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“i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face” (from here)

In retrospect, Connor should have seen the signs. 

The box from the TV they picked up on Black Friday that Oliver refused to throw away. 

“What if we have to return it? We might need the serial numbers or something.” 

“Ollie. The serials numbers are on the TV.” 

“I know but…see there! It fits under the bed. You won’t even see it.” 

“But it takes up so much space. We don’t need it. We can just recycle it.” 


“Fine. Keep it! I don’t even care.” 

A few days later, while Oliver was at the gym, Connor peeked under the bed and the box was gone. He smiled a self-satisfied smile and went back to studying. He’d known Oliver would come around eventually. 

Then there was Oliver’s sudden interest in Laurel’s new laptop and Michaela’s new table. 

Oliver’d all but cornered Laurel the morning she showed up at the clinic and pulled out a new computer. To Connor’s eye it looked nice but nothing worthy of the interrogation Oliver seemed to be giving Laurel over it. He kept a wary eye on the pair of them as everyone started to get to work but, eventually, had chalked it up to his boyfriend being a huge tech nerd and forgot about it.

The thing with Michaela’s kitchen table had been weird though. They’d been invited over for dinner and Connor had been the one to notice it first. 

“New table?” he’d asked. 

“Yeah,” Mic answered from the stove. “We had to spend last Saturday at Ikea because some people don’t know how to use coasters.” 

“And by some people, she means me,” Asher pipped in.  

“You got it from Ikea?” Oliver asked. 

There was something in his boyfriend’s tone–too much innocence mixed with too much interest–and it made Connor cock his head to the side. “Does it matter that it’s from Ikea?” he asked Oliver. 

Oliver’s eyes widened. “No. No, no, no,” he was too quick to say. “No, it’s just–I’m just surprised is all. I mean, it’s nice and…and I was just a little surprised. I mean, you hear Ikea, you think crappy dorm furniture. And this isn’t crappy dorm furniture. It’s nice. Really nice. Did you guys have to put it together yourself?”

Asher and Michaela launched into a story of assembling Ikea furniture that Connor figured was probably only amusing to them and tuned it out, keeping his eyes on Oliver’s profile. What was going on with him lately? Something was up. Connor just couldn’t put a finger on it. 

Michaela came to the punchline of the story and Connor laughed along with the rest of them, trying to ignore the bead of unease that settled in his shoulders.

So, yes, Oliver had left breadcrumbs behind; Connor just hadn’t been able to put it all together until now. 

He tore open the paper on the large box in their living room–a box that looked an awful lot like an Ikea kitchen table box–and opened a top flap only to find another box nestled inside, all wrapped up with a bow. 

He leveled Oliver a look. “What did you do?” 

“Nothing,” Oliver answered, all innocence. “Just open your present.” 

With a roll of his eyes, Connor set to unwrapping and opening this box–their new TV box–only to find another box inside. 


Oliver nudged Connor’s shoulder with his own. “Just keep going.” 

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anonymous asked:

When this season started and with this Clexa thing, i was so convinced that in no way in hell will we get romantic Bellarke this season. But the more i watch scenes of them, the more i regret what i said. Do you think it's too soon for Bellarke romance?

I do not think it’s too soon for Bellarke romance. I made my prediction early on. I think at about 3.05 (not sure I remember exactly when I decided.)  C/L were dark days for Bellarke fans, because, on the surface of it, Polis looked a lot like a romantic fairy tale, but the thing is, C/L was never set up as end game. This world has people losing their loves, and moving on. Because it’s about survival, not finding your knight in shining armor and riding off into the sunset with your prince/ss on the back of a white horse. 

This show is about struggling, making the wrong choices, understanding people, learning lessons, fighting to survive, finding the thing that makes survival worth living. 

If you look at Polis as an epic love story between a princess and a noble warrior queen, then the whole show is now ruined with her death. It’s basically over. Bellarke can never ever happen and Clarke must continue on forever without love, as a sad shell of herself.

But Polis wasn’t an epic love story. Polis was about a girl (Clarke, not Lexa) who was running away from herself, her pain, her people, and those that she loved (including Bellamy.) It was about giving her life over to Lexa, because it was less painful to have Lexa take charge than it was to face her friends and make the hard decisions herself. And Polis was also about her encountering this new world and learning lessons in it that could relate back to her own life, and slowly heal herself that way.

If Polis is about the Clarke’s journey back to herself, then loving Lexa isn’t about true love, but about Clarke making peace with her own choices, the tragic and deadly decisions she made (which were almost ALL connected to Lexa, either as an enemy or as an ally). It was inevitable that Clarke leave Lexa and go back to face her people and her REAL self. Because the show is about Clarke becoming a hero, and the lessons she learns along the way. Incidentally, that makes Lexa a lesson, not a soul mate. 

