ok, ok, dunno if I am late to the party or not with these guys or not, but I find this version of Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix absolutely beautiful and amazing! Come, listen my followers and friends! 

anonymous asked:

It's the anon who wants to start writing UK politics fanfics, I just wanted to ask (because every fic I've written has only included the famous people) is it ok to add in OCs (and by OCs I might mean a fictionalised version of myself) into a fic? I have an idea for a story that I love but I'm not sure if that's "allowed" so to speak

In my opinion, ANYTHING goes in fanfiction!  I bet quite a few people would be interested in a story about a politician/oc (because some will probably imagine it’s them in the story). 

I hope you do post your story because it sounds like you’re really into it, and I think that’s reason enough!  Have fun with it, and who knows?  Maybe you’ll start an OC trend in political fics.  ;)

5 Good Things

1) Woke up to a sunny morning, that wasn’t too cold. A rare thing indeed.

2) Pondered on how happy I am to be living where I’m living. Away from destructive environments.

3) Finished the last bit of homework I’ll have to worry about until I get back into college.

4) CHRISTMAS TREE! Oh man. Got to help set up, and decorate the tree. All while listening to Christmas music.

5) Sat on the couch with my baby niece in my lap, directing her attention to her first ever Christmas tree.

BONUS: Sang carols with my sister, while forgetting most of the words. So we just made up our own.