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SO this subject came up in a conversation and I decided to roll with it so let’s go from the start WOOT!

All of the heights are based off this ratio of 42pix : 80in since it’s a solid source to go off of :D

He’s so short lol xD

Her hair has a foot of height on its own OwO

Giant Goat Dad

Still pretty big Goat Mom

The only other height chart I’ve seen was one what went off an assumption of Frisk’s age and the average height of a child said age :/
Doors are good to go off of, so here ya go :D 

*Edit* Saw someone bring it up, Chara is 30pix making them the same height as Sans and 2in taller than Frisk :3 (1.45m)

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In case some people just don’t feel like clicking on the link, here’s the size chart itself!

Stuff like this makes me so happy, for some reason. Probably because seeing all the various Kaiju together and getting a proper idea of how big they are.

I also love how it includes the different incarnations of Godzilla.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn: The battle of giants.

I had this question asked to me twice this morning; so I will clear the air with how I have come to see it.  I think it has come up because Saturn and Jupiter retrograde really makes us look at what both planets can do together.

When Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in a birth chart it tends to create the “Devil and Angel” on someone’s shoulders affect famous in cartoons. Usually you have a mix of two natures in a person slugging it out.  One shoulder the “Jupiter angel” expects the best and uses faith to expect the most of situations.  The other shoulder has the “Devil” where most things are checked with practicality and realism; which may in turn often depress Jupiter’s freedom seeking nature.

Often there is a seesaw effect present where the person can go through highs and lows in low following the meshed nature of these planets.  As maturity after 30 Saturn comes often a karmic gift is given to these individuals resulting from Jupiter’s expansive side being tested to the max.  The person often realizes the practical and realistic nature of what is worth pursuing and has a more focus set of ambitions that exist within the real world.  

It may not be to uncommon to see someone with this aspect struggle with majors in college and change paths often.  A tendency to find the right career path later in life comes through hardship early.  I advise sometimes, if possible, to weigh all options on practicality of seeking higher education early and really review if there is enough work in the coming years for the chosen field.  A person with these titans battling in the chart often may struggle morally and form very down to earth belief systems as they get older.

Here’s Reiner's relationship chart as well! :D

Thank you so much!!!

Character Relationship Flow Chart - Reiner Braun

From Gekkan Shingeki no Kyojin, Volume 2

[Translation: @yusenki​; Image: @clevergirlraven]

Deep relationship with Bertholdt who is from the same village.

Even after the trainee graduation, Reiner still spends a lot of time with Bertholdt. Nobody can come between these two…?!

  • Reiner-Bertholdt- Bond from the same village [come from the village behind the mountain of South East Wall Maria]
  • 104th cadets → Reiner - Deep Trust
  • Reiner → Christa - Wants to marry…
  • Reiner → Titans -  Bring them down so he can return to his village. 
  • Reiner → SC - Joins the SC.

Disclaimer: Please do not re-post my translation elsewhere without permission. 

lightringstars  asked:

This blog is super interesting. Keep up the good work. And if you don't mind me asking, have you ever been particularly surprised by a particular character statistic/results?

Thank you!  Usually when I get requests, I am not familiar with the fandom/characters at all.  So I can’t really be surprised by those.  However, I have been surprised by many of the Attack on Titan shipping charts, since I am very familiar with the anime.  I thought that Eren x Mikasa would dominate, and I had no idea how popular Levi x Eren and Levi x Mikasa were.  It was a pleasant surprise though.  Thanks for the ask!