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One of my favorite subtle jokes in the Megamind movie is how it apparently doesn’t even occur to Hal that “Space Step-Mom” is just as fake as “Space Dad” and he is 100% ready to murder Megamind for cheating on her.


I have no idea why, but apparently spain gets the 9000% greatest snk artwork/cases ever. I mean this stuff doesnt even exist in Japan. LOOK HOW AMAZING IT LOOKS!!

Bonnie and Clyde

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‘Come on wake up.’ Dean could feel your lips against his cheeks as he groaned and rolled over to the other side but you enveloped him in a hug right away, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arm around his body. You planted your face next to him almost climbing on top of him as he groaned at the weight. You pecked his cheek again this time sloppier than the last one. ‘I’m not going to stop until you get up.’ You threatened as you pulled him tighter and nuzzling your neck against his neck; fully knowing how ticklish he is. His neck instantly cringed away from you as you chuckled softly next to his ear.

‘What do you want?’

‘I want my best friend.’ You replied getting up and sitting down on his hips. ‘Come on get up. It’s already so late.’

Dean moved one of his hands under his pillow to grab his phone and peeped a look at the watch. He closed his eyes once noticing that it was only eight thirty in the morning. It wasn’t the first time you tried to lie to him in order to wake him up. He could hear your giggles which sounded like chiming bells in his ears. He couldn’t help but to let out a smile at getting caught already opening his eyes. ‘I saw your eyes opening. Come on you’re already up.’

‘No. Go away.’ He groaned nuzzling his face against his pillow trying to get some more sleep.

‘I’ll make you breakfast.’ You offered.

‘I don’t need breakfast.’

‘Everyone needs breakfast.’ You countered jumping on his hip bone up and down as he groaned at every impact but didn’t push you down. You leaned against his side and started nuzzling your nose against his neck trying to wake him up. You could feel him squirming under you as he tried to roll away from your nose. You clung onto his side like a koala to its tree and he started to toss and turn on the bed turning into a wrestle match. You laughed as he counter attack by tickling your side and once you let go of him. Dean pinned you down on to the bed; both hands by your side. You grinned up at his dishevelled hair, puffy face and sleepy eyes. He smiled back at you closing his eyes as he rolled over and laid down next to you.

‘So I go make breakfast now?’ you suddenly asked breaking the comfortable silent as he chuckled and draped his hand over your stomach and the other moving under your head, letting your head rest against his arm and tangling his legs with yours. ‘I honestly don’t want breakfast. I want sleep.’ He mumbled against your shoulder and your lower lips jutted out at his response.

‘I’ll go make breakfast.’ You said determined with your plan as you pushed him off and jumped off the bed excitedly. You turned around to look at his body sprawled on the bed as he shook his head with his eyes still closed.

‘Alright bacon and egg it is.’ You announced loudly and before you left his room you could hear his groaned muffled against the pillow but you knew he was going to get up for breakfast anyway.

Because he was Dean.


Dean smiled upon being greeted by the smell of bacon and the pretty girl in shorts and singlet. Your cardigan discarded on the counter along with your bag. You looked beautiful like this; carefree and happy. He wished you were like this every time he laid his eyes on you but of course life wasn’t a bed of roses. It was harder than that but Dean would die trying. He sneaked behind you and bended his knees against yours playfully as you yelped at the sudden contact and you drop slightly before Dean caught you by the waist laughing at your little squeak. You clicked your tongue at him as you used the spatula in your hand and hit him on the shoulder. ‘Hey.’ Dean shouted back looking at the stain on his t shirt as you scowled and shrugged.

Dean then moved towards the fridge to take out some milk.

‘Why are you here so early in the morning?’ He asked pouring himself some milk as you stayed silent pretending as if you weren’t listening and humming to a song he recognised as Paint it Black, eyes focused on the bacon. Dean sighed knowing exactly what was wrong as he took a sip from his milk. He looked at you leaning his body against the counter. You were his friend. You had always been. You were his friend first.


