tis the best season

to be honest the “likewise” line might be the best line in season 2 bc it just ties everything together like… the deliver was so sarcastic and obviously a lie that it was just like… lena really thinks kara was on crack this entire time bc mon el truly aint shit… so when mon el was like i can see why kara loves you… lena was like “…likewise lmao…” cause she honestly thinks kara is on crack for being w him… its 3am and these are the facts


Last week was our third anniversary - I can’t believe it’s been three years already! Unlike last year, we were together this time (the pains of long distance relationships across borders!) so I wore something pretty to go out for dinner and drinks with my Moosh. We look some photos in Cubbon Park before the light faded and then strolled over to Social for cocktails and the arguably the best poutine in Bangalore. I felt rather festive in my burgundy velvet skirt and snowflake stockings from Tabbisocks - ‘tis the season after all! The best thing about anniversaries around Christmas is how joyous and festive everything is all around. I might post some photos from our Christmas celebrations later - we managed to dish up a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but forgot to get any pics of it! In the meantime, I hope y’all are having a joyous, restful and much needed winter break ♥


New Look frill top {Similar}✶ New Look quilted velvet skirt ✶ Tabbisocks Snowflake socks ✶ ASOS suede clogsBoohoo circle bag

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I have finally completed my prompts from the first 100 followers!

All together, there have been 50 FICS written per your requests! And many follow ups because I couldn’t leave things unfinished.

Thank you all for your patience and thank you all for your penchant for pain! 

Thank you all so much for following. 

Thank you all so much for leaving kudos and reblogging and sending in prompts in the first place. 

I appreciate each and every one of you. You’re all the best. <3

Now I am going to sit back, rest on my laurels, take a bit of a breather, mayyybe focus a little more on Pas de Deux (lies that’s exactly what I’m going to do) and the Obiyuki challenge for the end of the year and then I WILL BE BACK, answering prompts for my 200 followers and introducing a VERY SPECIAL SUPER SEKRIT PROJECT in January.

Expect much screaming in January. 

Much screaming, indeed :3

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B.A.P as Pies

((best absolute pies))

Yongguk: Chocolate Cream

looks spikey on top sometimes, but actually sweet n fluffy

Himchan: Strawberry Crumble

a little tangy n’ juicy, comforting, everyone wants a slice

Daehyun: Chocolate Truffle Raspberry

rich n’ thiccdense, hard to finish but the deliciousness is worth the pain, extra

Youngjae: Key Lime

looks nice and innocent and sweet, TANGY AF

Jongup: Mixed Berry White Chocolate

unpredictable, nobody knows why it exists but it does

Zelo: Unicorn Blueberry


amiracleofmovingparts > campuswitchadam

do people even still do halloween url changes??? bc that’s just how out of touch i am with tumblr lately lol

anyway, i just did~~ for the next while, you can find me @campuswitchadam. as in, adam parrish is the resident campus witch. come at me. (no, really, do come at me – i can talk about this for ages)

Presenting the best source for Fandometrics,  Fandometrics!

Television: ‘Tis the season for shows to ruin your night.

The Walking Dead ruined Sunday night and jumps 18 spots to No. 1.
☆ British soap Emmerdale debuts at No. 11 after a killer twist.
☆ You probably haven’t heard anyone talk about Black Mirror yet, but it’s a show and it’s at No. 20.

Movies: A trio of debuts.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show received mixed reactions, but came out on top at No. 1.
☆ Simply and accurately named Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 debuts at No. 11.
☆ America’s PBS aired the Hamilton documentary, Hamilton’s America (No. 6).

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Music: Some people would put a ssssssertain emoji here.

⬆ On the ten year anniversary of her debut album, Taylor Swift is No. 1.
Lady Gaga is at No. 3 after releasing Joanne, which is her album and not a prisoner. 

Celebrities: They’re just like all of us, constantly winning awards and needing bodyguards.

Benedict Cumberbatch moves up to No. 6, a symptom of Doctor Strange’s nearing release..
Lin-Manuel Miranda moves into the No. 7 spot after the aforementioned Hamilton documentary.
⬇︎ Katya Zamolodchikova gets dragged seven spots down to No. 13.

Games: Some spooky titles in this one.

Splatoon returns strong at No. 8 after appearing in the commercial for the Nintendo Switch.
Red Dead Redemption (No. 12) is about to get redder and deader with a sequel due 2017.
⬇︎ Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location’s location? No. 15, a nine spot drop from last week.

Web stuff:  A real internet shake-up.

RWBY premiered its fourth season and all the chatter surrounding it got it to No. 1.
Jacksepticeye’s (No. 3) faux-feud with PewDiePie (No. 16) served their rankings well.
AmazingPhil falls to No. 6, the lowest we’ve seen him in awhile.

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Stefan & Caroline underrated moment: it was Caroline’s idea.