titan fight

Players versus DM...... literally.

Same D&D 5e campaign as the one from earlier, which I (DM) have taken to calling the [Fragmented Entelécheia] Campaign. This is the final session of the 1st season, as we all have to prepare for exams during the following weeks.

DM (me) tells players through in-game NPC (BBEG) they will be fighting a Titan (Essentially a Primordial).

Players: “Hey, we’ve had this axe of Titan-slaying since forever! Let’s hack the dumb thing to pieces!”

It seems the dice are on their side tonight, as the majority of them roll quite high on their initiative checks.

Excitedly, the players begin planning who does what and who attacks as the DM finishes setting the table of self-made maps and 2 cm scale origami miniatures (players are about 2 cm, roughly 1 inch, typical D&D stuff).

Players: “Ok, so there’s the BBEG, there’s his bodyguard, this is where we are, at the edge of the table… hey DM, where’s the Titan?”

DM, sitting closer to the other edge of the table then was strictly necessary, straightens his back, puffs his arms out a bit to appear larger then he actually is, and with a VERY slow gesture, indicates his whole body as an evil grin slowly spreads across his face.

Players: “…”

calmly turns on awesomely epic boss battle music…”

Players: “……”

casually looks around the table once “So…”

Players: “…… ……”

turns to first player on the initiative order “…What would you like to do?”



I’m so sorry for this the idea was just funny to me

Can we take a minute

to appreciate the background art

in Genndy Tartakovsky’s

show about teenage aliens

and a robot stuck on earth


Sym Bionic Titan might be the finest show that Cartoon Network ever cancelled. It should have run for at least another season, or to the completion of the meta plot.  BECAUSE IT WAS A GORGEOUS PIECE OF ART WITH A HIGH SCHOOL AGE STORY LINE THAT WAS BEFORE AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER AND IT WAS CANCELED AFTER TWO SEASONS AND I’M STILL SALTY ABOUT IT.  


When asked to help identify “Krista”, Eren, Armin and Mikasa describe her in ways that are perfectly indicative of their personalities and perspectives. It could almost be a tag yourself meme.

Eren reply is, “She’s the smallest one of us”. His focus is entirely singular at this point in the story. It’s Fight the Titans. That’s it. Everything else is background noise. He describes her as the tiniest soldier.

Armin gives the most accurate physical description. “She has long golden hair and… ummm… she’s cute.” His account would be the most helpful to Hange in identifying Krista from the rest of the recruits. 

For Mikasa, it’s Krista’s close relationship with Ymir that stands out because that’s something she 100% gets. She can identify with staying close to the person you hold most dear. The information is totally useless to Hange, who has no idea who Ymir is either, but it’s what matters to Mikasa. It’s what she chooses to share.

If you are current with the manga, this three year old post by @ghostmartyr is one of my favorites in looking how Mikasa totally ships Yumikuri :D

FFXV Astrals
  • Carbuncle: 🎉
  • Shiva: It is I, your saviour ~
  • Titan: *fights you cause he only speaks with his fists, a good guy*
  • Ramuh: Mnnn? Oh you are there, come here, let me charge your phone *bzzzz* there you go, its ok, grandpa got you covered.
  • Ifrit: *plans your murder in your sleep*
  • Bahamut: What, pray tell, the fuck is this bullshit.
  • Leviathan: *inhales*
  • [when Starfire first landed on earth]
  • Robin: *hugs Starfire*
  • Starfire: What's this? What's happening?
  • Robin: It's going to be alright.
  • Stafire: Why are you squeezing me with your body?
  • Robin: It's a hug, Starfire. I'm hugging you.