He moved closer towards you and he wrapped his arms around you moving your body to the beat of the song you were humming to. ‘You want to stay over tonight? I’m bored as fuck.’ Dean offered a safe haven for you, your go to place; your saviour and you nodded your head and looked at him over your shoulder with a huge grin on your lips. ‘Of course.’

It was never for him.

It was always for you.


‘You got to choose the pizza topping. Let me choose the movie.’ Dean pulled away the Titanic DVD from your hand before you could put it into the DVD player. You groaned and stomped your feet but move towards the sofa anyway, grabbing a slice from the anchovies pizza you choose. ‘Don’t watch-’ and before you could stop him. He had put in the movie ‘Bonnie and Clyde’. It wasn’t like you hated the movie. You just hated watching it every time you stayed over at his place. You always wanted to choose the pizza topping and he always guilt-trip you into letting him choose the movie. ‘Not this again.’ You complained as he jumped on the sofa and pulled you closer to him waiting for the movie to stop.

‘I don’t like this movie.’ You told him as he stayed quiet, eyes glued to the screen.

You sighed moving to get another slice of pizza when he pulled you back onto the sofa, your back against his. ‘Don’t move.’ He whispered softly but his eyes didn’t move away from the sofa. You chuckled as you stole the pizza from his hand. He clicked his tongue at you trying to make a grab for the pizza you had stolen. You giggled pushing your hand away from him as far as possible. He pulled you against him tighter trying to save his pizza from you. ‘Give it back.’ He grumbled childishly as you laughed and shook your head already sitting on his lap as you struggled to pull away from him and his arms. ‘I thought you wanted to watch the movie.’ You countered lamely.

‘I want to do both.’

‘Yeah and now you’re doing neither.’

He clicked his tongue at you again with his eye narrowed. ‘Come here.’ He pushed you against the sofa as he climbed over you and grabbed the pizza from your hand. He looked down at you in his white t shirt and your hair framing your face beautifully as he threw the pizza onto the box aimlessly and ran his hand up your t shirt or rather his t shirt as the other one held both of your wrist. You didn’t struggle against his touches as you let him feel you up moaning deliberately louder as he pushed your bra down releasing your breast. He started kneading your breast one at a time grinning at how you closed your eyes and at the beautiful gap between your lips as you let out a moan. He played with your nipple which made you groaned and moved your hip against his. You could feel him hardening under his pants and he instinctively humped his hips against yours as well making you moaned louder.

You didn’t even notice him letting go of your wrist as he pushed your shirt upward and started attacking your breast with his lips as his hand kneaded the other one. Your hand ran through his hair, tugging at it playfully as he bit your nipple making you groan. He trailed kisses down your stomach when you tugged his hair harder. You let out an agreeing moan at his movement. ‘Do you want me here?’ He mumbled against your stomach just below your belly button as you clenched at how his voice trembled against your skin. You moaned out and pulled his hair making him look up at you. ‘I want you inside of me.’ You answered and you didn’t even have to say twice as Dean unbuttoned the shorts you had on and pulled it down. He kissed you through your panties and started sucking on it. You raised your butt from the sofa pushing it against his face wanting more. The soft chuckled against your core making you grow wetter than you already are.

You moaned out his name as he pulled down your panties with his teeth agonizingly slow.

‘Tell me how much you want this.’ He whispered against your clit and you could feel the shudder running up your body as you closed your eyes trying to gather your sanity. ‘Tell me baby.’

‘I’ll beg for it.’ you looked down at him and the smirk on his lips made you bit your lips holding yourself back from pushing him down and ravishing his lips. ‘Really?’ he asked again as he took a lick making your back to arch and a loud moan to escape your lips.

‘Yes.’ You answered obediently.

