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Is senescence the god's crime too?

Everything is. They created humans with a need for justice and put them in an unjust world. They created humans with a desire and instinct to live and thrive, but designed their bodies to decay and die. They made humans love their offspring and each other, then created child-killing diseases, calamities, and predators. They’re four celestial (and sadistic, said Tirna to Ssael) Jigsaws, who have stuck a population of primates in an unnavigable minefield that encourages them to debase themselves and harm each other in order to survive as long as they can each go around. The fact that some humans act against their environment from time to time in order to help each other, and it, and beasts, is a testament that humans have surpassed the petty morality of their creators, and deserve mastery over whatever powers and realms they possess. If the gods wanted to create a world where the fittest survive, they can submit to that ideology themselves.

And Ssael be praised for bringing natural selection to Eternity.

Hehe, aside from the Saw allusion that’s a fine Duane rant.