This Is So Contemporary

Hi, i’m currently restyling this Tumblr because i’d love to make it my own “diary” and talk about art, possibly exchanging ideas with you guys. 

THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY is an ambitious art project born in 2008 under the guise of a blog with its first interview to the american artist Gary Baseman, since that day i’ve never stopped to deal with artists and people who have my same passion. 

On the winter of 2009  THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY has become a page on Facebook and today it counts more than 17,000 followers and 30 contributors/artists that have chosen us to show their art. 

Because we love what we do we’re very careful to share the best art by putting all the informations available under each post. In order to give more visibility to the artists that joined the project from the inside (it means that they’re administrators of the page) we’ve created one album for each with the purpose to give to our followers an overview of their artworks. The artists/admins personally update their own album every time they have something new to show.

Another special feature of THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY’s Facebook page are the thematic albums. Indeed, we thought about giving people the chance to easily “navigate” our page by creating different folders containing different kinds of art: STREET ART, MIXED MEDIA ART | SCULPTURES, ILLUSTRATIONS | DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS | PRINTS, etc.

I want to share with you one last thing that is a new page on Facebook called TISCONNECTION. In this case we wanted people to interact with us. For a long time we’ve been created awareness around our favorite art, now, with just one click you can access to an OPEN SOURCE ART page and share whatever you want (your or other’s art) at any time, being supported by our main page (THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY) and have the opportunity to be posted on it! To give even more value to those who are sharing their art with us on TISCONNECTION we’ve recently created an album - called TISCONNECTORS - including all our favorite submissions. 

The best is yet to come, stay tuned. 



TISCONNECTION is connected to THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY. It’s not a secondary page as it might seem. It’s the place where everyone is invited to post their own or other’s artworks/videos/articles/links. Our e-mail and our FB wall is full of submissions that a lot of times we miss and that we would like to post for everyone to see. We are always looking for new and fresh stuff.

To keep THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY organized we decided to create this page with the following objectives:

- give more value and visibility to future submissions;

- generate a different kind of interaction among our fans/artists/community;

- recruit new artists to “officially” join the project (emerging/beginning/established);

- have different perspectives and styles coming together every time/day;

- continually store the best submissions/posts in an appropriate folder or in a thematic THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY’s folder.


NOTE: Any post that contains material (verbal or visual) that disrespect Facebook policies and out of the context of art will be deleted and the user banned.