Chiaroscuro - On Blackened Wings

Commission for @xenethis-chimera - Korra/Raven crossover fic.

Whenever Korra closes her eyes, she tries not to think about the past. More importantly, she tries not to think about all the things she’s lost. There used to be a deep feeling of serenity inside her whenever she went to sleep, but that became more difficult throughout the years. It got better, slowly, with Asami by her side, being as patient as she could whenever she shot up in the dead of night, sweating bullets, begging for it all to stop. It never did, but she’s learned to cope. The past latches onto her tighter than she’d like, but then again every Avatar has had to deal with their past in one way or another.

The future is far more elusive. She’s been experiencing recurring nightmares, visions of a large raven spreading its wings and bleeding out darkness into the world. It’s like nothing she’s ever seen before, but it haunts her the same way her past does. The more she sees it, the more worried she gets about waking up the next morning.

One night, she finds herself standing below the raven, looking straight into its glowing red eyes— four of them. Definitely nothing she’s seen before, she thinks. She tries to bend fire at it, but it just sucks in every last bit of the burning element into its pitch-black wings. The raven then screeches into the sky, flying off into the city and wreaking havoc everywhere.

It snatches Asami off the ground, then devours Mako and Bolin in one swoop. She chases after it using her earthbending, the ground propelling her forward as she tries to attack it with chunks of rock. She pushes herself up in the air and grabs on to its tail, and just as she’s about to reach out of Asami’s hand it twists itself inside out. Four red eyes are staring at her, and it’s the last thing she sees before being devoured whole.

“Asami!” she says, jumping out of bed as she watches her girlfriend roll over slightly in bed.

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