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Avatar: The Legend of Korra

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TMNT 2012

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Duck Tales (2017)

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Powerpuff Girls 

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I’m in the point of my TITANIC AU where I can focus on other characters more than my pairing >w> and I’m just vibrating from excitement to show it off!!

I decided to put Don as Harold Lowe, one of the Titanic crew members. I didn’t intend to work on this picture that much, just to show to my friends what role he’s gon’ have but then I got excited and I honestly love how it turned out in the end! :D

Nickelodeon: Continue TMNT for a season 6.
It was announced by Ciro Neili and Brandon Auman of Nickelodeon that as of now, TMNT, the series created in 2012 will end after season five, I think the show should continue for at least one more season. Please sign this if you agree with me, season 5 is too soon to end the show, at least in my opinion....

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Reblog this and help TMNT continue! They’re trying to replace this amazing series with something closer to Teen Titans Go standards! I don’t think the TMNT fans want to see their favorite turtles reduced to what Teen Titans were! So please sign if you can! 

If not PLEASE reblog this all over tumblr so TMNT won’t suffer the same fate as Teen Titans did! 

me: okay you can do this, you can watch a show/play a game without shipping two girls, you can NOT make it gay, because you KNOW there’s the 90% chance the creators will just shove one of them with a dude and you will be broken, you can be strong, you can-
show/game: *two girls show mutual care and trust for each other and would probably die and/or murder for each other and maybe a moment where they look at each other like the moon and stars/hug each other like they’re the only thing anchoring them to the world*

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