‘You can start now.’ You were about to start pleading not at all caring about pride when he sucked on your clit each one harder than the last one. You were a writhing mess under him holding onto the cover of the couch but finding it hard to get a real grasp when you felt his hand guiding yours onto his hair. You tugged onto his hair abidingly as his tongue ran up and down your core. You moaned out his name again pleading for him to go faster as he continued to suck and lick your clit. You whimpered when he stop and moved away from you as you looked up at him. He pushed his hair back and started undoing his pants. You sat up helping him with the zipper and pulling his pants down. You trailed your hand up and down his bulge looking up at him as you licked your lips deliberately slow. Dean chuckled as he shook his head but quickly groaned when you started kissing him through his boxer. ‘Next time baby.’ He said pulling down his boxer and pushing you back onto the couch. You laughed at his heavy breathing and his rushed tone. He positioned his dick at your entrance and looked at you as you moved your hips closer towards him. He didn’t need to be told twice as he snapped his hip pushing himself inside of you. The both of you groaned as he leaned against you catching your lips with his. You held his face deepening the kiss as the both of you groaned and grunted against each other.

‘Dean…ahh…fuck…please-’ you moaned incoherently as he started nipping on your collar bone. You arched your head back exposing your neck for him as he bended your knees and pushed it against your body letting him hit the spot that made your head spin and your eyes were filled with ecstasy as you moaned louder. ‘Dean I’m so close-please faster just-ugh-fuck.’ You groaned and you could feel him snapping his hips against yours. The only sound in the room was his hips snapping against yours and the groans and moans of yours and his mingled together. Dean was close as he touched your clit with his thumb rubbing against it furiously as you came shouting a name.

It wasn’t his.

But he came inside of you heart breaking into pieces but feeling satisfied and pleased. He leaned his forehead against your chest as the both of you took a moment to regain back your breath. It was as if the whole world was trying to show him that you weren’t his as your phone went off. He could feel you trying to reach for your phone from the coffee table beside the couch. He pulled out of you as he heard a small whimper escape your lips and you grabbed your phone.

‘Hey.’ You answered suddenly trying to breathe normally. ‘I’m sorry. I know-’ you stood up from the couch and threw Dean an apologetic smile before walking inside his room. This was all too normal. You were his friend and nothing more. It was only for a night when you needed someone else to forget about him; the bastard who couldn’t even own up to his own feelings, pulling and pushing you as he pleases and you let him. Dean hated how he hurt you every single day and time that you spent with him but still, you insist in staying by his side.

Probably how you were treating Dean and Dean let you as well.

It was a vicious cycle.


Dean looked over at his side as you laid with your hand thrown across his stomach and your feet tangled with his. You were so beautiful when you sleep, awfully peaceful that it hurt him every time he remembers how much pain you have to go through the next morning. Dean looked back at the ceiling on top of him. It was crazy. His idea was crazy but he needed it. He needed to make sure it was done before anyone could hurt you again. He needed to make sure this was it. This was your eternity; free of pain. He needed you safe. He’ll protect you to the end of the world. It was and always will be him and you against the world.


‘Dean if I one day we’re both no longer friends.’ You told him as you held onto his hand tightly both sitting on the edge of the monkey bar. You were barely ten years old but you knew you wanted Dean to always be by your side. Dean was your world and you were his. ‘No we’re always going to be friends.’ He answered shaking his head before you could continue with your games. You were always asking him the ‘what if’ questions and He never understood why. ‘What if someone wanted to separate us?’ She asked giggling at how stubborn Dean was being.

‘I’ll kill him.’ Dean answered vehemently as he held onto your hand tighter and you nodded your head understanding that he no longer wanted to talk about it. You understood him like the back of your hand and you knew when Dean was crossed and he was crossed at the idea of you not by his side. It was always going to be him and you against the world.

‘In the count of three we jump okay?’ Dean grinned at you as you nodded your head in agreement.

It was always you and him no matter what.


He didn’t know how or why he was doing it but all he could do was drove the car. The landscape outside a blur by the window as his car passed by the rows of familiar scenes. He knew this place so well. He had sent you here so many times. He had sent you to your despair and your misery all these while and no more. He wanted it all to end. He wanted him to end. It was like an adrenaline rush. All he could think was to end everything and everyone. He needed to do this. He needed you to understand that he needed this to end. He was going to save you, until the end of the world. He had enough. So as he waited for the elevator. He didn’t think of your beautiful smile or your adorable laugh. All he could see was his face and when he knocked on his door. He knew it was the end.

