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Support for Dylan’s family, memorial site for Dylan
“One day while researching, Tish felt strange while reading about Dylan Klebold. She saw something familiar in him. “I had found a lot of information on Dylan, and realized that he and I had a lot of things in common, such as music and other things,” Tish ponders. “But even to this day, I cannot explain why I became intrigued on researching Dylan and his family.”
Eventually, Tish decided to create a memorial website for Dylan Klebold in order to preserve the memory of who he once was before becoming a broken school shooter. She also wanted to do it in support of the Klebold family, which Tish felt much sympathy towards.
“Dylan’s mother is such a sweet human being; I know this personally,” she says. “I saw over the years how horribly Dylan’s family was and is treated. There is no sense in anyone being treated this way. People don’t understand it, but they are doing the same thing to Dylan’s parents that kids at Columbine High School did to Dylan. They don’t see that.”
Although it is highly controversial to make a respectful memorial website to a person who murdered innocent people, according to Tish there has been more positive feedback than negative. “Surprisingly,” she admits.
“I get several e-mails all of the time from people thanking me for the great work I’m doing, even e-mails from older people. The most rewarding feedback of all is from Dylan’s mom herself,” Tish says. “She and Dylan’s family very much appreciate what I do for their family and the work I do on the website. That means the world to me. The best thing of all is that I know I am making a difference.”
Besides the website project, Tish was also inspired to a more traditional project, in order to be compassionate towards the Klebold family. She decided to start collecting supportive letters fro people – letters which she would send as a big stack to Klebolds.
The response has been gratifying.
“It has been outstanding,” Tish smiles, delighted. “I have received many cards, letters and e-mails for the project. When I receive enough, I will be creating a nice layout of them into a binder, and will be sending it to Dylan’s family – to raise their spirits.” “
- excerpt from “A lasting impression. The impact of Columbine” (2007)  by Sasha Huttunen. pp.259-260


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