tis a scratch

if padme lived the empire wouldve been #wrekt harder and the new republic would’ve been a lot stronger, the first order wouldn’t have “risen” so much as crawled around trying to scrape up the means to become relevant

imagine 80 year old padmé at the time of TFA with white hair in fancy braids and an ornate cane for whacking ppl as much as for walking. adored by poe, mentoring the fuck out of rey & finn. padme and leia wrecking shit up together

telling kylo in no uncertain terms what a tremendous disgrace he is to her husband‘s memory and how terrible his clothes are

if she ever encountered hux she’d just be like “back in my day, the dark side general had four arms & a sexy voice and now we have to listen to this little snot quacking his ginger dick off” and suplex him across the galaxy

padme and maz kanata bromance????

just. padme, alive. kicking fascist ass. but noo george lucas hates women so she dies and darth “tis but a scratch” maul survives