I can’t help myself, Titan is one of my favourite moons in the solar system.
Another view from low orbit of Titan, with the thick orange clouds of organic smog enveloping the moon below, with it’s parent gas giant Saturn in the distance, with it’s many other smaller moons visible orbiting it.

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Forget what Shaxx says. Hunters absolutely have a monopoly on precision shootin’. Can’t convince me otherwise. Unless you… I don’t know, finish this bounty.
—  Cayde-6

I officially bow down to the artists working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Also, thanks to NASA for recognizing and celebrating the power of art like this. 

These STUNNING posters can all be downloaded directly from JPL (in hi-res). And their mere existence is reason enough for a new Wednesday theme: World Tour Wednesday. 

Stay tuned for some more awesome posters that are out of this world* and worth touring

- Summer

*too easy?


NASA Releases Retro Travel Posters Playfully Encouraging Space Tourism

For adventure seekers, beautiful travel posters offer a glimpse of life somewhere new and exciting. By depicting gorgeous locales, it inspires a sense of wanderlust in even the most travel-averse person. With this in mind, theNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has created a series of posters for different destinations in our solar system. The fantastical illustrations depict a future where space travel is a common occurrence and trips across the galaxy are just a rocket ride away.

NASA Releases Stunning New Image of Saturn’s Moon Titan

Titan is Saturn’s largest moon and one of the most fascinating objects in our solar system. It’s the only moon known to have a dense atmosphere, in fact it’s atmosphere is more dense and massive than Earths, and it’s the only object in our solar system other than Earth with stable bodies of surface liquid.

The image was taken at a distance of approximately 10,000 km or 6,200 miles, showing mostly the Saturn-facing hemisphere of Titan. To fill in more detail, the image has high resolution pictures integrated in it from Cassini’s prior closest approach.

via @NewUniverseD