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Hi everyone! I’m a new role play blogger on tumblr! I thought I’d introduce myself first!

I’m Kuroha (my last name will vary according to the universe we are role playing in). My primary character will remain the same throughout different universes, whether it’s Naruto, The Legend of Korra or the Avengers. 
I’m a female military doctor, so I’d be primarily a healer character. In most universes, I heal by taking people’s life forces. As a result, I work closely with the military or police.

I’ll be working on character details of each different universe that I’m willing to role play in.

Here are the ones I can role play:
Naruto Shippuuden/Gaiden
The Legend of Korra
The Avengers (Marvel)
Attack On Titan
Tokyo Ghoul
Doctor Who

I am willing to casual role play as well as write planned/coordinated role play. I will not be writing smut. I am willing to write one shot requests of characters I can write about. I am also open to different variety of AUs.

My tracked tag is thelunarmadness.

Happy role playing!

I’m sorry I blog so many cartoons and animated movies I just really appreciate the art and talent it takes to make art from nothing and breath life into it with animation and give these completely made-up fictional characters stories and emotions and struggles and hopes and dreams and it’s all just from skill and imagination. That amazes me to be honest.

speaking of cosplay on fire, this weekend is Anime Midwest in Chicago! I will be:

Friday: Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan) – newly repaired and with some custom touches.

Saturday: Mako (Legend of Korra) the premiere! I’ll be entering the cosplay masquerade as well, please say hi if you see me!

Sunday: Dr. Horrible/ Mako – i may decide to wear Mako for two days, as I’m really proud of it.

say hi if you see me there!


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Vanished (AMV): A cross-over story of different anime like Kuroko no Basket,  Free!, Legend of Korra, Attack on Titan and many more.

loadstotell asked:

Hey there! What do you ship other than NaruHina?

hello! ooo thank you for asking this!

from naruto i also ship shikatema, narugaa, narukiba, shinokiba, sakuino, sakuhina, minakushi, sasusaku, kakarin and nejiten (though i’m pretty sure i’m forgetting a few) 

from other series- raven and beastboy from teen titans, korra and asami from LOK, katara and zuko from A:TLA, ron and hermione from harry potter, and uhh… that’s all i can think of right now haha ^^; 

Top Ten Cartoon GFs

For no particular reason (other than crippling boredom) and after excessively careful deliberation, I humbly bring you my top ten 2-D girlfriends. Lemme tell ya, I sure joke a lot about being gay but making this list and having to struggle as much as I have to come up with ten girls I have gay feels for has me feeling reeeeally straight. Like uncomfortably so. #str8h8


10. Athena (Phoenix Wright)

THENA!!! I really don’t feel super UPER attracted to her to be honest but she’s super cute!! And driven and smart and can flip a guy bigger than her right over onto his buttocks. Initially I wasn’t feeling her too much since she really is just another ace attorney OFS (obligatory female sidekick) but she’s so much more endearing than that key girl from investigations and her lil quirks set her apart and make her endearing rather than obnoxious. She is integrated into the team really well and at this point (i’m on case 4) feels like a part of the family <333 her interactions with Trucy (my DORTER <33333) are everything and her stuff with Polly is really cute too. I was particularly struck by her protectiveness of her beloved Junie, I thought that was really sweet (girls looking out for girls <333). Like I said I’m not full gay for her (there’s a very distinct line for me between female characters I like/want to be like/be friends with and ones I wanna date and she’s not quite in the latter group) but I do adore her! 

9. Sasha Blouse (Attack on Titan)

It’s been about 10000 years since Attack on Titan happened and honestly I only came to it because I was having SO much trouble finishing this list BUT…Sasha is fricking cute and I would wife her no doubt. 10/10 would glomp (remember glomping? maybe you kids are too young to remember, it may have been before your time. ahh…those were the days). She’s sweet and silly and doesn’t take herself too seriously unless its feedin time. She had me at potato.

8. Zinnia (Pokemon ORAS)

Kind of spoiler-y but not really?? I’m pretty sure Zinnia was flirting with me the whole Delta episode. And I’m not gonna lie, I was feeling it. I love her interactions with her Whismur, Aster (which is exactly how I’d be with my Pokes if they were real…..now I made myself sad. why aren’t Pokemon real), and just her general kind of quirky, playful but confident and assertive personality. And I can’t tell if she actually does or not (the manga art would indicate no), but I picture her having those lil’ anime fangs which I am aalllll about dude.

