titanbutcher kasa

Much zombie, such survival | Closed Zombie AU

Everything was really going to hell, it all started with that stupid unknown virus that spread around the whole world, worst part was that this really felt like a god damn horror movie, too bad this wasn’t as entertaining to watch.

“No ammo, great.” Jean mumbled to himself as he tried to fire his handgun at the small group of infected that were closing in, thankfully he was a few steps from the mall now and maybe, if he was lucky enough, he’d find some food and somewhere to hold back the zombies while waiting for an evacuation. After that thought, he decided to run for it and get to the mall asap.

When he made it to the door, he could still see the zombies walking towards him, it was creepy to know that they weren’t ever going to stop and that they would never get tired of following. Trying to not think much about it, he went past the doors, he looked for something to close them but there was nothing so he decided to just start heading away from it, he wasn’t sure if the infected would be able to find him inside but it wasn’t like he had more options.