‘Dean what are you-‘

He didn’t even get to end his sentence as Dean shot his head. He didn’t even get to fight back as Dean ended your misery.

It was him and you against the world.

This is my first time writing a smut or somewhat a smut I hope I did alright and it wasn’t all that bad and I know the story might be a bit idk dramatic but I thought the mv was very good and it was like the end was sort of lunatic and sort of idk i’m rambling but please enjoy and tell me what you guys think :)

Movie Night [Jordan Fisher x Reader]

Summary: Jordan and reader have a movie night after she finds out he has never watched ‘Titanic’.

Word count: 1,336

Warnings: none, i guess…….

A/N: my first jordan fic! i’m so happy with how this turned out. i was inspired by this video of him and @gwash4prez‘s idea on the hamwriters chat! i dedicate this to them, mostly because they are the people that share this crazy obsession over jordan with me! i hope y’all like it

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“What?” The desbelief in your face made Jordan laugh out loud. “You have never seen Titanic? How are you even allowed as a member of our society?”

“I never found time to watch it!” He came closer to you and wrapped his arms around your hips, locking you between him and his dressing room vanity. “What do you say we have a movie night tonight and we cross that off my list of things to do before I die?”

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へ…へへ…TEEN TITANSのDVD買っちゃった…CNがまた放送してくれるか分からないので…


EXO reacts to; seeing their girlfriend cry for the first time - Chen, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo & Kai.

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You shake your head and scrunch your curls whilst spraying hair spray in them to keep them in place- pulling a satisfied face at Chen in the mirror as he lounges in the empty tub; watching you get ready to go out. He grins at you, staring dopily at you whilst resting his chin in his hand. He’d been following you around all morning, when you questioned him on it, he just said he liked spending time with you- which you couldn’t complain about; you liked spending time with him too. He’d been away a lot recently so it was nice just to have him near you. You smile back and rummage through your makeup bag, pulling out a dark red lipstick and applying it with painstaking accuracy. Chen’s voice makes you glance at him again through the mirror.

“You’re so beautiful.” He tilts his head to the side as you give him a suspicious look.

“What do you want, or what have you done?” He pulls a look of faux shock as the corner of his lips pull up in a smirk.

“Nothing! I’m being serious, you’re genuinely breathtaking, Jagi. Just in the way you are, how you carry yourself, it makes me feel so lucky to be with you.” He smiles as he reaches out and tickles his fingers lightly against your back. You feel you cheeks flush and you look down at your hands.

“Th-thank you, Oppa… I feel lucky to be with you too.” You reach around to take his hand, meeting his eyes in the mirror as he lightly runs his fingers in patterns around your palm; the feeling sending shockwaves through your body.

“But it’s more than that, the little things you do make me so happy, like the way you wrinkle your nose with you sip bitter tea, or the little mewling noises you make when you’re tired, even the way you steal the covers at night and cuddle them… All these things just make me love you more each day.” 

Your breath hitches in your throat as you stare at him in awe. He… Chen loves you? He notices so much… and likes these things about you… loves them even… Your eyes start to water as you grip onto his hand tightly, looking down at the counter, listening to the sound of his calm breaths, seeming totally sure about what he said. You see a tear fall on the counter, and apparently, so does he.

“Are you crying? I’m sorry! Did I say something wrong?!” He sits up slightly as you pull your hand away and turn to face him, leaning on the counter- smiling at him brightly, letting tears fall where they may.

“You love me?” He grins, nodding. You let out a giggle, trying to blink back tears by looking up at the ceiling. “Oh dammit, I just did my makeup.” 

“I’m sorry! Oh god, uh… please don’t cry! Should I take my clothes off?” You let out a laugh, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Why would you take your clothes off?” He shrugs as you take a step towards him, he takes your hand in his and kisses the back of it lightly.

“I don’t know, it made you laugh, though, didn’t it?” He grins and holds your chin in between his forefinger and thumb. You giggle down at him, shaking your head slightly.

“I love you, too.” You say clearly. He beams up at you, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you on top of him, kissing you fervently, smirking against your lips.

