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Bucket List Entry #55 - View Titanic Artifacts

Completed May 8th, 2013

I’m one of those people who finds certain pieces of history fascinating. I’m in love with Greek Mythology, the story of Cleopatra, Italian history, the Mexican ruins, El Dorado and Atlantis, real pirates, the French Revolution and things like the Titanic. It’s my infatuation with things like these that drives my love of travel and inspires me to go to a lot of the places that I want to go (Egypt, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, England). I’ve done a lot of reading on a lot of these things and I enjoy books on them a great deal. So when my grandma heard that I wanted to see artifacts recovered from the Titanic (originally I wanted to dive to the ruins of the Titanic, but that would require a lot of money and as I found out - the ruins are expected to be completely dissolved in 10 years), she mentioned that there was an exhibit at the Luxor in Vegas, where we planned to go in a few months. While there, that was one of the things I really wanted to do, and I would have loved to have pictures taken of me inside the exhibit, especially next to the “Big Piece” but photography was not allowed inside.

They had a lot of things, dishes, jewelry, briefcases, models built to scale  of the Titanic as it was and as it is, under the sea. They had cooking utensils and postcards written to family members, you can stand on the First Class deck of the Titanic, view what all of the rooms would have been like, have your picture taken on the Grand Staircase, they even have an iceberg, so you can feel how cold it was in the water when people went in (a little morbid, but a necessary piece of history).

The Big Piece was my favorite part of the entire exhibit. For those that are not aware, the Big Piece is a bit of the hull that was recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic. It took 4 years for researchers to successfully bring it up from the water. It’s certainly huge, but in relation to the diagram of which part of the ship it came from, it is extremely tiny.

On your way into the exhibit, they give you a boarding pass with someone’s name on it. This person was actually on the Titanic, and at the end of the exhibit, you find out if they survived. I didn’t have to wait that long, however, because my person was staying in one of the rooms right next to the rooms in the Big Piece, and they told the story about how she survived but her actor husband did not.

I found the whole display very humbling and would recommend it to anyone obsessed with the past like me. I would see it again in a second.

A chronometer from the bridge of the Titanic on display at the Science Museum in London, May 15, 2003. The chronometer, one of more than 200 artifacts raised from the wreck of the Titanic, was on display at the launch of a new exhibition commemorating its ill-fated maiden voyage.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to Titanic artifacts. They are beautiful items with spirit, and I love watching the amazing photographs, but at the same time I don’t think it’s 100% ok to bring anything up from the wreck. And even if we’re taking something out of Titanic, in my opinion, it is terrible wrong to put those items on auction. RMS Titanic Inc. are like grave robbers who are out to make money for them selves. Put the artifacts in museum but not on sale. 

Tomorrow, on April 11, 5,000 artifacts is set to be auctioned as a single collection. The future owner of memorabilia may be a private individual, museum, or even city or state. I hope for someone wise. 

Titan Artifact - Intact Warmind Core


Reddit once again finding neat things. 

Here is a an explanation to why this could be important, explanation by Reddit user, Siege_NJIN

This interested me, so naturally the first thing I did was search up ‘Martel’ on the internet. What I found was that Charles Martel was a Frankish ruler and military leader who basically conquered all of Gaul and made sure the Franks were the “undisputed masters of all Gaul”. Sounds like this Charles Martel was a bit of a warmind, and therefore the first part is probably the warmind identifying itself. Martel was also the grandfather of Charlemagne (another warmind).

However the most interesting bit was “ILIODOR COMPLETE”. Again, I searched “Iliodor” on the internet and it turns out that Iliodor, or Sergei Trunfanov was known as the 'Mad Monk of Russia’. He was a monk and met RASPUTIN while preaching. He was called “to the Peterhof Palace but scandalized his audience in a sermon, defending a land reform, which should be ordered by the Tsar. The Russian aristocrats and the Most Holy Synod were shocked with his behavior. The Synod decided to ban Iliodor, but Rasputin and the Tsar defended him”. Skip a few years, and Rasputin has miraculously healed Tsesarevich Alexei, heir to the Russian throne. Now he has almost free access to the Russian imperial family. Iliodor started spreading rumors that Rasputin was having an affair with the Tsar’s wife (which were apparently true). He started a blackmail campaign against Rasputin, then years later organised an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Rasputin, then straightaway went into hiding and the person who was caught denied his involvement, although Iliodor eventually was found out. Finally, in 1916 he once more plotted to kill Rasputin, with the help of Alexei KHVOSTOV, and succeeded (though I am unsure on this; although Rasputin died around the time Iliodor plotted to kill him, I cannot confirm Iliodor’s involvement in this attempt). So it seems that the warmind is reporting its attempt to take out Rasputin complete. I am unsure how KHVOSTOV ties into this.

tl;dr: A warmind, possibly known as MARTEL (named after Charles Martel, who was the grandfather of Charlemagne) is reporting to an unknown entity about an attempt to take out Rasputin is complete, and Khvostov could be somehow involved.


“So, instead of being surrounded by all of these dead things, for those few minutes, the ship was alive again.”

Really sad, and, at the same time, beautiful.