Dubbed the “Millionaire’s Boat”, lifeboat number 1 was the fourth lifeboat to leave the Titanic as it sank. It carried only 12 people, despite the fact that it had the capacity for 65. On board, were five first-class  passengers, including Sir Cosmo and Lady Lucy Duff Gordon, as well as seven crew members. Sir Cosmo bribed the crew members to take just the five of them, ignoring the pleas of other passengers. 

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Hello!I would like to ask what's your take on Kuchel Ackerman as a mother and what kind child was Captain Levi?Many thanks♡

Gladly, anon! It is my belief that Kuchel was a loving and caring mother who did her absolute best in caring for him. Levi’s empathetic nature is a reflection of her love. That’s the tl;dr, of it, but I’m going to grab a few moments from the manga to support this.

Chapter 65: “She won’t listen to me and says she’s gonna have it”
Kuchel and Kenny argued about the pregnancy but Kuchel wouldn’t budge. She stood firm against her notorious big brother. With or without family support, she wanted this child. 

Chapter 69: Levi is a clean freak because of her
I saw a post floating around not too long ago that suggested Levi was raised in filth but I don’t think canon supports that. The curtains are shabby and worn, but otherwise the room is spotless. Levi was dirty when Kenny found him, but Kuchel had been dead for days at that point. I suspect while she lived she took great pride in keeping him and his environment clean. Levi’s tidy nature is a reflection of his mother.

Chapter 69: “They were all slaves to something”
As part of Kenny’s “everyone is a slave to something” speech, Kuchel is shown with the word “children”. Levi was her purpose in living. He was the thing that kept her going. As a whore in the underground her situation was terrible, but she was proud of her child and devoted her life to him.

Levi wearing her clothing long after her death is indicative of his love in return. He held onto that small part of her.

The best evidence that Kuchel was a loving mother is Levi himself. His caring and empathetic nature didn’t happen by chance. I’m going to quote @teetanjaeger from this post. Amazingly, she wrote it before we learned about Kuchel in chapter 69:

In developmental psychology, empathy is generally considered a learned ability. We are not born with an innate sense of empathy for other people. This is why children are really egotistical little humans. (You know that joke about children being sociopaths? Its kind of true…) So, in order for Levi to have this level of empathy, he had to have learned it somewhere. It certainly wasn’t from Kenny…

Generally, empathy is learned during the toddler years. Children model their behavior off of the adults around them, its how they learn to interact with the world that they don’t understand. 

In case you haven’t see it, this art by Sophie is amazing and best captures my personal headcanons about Kuchel and Levi. 

Thanks for the ask, anon!

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