“Oh really?” You grin and trace the hem of his shirt, edging your fingers slowly up his abdomen.



Tears were streaming down your face, uncontrollable sobs bursting from your chest making every breath laboured, and yet- you can’t take your eyes away. The scene playing in front of you… out of your control, it was the same case every time, nothing ever changed and nothing could ever save them… EXCEPT IF YOU MOVED OVER, ROSE. THERE’S PLENTY OF ROOM YOU, BITCH. 

You jump as you hear the sound of keys jangling in the door, making your foot push the Titanic DVD case off the coffee table as you jolt in your place on the sofa. Shit, he’s here. He’s not meant to come over today… You pause the DVD, grab the nearest cushion and shove it over your face as Chanyeol walks through the door.

“Jagiya! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been kicked out of the flat for a few hours, Baekhyun’s got… visitors…” The shudder in his voice is almost tangible. His footsteps draw closer as he tosses his keys on the seat next to you. “Hey… are you okay?” His tone shifts to one of concern as his light touch to your shoulder makes you tense. ‘Oh shit, he can’t see me crying over chick flicks…’

“Mmm hmm!” You hum into the cushion, the crackle in your voice betrays you, Chanyeol walks around the sofa and crouches in front of you.

“Are you crying? Jagiya, what’s wrong?” His fingers curl around yours and peel them away from the cushion- your puffy eyes and slightly flushed face on show. His mouth falls open as he cups your face with both hands. “Tell me, Y/N, you’re worrying me.” You cringe, a pang of guilt hits you in your chest as you see his sullen face- you can’t let him think something’s wrong…

You bit your lip and raise your chin to gesture towards the TV, embarrassment hindering your voice from forming an explanation. Realisation hits him as he sees the DVD case and Jack dying whilst Rose floats on a huge door in the middle of the ocean, and back to your puffy eyes- trying not to laugh; failing miserably.

“Oh, Jagi.” He chuckles at you and throws himself into the seat next to you, pulling you into his arms and cuddling you exuberantly. You pout and try to defend yourself.

“There was so much room, Chan! SO MUCH! HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO SOMEONE SHE LOVED?!” Chanyeol’s laugh rings through the room as he throws his head back onto the sofa, rubbing your shoulders comfortingly.

“Alright, Y/N, stick the film back on then.” He hides his amused smirk from you behind your neck, placing little kisses on your nape. He finds your passion for such things adorable, even with the puffy eyes and red nose.


You sit on the closed toilet seat and waited. You’d been feeling the three dreaded signs for anyone in their early twenties- hormonal, hungry and tired. You’d wished more than anything that it was just a crazy pre-period pain, but after a week, Aunt Irma hadn’t visited, and now was the time to panic. Seconds turned to minutes and there it was. ‘Pregnant’. You drop the pregnancy test on the floor and scream.

“KYUNGSOO!” You hear the kitchen stool scrape downstairs as he yells back, your breath quickening as he runs up the stairs. 

You feel an unfamiliar brim of tears on your lower lashes as Kyungsoo bursts through the bathroom door, rushing up to you and grabbing your shaking hand in his- the other cupping your cheek lightly. He looks wracked with worry for you as he searches your face for any signs of harm, using his thumb to catch the tear rolling from your eye- glancing at it in shock.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Wh-what’s happening?!” He leans back on his heel, his hand falling from your cheek to your hip, to look your body up and down. You point a shaky finger to the test that had fallen under the sink. 

He crouches down, his hand loosens from your grip slightly, fingertips still lightly touching as he picks up the test. His mouth falls open and his eyes widen, the picture of pure ambivalence as he turns his head slowly to look at you. A few minutes pass, your gaze never drifting from each other as an intense, life-changing atmosphere fills the room, Kyungsoo finds his words before you.

“A… a baby?” He turns in his crouch to take both of your hands, the test between your intertwined fingers. You lose your balance and let yourself sit on the edge of the bath, you force the gulp out of your throat and nod.

“Are you… are you going to leave me?” Your lip quivers as your words waver. His forehead wrinkles quickly, tears forming in his eyes and he kneels up closer to you, shaking his head rapidly.

