RIP Bill Paxton (1955-2017) - The great actor from many blockbusters of the 1980′s and 1990′s, known for his extensive partnership with James Cameron films (The Terminator, Aliens, True Lies and Titanic) and HBO’s Big Love has died today age 61 after complications from surgery. A true versatile actor who could do both comedy and drama, hero or villain, Paxton appeared in more than 90 projects and among them are: Stripes (1981), Commando (1985), Weird Science (1985) as the bully Chet, Pass the Ammo (1988), Next of Kin (1989), Predator 2 (1990), One False Move (1992), Trespass (1992), Tombstone (1993), Apollo 13 (1995), The Last Supper (1995), Twister (1996), A Bright Shining Lie (1998), A Simple Plan (1998), Mighty Joe Young (1998), U-571 (2001), Hatfields & McCoys (2012), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Nightcrawler (2015), and the upcoming The Circle (2017). On TV, he is best remembered as Bill Henrickson in Big Love (2006-2011), which earned him 3 Golden Globe nominations; as John Garrett in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and most recently in Training Day (2017). He also directed two films: the tense Frailty (2001), in which he also starred and The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005). One of the finest people in the business who’ll be truly missed.

Levi being extremely touch-starved and Eren being tactile as hell. Most people are too afraid to lay a finger on Levi, but Eren touches people without thinking, he`s always holding his hand or leaning against him without realizing it, and Levi is so fucking grateful for it. Eren never fully understands why Levi always makes strange noises, or trembles at times when they`re close together, but he can never bring himself to pull away.

“Levi looks normal he’s not affected by Erwin’s death!”

Here’s Levi when he thought Erwin was dead:

Here’s Levi after he finds out Erwin is alive:

Here’s how Levi’s whole world changed because of Flocke:

(Before and After - notice the difference in his definition of hell)

Here he is after Erwin dies:

Here is both Er/en and Levi talking about the latter’s “personal feelings” for Erwin:

Levi might look “normal” but that’s because he’s so incredibly stoic. To say that he’s not fucked up by the serum bowl and Erwin’s death is pretty dumb tbh, and also quite insulting to Isayama who drew the heartbreaking panels above that display the sheer depth of love and respect that Levi has for Erwin. For him to lose it the way he did clearly shows how much he must be hurting.

I’m not suggesting that Levi won’t do his job and work under a different commander, because he will. But to deny his pain altogether is ridiculous. It’s right there. Idk about anyone else but when someone I loved died I didn’t instantly stop caring about them, but I did have to go to work and get on with my life between feeling the worse kinds of grief and despair.

As for what happens next…