Heading back to the sky people, Clarke returns to herself. Returns to her people. And returns to her partner, the same partner she ran from, leaving him to do all the work. She most specifically was returning to Bellamy. When she left, she said good bye TO HIM. Bellamy was the one who risked his life to find and the one she sacrificed her life to spare. Bellamy was the one who told her to come home to her people (”come home to yours” he said.) And Bellamy was the one who woke her up the reality of the game she was playing, her abandonment of their people and the pain she caused HIM. HIM in specific. When she rejoins the group with Jasper, Bellamy is the first person she sees. 

Bellamy has been on a similar journey, facing all his demons and pain and the harm he’s caused and coming to terms with his role and responsibility as a leader. Discovering who he is as a person and more importantly why he does what he does. 

Clarke and Bellamy have been on separate hero’s journeys.  “Hero” doesn’t mean they fight in battles and win. “Hero” doesn’t mean they sacrifice their lives for other people. “Hero” doesn’t mean the handsome/beautiful/awesome character that everyone looks up to.  “Hero” doesn’t even mean that they are the main character, not in these terms. The hero’s journey is a mythic path of transformation in which an ordinary person becomes a hero who transforms the world around them. 

What’s different about THIS hero’s journey, is that it has a paired set of heroes. We get TWO journeys this season, separate, but always tied together, and in the end, returning to each other.

I suspect that their individual hero’s journeys have ended as they have made it through their own personal “belly of the beasts” and have returned to their normal, which is together. Now I think they will undertake a shared hero’s journey. These characters have already been too linked together in the symbology of the show. They ARE the head and the heart and there is no way for them to survive without each other. And survival is the name of the game. 

The whole of this season has been about Clarke and Bellamy working out their shit precisely so they could come together. TOGETHER. And yes, that means romantically. And if we’re lucky, physically. 

Because the biggest fight this season, the biggest demon they must conquer has one weakness.

It’s love.

So what strength do Clarke and Bellamy have?  What has Clarke relearned how to do in Polis? What drives Bellamy as his motivating force?

It’s love.

So what story between Bellamy and Clarke is it time to tell?

It’s love.

You guys believe me yet?

anonymous asked:

BUT what about Hum-verse, with post-coital kageyama singing santa baby softly to hinata while they're sprawled out and sweaty on their bed with christmas lights twinkling in the background? and maybe hinata shrieks and slaps his butt and tries to leap out of bed but kageyama grabs him around the waist and begs him to get back in bed and sing it with him? ??????????? and hinata gives in because kageyama is adorable and also it's too cold to be out of bed

First of all I’d like to state that I’ve been utterly ashamed about not including Hum-verse in the poll since I got this ask. Second, I’d like to thank you, anon, for bringing this to my attention. I wrote a smol santababy in your honor

There are so many things that are awesome, Hinata has learned, about being an Adult and having an Apartment, and especially living with Kageyama. Technically, he was an adult and had an apartment (dorm) in college, but that hadn’t been the same, not at all.

For instance—he never knew before that Kageyama loves Christmas carols.

In past years, he sometimes caught the tail end of little tunes, snatches of melodies, but always sung as an afterthought. Living with Kageyama during the holidays is an entirely different situation. “Jingle Bells” sung in the shower. “Deck the Halls” when Hinata takes too long getting out of bed in the morning. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” as they dance around each other cooking dinner. Kageyama knows the words to all of them better than Hinata does, but Hinata sings along anyway, and hums the parts he doesn’t know, which always makes Kageyama smile bright, so bright.

There’s also other perks to being an adult and having an apartment and living with the love of his life during the holiday season; unexpected, fun ones that are maybe a little bit weird. Like naked present wrapping.

To clarify: they weren’t, initially, planning on wrapping the presents whilst naked. But then—perhaps a little festive grinding happens under the kotatsu. ‘Tis the season, as Hinata always says (he actually does not always say this, but the sentiment still stands). Which lead to them being too warm and too sweaty to get dressed right away, but they are seriously behind on the Christmas preparations, and now Kageyama has glitter dusted abs and is cursing Hinata out for his choice of sparkly wrapping paper, and Hinata is giggling madly and has stick-on gift wrap bows plastered over his nipples, one red, one green.

No one said Adults with Apartments had to be mature individuals. That’s a myth.

“That looks fucking awful,” Kageyama says of their latest endeavor, a pajama set they got for Natsu. The package seems impossibly lumpy, considering it’s just a soft shirt and pair of pants.