“No! No, no, no, no, Jagiya. Never. Never think that. I love you so much.” His hands tremble as they try to find your face, holding your cheeks and pressing an ardent kiss to your lips. 

You feel your tears mix as his face presses close to yours, salty tears slipping into the kiss as he fumbles to pull you closer- making you fall into his lap on the bathroom floor, where you’d both stay as time unwound around you. He held you tightly, pressing small kisses to your hands, fingers, neck, anywhere his lips could find your skin- showing love for you in anyway he could; occasionally mumbling sweet words against your ear.

“I love you so much, Y/N. We’ll get through this.”


“Is this really necessary, Kai?” You prod at the binding of the blindfold as Kai drives you around, chuckling to himself. It all seemed very sinister, but you allowed it. For some reason.

“Yes! I want it to be a surprise!” You could hear the childlike joy in his voice and it made you smile, he reaches for you hand and holds it between the two of you. “You’ll love it, I promise.” He pecks your hand quickly and places it back on your lap, assumingly to change gears.

“Okay… but if I get punked on my birthday, I’m not gonna love it.” You say with the ghost of fear in your voice, making him chuckle again as he stops the car.

“Alright… we’re here, wait here a second.” His voice moves further away as the door suddenly bangs shut, making you jump. 

You hear the scuffling of shoes as he heads around the car and opens your door, giggling again as he mumbles a ‘sorry’ and helps you out of the car and walks you down a sloping surface.

“Okay, there’s two steps, here… and here.” He says, an arm supporting you around your waist, the other holding your arm. He halts your walking and positions you in front of what feels like a door, and takes off your blindfold.

You blink against the sudden daylight and try to focus on your surroundings. First you’re met with Kai’s fluffy blonde/pink hair, tickling your face as he kisses you quickly, taking advantage of you not being able to tell him not to- you’d remember to tell him off for that later. Then when someone walks out of the door in front of you, you hear multiple barking sounds coming from within. Your face brightens as you gape at Kai, who’s grinning at you wider and wider by the second. He’d taken you to a dog rehoming shelter.

“You can choose any one you want…” At his words, you throw yourself into his arms- he picks you up and spins you around as you cling to his neck, chanting ‘thank yous’, making his laugh chime through the space around you. He sets you down and you grab his hand, nearly skipping into the building. 

A few minutes later, a younger girl takes you into the long room with windowed rooms on the sides with dogs occupying each of them. After around an hour running around the room, spending at least 5 minutes cooing at each dog through the glass- you ask to see the tiny long haired german shepherd puppy; who kept pawing at the glass whenever you walked passed. As the girl scoops up the puppy and hands it over to you, you become overwhelmed by how adorable the little critter it, and start to well up.

“Oh my god, Kai~! Oh, Kai, look~! She’s so beautiful! Hello, baby girl!” Your voice starts to crack as tears slip from your eyes when the tiny puppy starts licking your nose, wagging her tail so fast she could probably take off.

Kai looks across at you smiling, scrunching his shoulders and face up at how adorable you look, completely speechless at how a cute puppy could make you cry, but found it incredibly endearing. 

“Happy tears?” He asks, ruffling the puppies fur gently.

“Yes~!” You sob, nuzzling your face into both the puppies fur and his hand. He strokes your hair as you give him a loving look. “Thank you, so much, Oppa. This is the best birthday present ever!”

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Teen Titans DVD観た感想とか描きたいけど、描きたいものと、描く速さと時間が足りない。感想は、今度CNで放送始まったときにしたいなぁ。
8月にCNで、Teen Titans再放送ですぞーヤッター!

anonymous asked:

so i gave my friend the teen titans dvds for her bday and theres this extra in the season 1 one where the writers and voice actors were describing their characters and robin was described as "someone who jumps off a building and thinks of a plan on the way down" and idk but it really made me think of how starfire is always catching him. any way thought I'd share hope you have an amazing day!!!


It is pretty cute how Robin’s plan for survival is often, “Starfire will catch me.”

Boy has so much trust in her.