I was looking through this blog from when I first started it, to now, and tisdaleconfessionss use to be so much better than it is now. I remember when it once was like this: (x). I truly miss that so much. I use to have over 100 posts every month, and now I have like 20 or less posts every month. People use to send me tons of confessions, questions, compliments (which made me so incredibly happy), and sometimes even hate (which I didn’t appreciate all too well). Now I’m lucky if I get at lease ONE confession a week. I understand that Ashley hasn’t/doesn’t do many projects, but the confessions don’t have to be just about her work. I miss getting 20++ confessions every other day. Sometimes I feel like no one even pays attention to this blog anymore… I feel like it gets worse with every month. I doubt anyone will even read this post.. but, whatever. It doesn’t matter I guess… :(

Follow Friday | Last Friday I totally forgot to do this and I just noticed on Saturday. Sorry about that! But today it’s back: the Follow Friday section. But first I’d like to thank you guys for +70 followers and +2,000 views. This is insane! Seems like you enjoy this blog as much as I do. Here are the 4 most active Tizzies on ashlxytisdalx:

  1. xjillxvalentine
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  3. tisdaleconfessionss
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You’ve all been so active on this blog these days, not only the four people above, and it’s unbelieveable what we can reach when we work on this blog together. Thanks for the request that have come in this week, thanks for all questions and also all compliments as well. I’m seriously happy to see you’re enjoying visiting this blog as much as I love making edits and stuff for you. You’re all amazing. But now, have a great weekend and remember: stay fearless.

anonymous asked:

tisdale confessionsss made a post about greg. did u see it? i didn't kno she is a nessa fan tisdaleconfessionss*tumblr*com/post/138443735834/this-isnt-ashley-related-at-all-but-vanessa

I did and she loves Vanessa! :)