“It’s the thought that counts,” Hinata says.

Kageyama sighs in defeat and Hinata leans against his warm back, wrapping his arms around his neck, wanting to cheer him up. Sad gift wrapping sucks.

“Buhbuhbuh-bum… bah-bum, bah-bum—” he sings, voice comically deep, and Kageyama snorts.

“Don’t sing, help me,” he says.

“Moral support—” Hinata claims, taking another deep breath “—buhbuhbuh-bum, bah-bum—”

Kageyama grabs a length of ribbon and attacks another box. “Santa baby—” he starts to croon, somewhat viciously as he struggles to wrestle another package into submission.

Hinata cheers him on, singing intermittently, though Kageyama takes over for most of the song, and by the time they’ve sung it through three times, the rest of the gifts have been wrapped and Hinata is starting to feel chilly again.

They share hot cocoa with extra whipped cream, a blanket, and kisses that turn into Christmas carols to keep the cold at bay.

retrovspect  asked:

ideas on what to draw?

ottersunday’s drawing challenge february 2015 edition

(I want to do this myself too because i like challenges so let’s do this)

  1. self-portraits!!! draw yourself and love yourself. 
  2. the palm of your hand, from life. draw as many lines and creases as you can. make your hand look super wrinkly and badass. 
  3. fill a page with a pattern or texture. use only one drawing tool, or many.
  4. atmosphere. look out your window and draw the weather. paint the colours you see in the sky. 
  5. make a blind contour drawing of your favourite place, using your favourite pen, and include as many details as possible. 
  6. make a flip book. keep it simple, or make it super complicated. 
  7. when you’re on the streetcar, draw people. 
  8. if you do not like people, draw their bags or their shoes. 
  9. your bed when you wake up in the morning. 
  10. do not draw. make a collage instead. find a magazine or newspaper or an old drawing. cut it. glue it. 
  11. spheres. draw a circle, from scratch. do not trace a circular object or use a compass. then, shade it, maintaining a consistence light source. 
  12. eggs. spheres get boring after a while. 
  13. hair. hair on your head, leg hair, armpit hair, pubes. 
  14. pain. 
  15. trace your hand. draw a turkey. ‘tis always the season for hand turkeys. 

good luck, have fun ✿


Stefan & Caroline underrated moment: it was Caroline’s idea.

lately I’ve had a lot of religious fundamentalists knock on my door. ‘tis the season. I always answer and listen out of curiosity. religion is fascinating but that’s where it stops. what startles me most is when they start reading bible passages about belief and for those who ‘believe’ they will have a golden kingdom to return to when they die. and that’s that because the book said it. i’m not sure how many people they could win over with that. the belief that god has a consciousness is also questionable, and it seems fundamentalists don’t do much questioning. god doesn’t have a consciousness, so when we are conscious of what god is that is what allows ‘him’ to exist. instead of preaching word that have been adapted over centuries why not show people the ways of ‘seeing’ god, rather than preaching blind faith. why not show them that the delightful giggle of my 3 year old niece is god, the mango and cream skyline during sunset ..that is god…facilitating the awareness of coincidences or ‘synchronicity’ …that is god acting anonymously… the burst of nature in a freshly picked strawberry.. the sea salt waves of the ocean that refreshes after a warm day ..that is god… the feeling of my baby move in my tummy… the safe arms my boyfriend holds out for me after a long trip..that is god… and yet i still believe if fundamentalists were at peace and intimate with their belief they would feel no need to preach. i don’t need to tell people the sky is there. i know it’s there, i’ve seen it

… Blessed is the man that can see God in all of his disguises.. X
Tis the season...

I am a girl scout…I have always been.  I live by the motto Be Prepared.  This is a philosophy that works for me.  I personally feel that if I am prepared for when the shit goes down, I can handle it better.  There is a whole host of people who are hell bent on making shippers’ lives’ miserable….but I am not one of them.  All I am saying is that IF you are the type of person who will be shocked and upset by the holiday break shenanigans that will undoubtedly occur, then prepare yourself.  If you are unfazed and steadfast, more power to you.  But there are all types of shipper emotions at play here.  Most of us have been here a long time and have been through a lot of adversity; however, there seems to be a lot of new shippers–ones who have not been through the “Where in the World is….” game.  It will be hard for them, so let’s try to be tolerant and understanding of their confusion and disappointment…shall we?  There are also many, many seasoned shippers who are dreading what may come…they deserve the same treatment.  We pride ourselves on being a community of people who were brought here for the same reason…LOVE…so let’s try to help each other and not chastise when people are upset. 

Here is wishing you all a happy and healthful holiday season with lots of family and friends.  

God bless us everyone.