titanic necklaces


Quick late night sketch ‘cause I need a pause and noticed I still had to do these two baes with some shitty flower crowns/necklace!


hey there everyone!! now that i’ve finally hit 1k, i’m doing a giveaway!!! now i’m a college student and am currently jobless, so this isn’t SUPER extravagant, but hey, free shit! 


* an attack on titan necklace (choose between the wings of freedom and eren’s key)

* two items from tumblr user mothgeist’s storenvy! (either a sticker or keychain)

* a handwritten letter from me

* a handwritten fic from me (you chose pairing, au, etc)

there will be one winner and i will choose them on friday, august 8th! i will use a random number generator so everything is fair! 


* you must be following me! (i will check!!)

* likes and reblogs count

* you have to be comfortable with giving me your address, i will be having the items shipped directly to your location

if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me! best of luck everyone!!!