7. Akane Owari (Super Dangan Ronpa 2)

A relic of my Dangan Ronpa days. Good times…good times. I started off not being too into Akane because of her character blatantly being used to fulfill the game’s boob quota (I could go on for days about Dangan Ronpa’s fanservice…ugh. But I digress), but GOSH if this lil’ one didn’t grow on me!!! By the end of the game she was 100% my FCUKING GIRLFRIEND. She’s not too bright but she’s a big sweetie and she has that tomboy thing going on, which apparently I like judging by the rest of this list (Could I *GASP* have a type??). The main reason she isn’t higher up is because I’m really not huge on Dangan Ronpa these days. 

6. Jasper (Steven Universe)

Hey. This is a no judgement zone. YES, Jasper is a huge asshole, but ALSO YES she is one big ol’ sexy hunk of gem. I went into the season one finale expecting to hate her and honestly ended up adoring her. I mean she’s a villain! She’s supposed to be mean! I thought she did a great job raising the stakes for Steven and Co. by presenting arguably the first legitimate threat of the series. I’d fuse with her any damn time, even with the crazy eyes.

5. Haruka Tenoh/ Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)

Even as a kid I think I had a thing for kind of “masculine” girls. I distinctly remember seeing Haruka in a Sailor Moon video my dad let me rent from Blockbuster wayy back in the day and feeling…something. I don’t think I would call it “attraction” per say, but I was intrigued to say the least, Sailor Uranus being my first encounter with a female character who was “tomboyish” in terms of demeanor, rather than in terms of liking sports or getting dirty. I’m actually in the process of watching the entire Sailor Moon series right now (I’m a little more than halfway through Sailor Moon R) and I haven’t gotten to the part where she and Michiru show up, so I don’t even know how much I’d like her character now, but her status as one of the most iconic lesbians in anime history, as well as possibly?? my first ever girl crush necessitates that she get a spot on this list. 

4. Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

If you know anything about me you are probably shocked to see Utena this low on the list (and by “this low”…I mean not at number one). True, she is the heroine of my FAVORITE ANIME OF ALL TIIIIME, a cute pink-haired tomboy, and all-around prime bae material, but…somehow I just don’t get the “doki-dokis” when I think about her. Maybe I feel like I see too much of myself in her to want to wife her, or maybe its because Revolutionary Girl Utena is so metaphorical in nature that when I look at her I mostly just see the things she represents rather then Utena the character…regardless, I can’t bring myself to put her higher on the list, but also can’t bear to exclude her. Don’t get me wrong, if she showed up on my doorstep tomorrow and asked me to run away with her I’m jumping right onto her lesbian luge faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August, but for now, she’s my #4 waifu.

3. Marceline the Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)

Ok. Marceline is fucking hot. There’s simply no denying. Yes, I am aware that she looks like a Gumby with fangs but STILL. IF YOU’VE SEEN THE SHOW YOU KNOW! Marceline is a sexy, and without Marceline we would have no Marshall Lee, almost the hottest children’s cartoon character of all time (OF ALL TIME!! Right up there with Kovu). She’s got that whole rocker/punk/scene queen vibe going on that I’ve always secretly loved. And omg her with Princess Bubblegum is just sooo cute. OTP.

2. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)

So remember how I said I was watching Sailor Moon all the way through? I never really appreciated Makoto as a child, but she’s my favorite character now. And…ooh, love the outfit Mako. Is…what is that you’re wearing? Is it-ah it is! Girlfriend material. *rimshot* Seriously though. Makoto is super adorable and sweet and is the type of girl who you know has your back, ride or die. And if you mess with her or her friends, she WILL NOT HESITATE TO HECK YOU RIGHT UP M8!!!! My type o’ gal.

1. Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra)

Korra is bae. Korra is so so bae. What can I even say about her she is such a little cutie. I just wanna huggle her and snuggle her I love everything about her even though she can be such a BIG STUBBORN DOPE somtimes!! I also really love that she’s kinda muscular since its such a rare body type for fictional females (also I just like muscles irl). She honestly frustrated me so much over the course of the series because she’s so PIGHEADED!!! AND JUST WON’T LISTEN TO ANYONE (TENZIN IS JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU QUIT BEING A DOUCHE!!). But dangit I can’t stay mad at her. Just look at that face. Look at that dumb baby face. At the end of the day she’s still my lil Korra.

(Bonus gifs of the bae   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧:)