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October 2015 Inktober day 16. (+coloured pencil this time) 

Yumiru-sama. Ymir, how badass can you be… I totally love her. Always. 

This whole inktober thing is very useful to me not just in a manner of general training, but it’s also an awesome opportunity to test out various ways to get good effects without much effort and with little time… you know, things useful when, well, I’ll be quiet now. Dun dun duuun…

Stripper!Eren x Levi (Smut)

Written for @xavier-the-gay-unicorn sorry it took so long *scratches back of neck and awkwardly laughs*

Side note: for some reason, the bottom part wouldn’t paragraph.

It was June of 2000 and something so, as you can imagine, it was scorching hot outside. However, that also meant one thing. Exams. Oh the joy. Spending a third of your day indoors learning about trigonometry and calculating the radius of a circle. How stressful and tedious. To one pupil, this was the easy part. The hard part was rushing to work after school to work an eight hour shift. His name was Eren. He didn’t work where you’d expect to find an average lad working, like McDonald’s. No. He worked in a strip club.

It all started one day where he was only there to serve drinks to all of the horny guys who’d just finished work and needed to relax. One of the members of staff had accidentally spilled his drink on Eren. The liquid seeped through his shirt revealing the outlines on his torso.

“Hey kid. If you wanna up your wages… how about you get up there and take that shirt off”

As you would’ve guessed, Eren took the job. It only made sense.

The school bell rang and Eren was already out the door. He didn’t want anyone to see him. He felt nearly ashamed but, some income is better than none.

He turned a corner at an alley way which was very secluded and ahead of him was the strip club. Before pushing the door open, he stared at his reflection wondering if it was worth it or not. He was still a kid but never got to feel like one.

“Suck it up. You need the money so, just go in and do your best.”

These personal pep talks were becoming too regular.

The other members of staff were pretty occupied with cleaning up the place before it opened, Eren was just in his own world.

“Oi. Drink this. You need it.”

“Cheers boss.”

Eren necked his couple shots of vodka and got to work.

“It can’t be that bad”

Finally, opening time.

The locks on both entrances opened and a sea of people came flooding in with fat wads of cash in their fists.

“Where’s that boy with the bright eyes”

“Have you seen his ass?! Just thinking about it gets me rock fucking solid”

Eren sort of liked being objectified, it boosted his confidence. A lot.

However, there was one guy in the crowd, not saying much. He sat down, the three top buttons of his shirt undone, tie loose round his neck, sleeves lazily rolled up and hair wild. He looked like a “try before you buy” sort of guy. Seeing what these beautifully built guys had to offer before he left.

Eren caught his eye.

Loud music started moving through out the club and the guys started cheering.

Eren removed his button down shirt and started caressing his skin and slightly flexing his muscles.

This guy just stared in amazement at Eren. He never knew anyone this beautiful existed.

Eren then removed his trousers, just standing in his Calvin Klein boxer breifs. The guys started wolf whistling, especially when they saw the bulge Eren carried.

It had been a good night for Eren.

“Holy shit, £500…”

He went off stage and began to dress himself.

“That was quite a performance, Jaeger, I’m impressed”

“Thanks, I guess”

“Oh, Eren! Before you go, theres someone here to see you, his name’s Levi. And I’m trusting you to lock up this place, okay?”


Eren turned round. There he was. That guy from earlier.

He looked like a work of art up close. He had eyes the colour of the sea during a storm surge and his hair was the colour of midnight. Lets not get started on his manly physique.

“So. You’re Eren? I’m Levi.”

He held out his hand for Eren to shake.

“H-hi, Levi” Eren gulped.

“Look, I’m gonna be blunt here. You’re obviously young and you wouldn’t be working here unless you were desparate, right?”


“So, how about I help you with your finances?”

“Uh… okay?”

“You have to do something for me though.”

His eyes darkened with lust and mischeif. He wanted to fuck Eren so badly right now.

“Name it.”

Before Eren finished his sentence

“Sleep with me.”

Erens lips parted. In shock but also excitement.

“Right here. Right now.”

“Okay daddy. Anything you want.”

Levi pulled Eren in by the collar and kissed him. His tongue slipped into his mouth. After a few seconds, he pulled away and lightly pulled on Erens bottom lip, just to tease.

He pushed Eren onto the couch and took this as an opportunity to find out what Eren liked.

He kissed and sucked on his neck, hurriedly yet passionately.

Eren rolled his head to the side, his breathing was already getting quite rapid.

“Oh God.” He whisper-yelled.

“Daddy must be doing a very good job, right?” He teased some more.


Levi sat eren up and ripped his shirt off of him.

“No wonder the guys go crazy for you” he smirked and traced the outlines of his abs.

Levi kissed up and down Erens’ torso, leaving little wet patches. Eren placed his hands on the bag of Levi’s head, tightly shutting his eyes. “We haven’t even got to the good part yet.” Eren was internally screaming. He was about to receive something better than the £500 he got today. Levi worked his way down to Erens jeans, slowly unbuttoning them just to frustrate Eren a little more. He pulled them off along with his boxers and threw them to the floor. His erection was… standing at attention. “Wow. Thats going to be a… mouthful.” Eren tried to supress the blushing and without any warning, he was in Levi’s mouth. Levi’s cheeks hollowed and his head bobbed up and down. His hand was pumping the part that he couldn’t fit. “Oh fuck…” Eren said under his breath. Levi began to circle the tip with his tongue, making Erens’ legs quiver. Again, with out any warning, Levi swallowed him whole. “Keep going, Levi… please, don’t stop!” Eren’s breathing was at its quickest. Levi seemed to pick up on this so, he stopped. “Why did you stop?” Eren interrogated between each pant. “It was a bit… hard to swallow” Levi smirked. Levi held eye contact with Eren and began to undress himself. He just couldn’t wait to get his hands on Eren. “Face down. Ass up. Now.” Eren complied. Levi grabbed Erens hips and slowly pushed his way on. Eren had never experienced so much pleasure. Levi slowly thrusted in and out and with each thrust, Eren pushed back. “Easy tiger.” Levi’s hand forcefully smacked Eren’s ass “Sorry, daddy.” That riled up Levi even more. He began thrusting at a magnificent speed, making Eren’s eyes roll back until only the whites were visible. He took one of his hands off of Erens hip and grabbed his cock, pumping at the same speed. “Daddy, I’m gonna-” 10 minutes later, Eren had come back to his senses. “He kid, you okay? For a minute, I thought you died.” Levi said while buttoning up his shirt. “I’m fine. Actually, I’m more than fine.” Eren grinned Levi pulled out a thich brown envelope from his breif case and threw it on the couch. “Here’s 10k.” “Levi…thank you.” “No. Thank you.” Eren innocently smiled at Levi even though he was still spread out on the couch naked. “Here’s my card. If you wanna go again, just call this number” his infamous smirk appeared once again. “Oh, and Eren?” “Yeah?” “That camera at the top left of the ceiling was on.” He deviously winked and shut the door behind him.

purified-zone  asked:

attack on titan's titans?

Yeah it’s a shame this series was created by an asshole and that it got so boring for me so quickly, plotwise, because these goofy giant people are some of the most nightmarish terrifying shit I’ve ever seen in entertainment.

I can only find most weirder monsters charming and fun so it takes more subtle stuff to genuinely creep me in a design.