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what if gaster had a little cactus in a pot. he keeps it on the windowsill on the kitchen. gaster with a centipede and a cactus and asgore is just like "why are you the way you are" with his basil and flowers and maybe he had a hamster at some point or something else very fluffy and un-centipede-like

-yells into pillow- A E S T H E T I C

this is THE Kingdings aesthetic ok, this is so good, these two kind, soft old dads with entirely opposite designs, like, Asgore is all giant fluffy lion dog goat charismatic megafauna made of light and gold and warm colors, and Gaster is all spooky scary skeletons with SHADOWS and UNDEATH and CREEPY THINGS

and Asgore’s character tropes lean more towards strong, majestic leader with a big heart, while Gaster’s tropes are closer to shy, jittery old-school gentleman working in the shadows and trying not to creep people out with his whole Halloween-came-early-this-year aesthetic

I love these old dads