2017 Draecember art 10. Day
  Formal wear
Damera Crystmon, the paladin. Family coat of arms tabard.

Draecember writing 10. Day
A turning point in their life

Tirna was visiting her mother, Felabra at the Stormwind Cathedral. They were chatting for a few moments, when s nurse rushed in.
“My Lady! They brought many casulties, with a seriously injured among them.”
“Okay, I go.” Felabra stood up “I’m sorry my daughter, we have to continue later” she turned to Tirna.
“I help you!” Tirna proclaimed, grabbing her mother’s hand just as she teleported. It caught Felabra off guard, so she felt quite dizzy when they arrived.
„Thanks…” she put a hand on her temple „But next time warn me first…” That was when they brought the seriously injured patient in. He was a draenei man, who got his lower leg torn off by a bomb.
„It’ll be alright” Felabra tried to reassure him „You’re in good hands now” Tirna was a bit frightened, but then following her mother’s orders, she got herself together, and tried not to look at the wound.
„It’ll be okay” she smiled at the man, who smiled back at her despite the pain. „Got used to it” he replied „I like your smile” Tirna turned red. „T..thank you” Felbra injected her patient, whose name was Navador, with sleeping draught.
„I need to saw” Felabra turned to a nurse, who gave her the tool immediately.
„What?” Navador gasped frightened.
„It’s okay, I’ll be here” Tirna tried to reassure the man, but she was just as afraid herself too. She held Navador’s hand to make him calm down. „My mother knows what she’s doing. Trust her”
Tirna was smiling at the man, to let it be the last thing he saw before he went to sleep.
„O-okay” he smiled back, then the drugs made him fell asleep.

A few hours later, Tirna was sitting at Navador’s bed for him to wake up.
„Thank you for your help” Felabra told to an engineer.
„My pleasure, my Lady” the man replied, then left. Tirna’s mother then told her patient the bad news, that his leg had to be replaced with a mechanical leg below the knee. It was filled with magic by Tirna, to make it easier to use.
Then Felabra left to, look after her other patients. Her daughter stayed for a bit more talking with Navador, but then she also had to leave, to study.
„Get well soon!” she told him as a farewell, and leaned in to kiss his forehead. She took a portal to Dalaran, to continue her studies.
„A girl… kissed me…” Navador realized smiling. Then he took his medicines and tried to rest.
This was their first encounter, and this is how their love started to blossom.

Damera, Felabra and Tirna by me
Navador by @white-demonelf
Draecember presents @rurukatt

anonymous asked:

So Treenahinn is Tirna's feast, and Yertahinn is Yerta's. Do Riv and Baelar have feasts as well, and if so, when are they?

In their seasons, naturally. Yerta’s feast is the first day of spring, Tirna’s is mid-autumn, Riv’s is the start of hot summer, and Baelar’s is a scary midnight, midwinter pageant with giant bonfires and people dressed in Chaos Beast masks, and if you don’t give a gift to the wright closest to you in life, he’ll sour against you during the next year and you’ll have a terrible time of it.

This was always Lemuel’s favourite holiday, as Duane would find himself bombarded by bottles of cheap wine and sweets from all his students, and he’d fob them off on his brother.

anonymous asked:

If this has been asked before just tell me to shut my pie hole, but which religion would you subscribe if you were in Kasslyne? Ssaelit, Gefendur, edgy black tongue atheism?

You know, it’s difficult for me to answer because I have an inconvenient knowledge of the history and veracity of each religion, since I filled this particular sandbox myself ;)

If I imagine myself an ignorant Kasslynian though, I think I’d have to go with the Gefendur religion. Ssaelism isn’t completely brutal towards women but it does limit our options pretty harshly, stating outright that there’s nothing better we can do than be good mothers and wives. And those are fine ambitions but they’re not my ambitions. The Gefendur faith has strong-willed Tirna with her cunning and playfulness, and compassionate Yerta with her loyalty and strength. Riv and Baelar are pretty cool gods too.

Ssael is an interesting idea, but he’s not really for me. Black Tongue atheism is a little hypocritical considering how much they lean on Lady Ilganyag, and doesn’t feel right for me either. Probably I’d give it all a pass like Quigley and just concentrate on my hair.

anonymous asked:

Ssaelit believe that one day Ssael will come back and fix everything up, but does Gefendur theology have a Judgement Day/Twilight of the Gods/Ragnarok component to it?

Nay nay naynaynay. Ssaelit believe that one day everyone will achieve what Ssael managed and humanity will collectively remake the world so that it is not a cruelly designed Hell perpetually acting against them. This is very important. Ssael is inspiration - a guide - not a tyrant.

The Gefendur don’t have such a firm idea of the End Game, as their major Scripture and stories don’t address it. The general idea is just not to piss off the gods since you just don’t know when Tirna will lose her shit again and try to kill everyone, or when Yerta may just suddenly go into labour and eject Kasslyne into the sun. The Gods are fickle, the Gods are unpredictable, and even attempting to guess what they may do in the future could set them over the edge.