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Hey Kareena!! I've been noticing a lot of my mutuals reblogging and talking about into the badlands. So I got interested and watched the trailer. But it looks so bloody?? Like I am pretty sensetive when it comes to fights and stuff and I was wondering how bad is it (I don't really have a problem with Shadowhunters)? Is there other things that can make you really unconformable? And maybe something short about the plot? Thanks!!

Hey, Alicia, I’ll say upfront if you don’t like blood, it is very bloody - but in an aesthetically pleasing way? The fights are all beautifully choreographed martial arts and because it’s melee/swords there is blood, to me it looks pretty rather than gross. It depends on how much you don’t like blood in scenes, I guess.

I don’t think there’s anything else that should make you uncomfortable, (i’m tired though so shout at me in replies/asks if I have forgotten anything important).

The plot:  basically it follows Sunny, who is the lead fighter (clipper) for a local baron. It’s a post-apocalyptic world, but it’s not grim like walking dead, but about Sunny and his life in this setting. 

While working for his baron, Sunny rescues a kid, MK. The Widow (a rival baron) also wants MK. They find out why when they realise that MK has special powers…

Sunny and MK are both asian, Sunny’s love interest is a black woman and season 2 has added lgbt character(s). I’ve reblogged a lot of posts some of which should give you an idea of the style of the show and perhaps how bloody it is. 

tldr: sunny kicks ass and looks perfect 24/7


I’ve got a real story about Kiss, do you want to know? This is true.

She’s the betta half of the two


I wouldn’t call it [Rogue One] a political or not political film. I just would say this film talks about stuff that we should remind ourselves these days. This is the darkest times in the galaxy. There’s no Jedi around. There’s no one there to do the job for us and it’s the people who have to get involved. And it’s about that —  it’s about people understanding that if we work together as a team, we can achieve great things and we can bring change.