after rewatching Titanic a few days ago, I’ve fallen into a wikipedia wormhole and oh my god the entire Titanic tragedy is a textbook lesson on “how to majorly fuck up repeatedly again reloaded 2.0″ 

* the crew didn’t know how to properly operate the lifeboats (there weren’t enough lifeboats to begin with, but the Titanic had complied with maritime law regulations at the time) 
* the crew only went through one drill before sailing out, which involved lowering 2 lifeboats and rowing them around for a bit
* about half of the life boats were loaded waaaaay way under capacity (think 20 people in a boat meant for 65)
* poor information dissemination - there were crew members who didn’t even know the ship was sinking until more than an hour after the iceberg was hit
* Captain Smith effectively shut down emotionally/mentally the second he realised the scope of the disaster and basically left the crew to organise evacuation 
* he also failed to properly acknowledge iceberg warnings (Titanic received around 5 or 6 warnings throughout the day before the tragedy happened), which, get this, at the time were taken as “advisory” and not as “fuck shit we need to be careful fam”
* Titanic was speeding at almost her top possible speed (21 knots - her top speed was 24), in spite of, I repeat, big blocks of ice in the ocean that nobody was apparently scared of *smh*
* there was a ship literally 5 miles away that saw Titanic’s deck lights and distress rockets, but her captain didn’t do shit because he wasn’t sure what the rockers meant(wtf boy wtfffff); he didn’t even wake up the wireless radio operator so they could at least radio the ship and see if they were okay
* only one or two of the 20 lifeboats launched came back to search for survivors; there were 1500 people in the water and only a couple of boats returned
* because of the way the ship was constructed, a lot of 3rd class passengers couldn’t make it on the decks were lifeboats were loaded (very non-coincidentally, first class passengers had no issues getting there)

sure, there was a fair amount of bad luck involved (coldest April in 50 years, that caused a lot of ice to form in that area - Titanic was literally passing through what is now known as Iceberg Alley; the night was clear, the ocean was calm, which made spotting icebergs a lot harder because there were no waves to crash into them; the lookouts had no binoculars???) but shit son, human error played a huge part in this. I know it was a different time, changes were made towards a lot more safety for passengers and it’s very easy for us to judge something that we weren’t a part of, but it’s still shocking to see so many things go wrong at once.

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