abitsmartassy  asked:

all this fic drama is driving me mad tbh. i mean after being part of the TH fandom where, like, everyone either writes shit het or fucking twins, it's like no one even cared. (okay, i know there are tons of people who flipped about the twincest, but ignore ignore~) so this? where we're suddenly like AHHH WE'VE RUINED LARRRRY, it's like... what? how? HOW. by writing fiction? it is fiction after all. fiction=fake=WE DON'T ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS, WE JUST LIKE FANTASIZING. gahhh. /word vomit

yes. yes. yes. exactly. izza ily. yes.


my thoughts exactly. 

I love how you brought up TH fandom because accurate.

And it’s funny because the time twincest was brought up to them, the twins answered something along the lines of ‘everyone has their own kinks’ or some shit while Louis just goes all 'ugh it’s affecting my relationship with harrehhh :(’ and I’m just like, really, man, really?

But anyways, what you wrote = my thoughts exactly. heh.