tis but a queue

here’s some body positive reminders for u cutie buns!!

  • u a lil chubby??? amazing!!! u r so cute!!!
  • u a lot chubby???? beautiful!!! ur cute af!!!
  • u not so much chubby??? lovely!!! ur a cutie pie too!!!
  • have a body that’s a bit out of proportion or in between sizes??? incredible!! u r unique and super frickin cute!!!
  • have any sorts of scars??? that’s ok!!! they are not flaws!! it’s proof that u have lived thru and survived something tough!!! u can fight whatever life throws at u!!! ur so  cute and tough!! 
  • have stretch marks???? stunning!! look at u and ur beautiful tiger stripes!!! ur lil lightning bolts!! heck yes!!
  • have acne?? u guessed it, ur still super frickin’ cute!!! acne does not change ur value!!! it is out of ur control do not let anyone make u feel bad about it!!
  • literally u r cute no matter what ok i love u