Ho scelto te,
ancor prima di scegliere me stessa.

Quando mi svegliavo,
invece di aprire gli occhi,
allungavo le braccia per vedere se,
come nel mio sogno,
tu eri affianco a me.

Ho scelto te,
dal primo sguardo,
dal primo battito di ciglia.
Mi persi nelle tue pupille,
e tutt'ora mi chiedo dove diamine io sia.

Ho scelto te con i tuoi malumori,
uragani, temporali e tsunami,
che colpivano più me che te,
che ti facevo da ombrello beccandomi tutti i tuoi tuoni e saette.

Ho scelto te quotidianamente,
e unicamente.
Non vi erano altre braccia,
altre venature,
altre pelli,
altri respiri,
altri profumi.

Ho scelto te,
in ogni situazione
e da ogni angolazione;
cambiavo prospettiva visiva ogni qualvolta che mi mostravi un nuovo lato di te,
incline al bene,
al male,
al dolore,
al piacere,
io ho scelto sempre te.

Ho scelto i tuoi respiri pesanti e le tue parole leggiadre
come le foglie che si sollevano dal suolo,
nel bel mezzo dell'autunno.

Ho scelto i tuoi occhi scuri,
che mi facevano rabbrividire,
e mi mostravano l'oscurità
e quanto essa fosse attraente.

Ho scelto te,
con i mostri,
le debolezze
e le esigenze,
combattendole e curandole

Ho scelto te anche quando mi ferivi,
quando con le tue parole mi trapassavi l'anima,
per poi buttarmici sopra il limone,
ogni volta che le ferite erano in via di guarigione.


Tu ferivi me e io ti chiedevo scusa per non farti rimanere male.
Ma io male rimanevo, ma
rimanevo sempre.

Ho scelto te.
Sempre te.

C'è per caso stata una sola,
una singola volta in cui tu abbia quantomeno pensato di scegliere me?

—  Giulia Ghironi. - (via @queitaglisuipolsisporchi)

anonymous asked:

ok so i understand everything else but HOW have ppl come to the conclusion that keith is lactose intolerant??????? what did u do??????


i explained my reasoning for lactose intolerant keith in a post that i’m too lazy to dig up, but my thought process was basically:

  1. i’m asian
  2. my lactose intolerance is kicking my ass
  3. i headcanon keith as asian
  4. i love to bully keith
  5. tbh keith is enough of a bonehead to still try and eat dairy even w a severe allergy
  6. boom
Quelle persone che arrivano nella tua vita così, all'improvviso, e diventano qualcosa che altri in molti anni non ci sono riusciti.
Dedicato a te, non farò il tuo nome ma capirai.
Tu non mi amavi.
Amavi il fatto che ero lì per te.
Hai amato l'attenzione che ti davo, amavi il fatto che avrei lasciato ogni cosa per te.
Tu non mi amavi, ma cazzo, io ti ho amato.
Is this... Do we call it... Love?

(Part 1)

Lucy stood next to the door of the guild, watching everyone enjoy themselves. The 100-year quest had not been an easy one. In fact, it had taken them away for quite a few years that they had arrived back to see an older Romeo flirting with Wendy. She had smiled at the two, as they talked, Wendy divulging a lot of what had occurred while on the job. Romeo kept asking questions and laughing at all the stupid things Natsu had done.

Boom! A couple of tables toppled over while an inebriated Erza attempted to break up a fight between Gray and Natsu. Juvia joined the fray as well, but reaching for Gray instead of pushing him away, as the two hadn’t seen each other since Juvia’s last job had crossed paths with theirs. Lucy chuckled at the sight of the entire guild getting in on the action.

“Lu-chan.” Levy walked over to her, attempting to drag Gajeel behind, away from the fight. She stopped to yell at him. “Stop setting a bad example for our children. Who do you think’s turn it is to wake up and take care of them if the need arises?” She turned back towards Lucy and smiled, letting go of Gajeel as he sat somberly watching Natsu punch Gray in the face.

“You finally escaped the Cana, eh?” Levy asked.

“Yeah. Apparently, I had to make up for lost time every night this past week.” She burped slightly. “And I couldn’t get away from her early enough tonight.”

Levy laughed. “Well, it has been quite some time since you guys were last here. Have you finished the quest yet?”

“Not quite,” Lucy admitted. “There are a few loose ends we have to wrap up that have been taking quite some time.”

“Ah. I was hoping you guys would stay for the twins’ birthday next week.”

“Of course I’ll be there!” Lucy held Levy by the shoulders. “How could I miss my god children's birthday?” She turned back towards the ruckus. “We leave tomorrow and should be back in time, otherwise I will definitely be back in time. We just have to take some things to the capital.”

They stood in silence for a little bit watching the end of the fight unfold. Natsu and Gray, aiming to punch each other, had punched Erza’s face. She now chased them both around the hall with Juvia attempting to stop her. Everyone else slowly stopped their brawl to watch as well.

“Have you told him?” Levy asked.

“Told who what?” Lucy said.

“Natsu. Have you told him?”

Lucy blushed. “What? I haven’t… We’re fine just being together without saying anything. We’ll always be together. He said that himself.”

Levy looked at Lucy. “Is saying that really just enough? Are you okay with things as they are or do you want more than just being together?”

Lucy looked thoughtfully at Natsu, with Juvia sprawled next to Gray on his left and a passed out Erza on his right. “Are we ready to call this what it is?”

“Are you?”