titanbutcher kasa

Trusted Bodyguard ||| Closed RP titanbutcher-kasa

Anna had no idea how to get through the day was like this. First it was her father her who yelled at her and now her mother? Who was next?! She paced back in forth not knowing what to do. She thought of the events that had happened, it started with a letter she got a week before. It said that a Prince was going to come and meet her. She was hopping with all her heart that he would not, but the day came and so did he. The prince was not as great as he said he was, the man was rude. She tried so hard to listen to the man talk, but each word fed the fire. 

Anna finally snapped and yelled at the prince. It was something she didn’t do, so it surprised everyone in the room. Even Mikasa, her bodyguard that almost felt as a sister to her. When Anna finished yelling at him she ran out to her room. First her father came in and hours later her mother. After the ranting of her patients ranted off her ears she started to pacing. 

She heard a knock on the door and stopped, “M-Mikasa?” she asked before she went to answer.