami
  • Black Butler
  • Kiss him not me!
  • Assassination classroom
  • Death Note
  • Akagami no Shirayuki

I love this spoiler image because

Jean’s like ‘gOTTA SAVE EREN’

Levi’s like 'gOTTA SAVE EREN’

And Connie’s just like *nervously grabs abs*

Prometheus, roepend vanuit een rotslandschap = Prometheus, Calling from a Rocky Landscape
Johannes Josephus Aarts (Dutch; 1881–1934)
ca. 1910s­–20s
Charcoal on paper
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Getting Caught

I had an anon request for the reader and Sam getting caught having sex in the Impala, and two requests for a threesome with the brothers. I mashed them up to create this totally plotless, completely dirty piece of smut. Enjoy! XOXO

Word Count: 2287

Warnings: smut, threesome (the boys don’t interact with each other), language

A/N: This is also for willowrosenbergwinchester, because I love her so so much, and she shares my kink for a good Winchester threesome.

The leather was starting to stick to your skin, now that a thin sheen of sweat covered you, but you barely felt it. But really, who could focus on anything at all when Sam was thrusting into you, fast and hard and mercilessly, his hands running up and down your shins resting against his shoulders… 

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Teen Titans Valentines

So, the other day, someone wanted Teen Titans show Valentine cards, and the options were… not all family friendly. So, I threw some together that were ;)

please overlook the flaws… it was a rush job ;_;

All drawn by me, using my own stock for the fire, and there would be more if V-day wasn’t right around the corner. ;) Mas y Menos is coming up, though, as a friend helped me translate what I wanted said.

Please don’t remove my little watermark. I slaved over these to get them done fast. 

* I made up “xirfand’r” as a Tamaran word. Since Starfire and Blackfire were “Koriand’r” and “Komand’r”, I figured “and’r” meant “fire”, and I invented “xirf” as meaning “special loved one”. So, “xirfand’r” is like “boy/girlfriend.”


one more of Mas y Menos [link]

au for the yoga au - Where everything’s the same, but shota!eren style. 

Everyone would be a little confused at first when they see their yoga instructor is some little boy. But no one questions it after they get hit with cuteness overload: little Eren tumbling every time he tried to do a pose. Little Eren’s arms wobbling as he tries to maintain plank position. Little Eren in colorful workout clothes and cute, titan-printed towels to wipe away his sweat. Little Eren barking out orders and everyone just smiling as they do what their instructor says.