daily yoonjin convos #38

jin: yoongi, did you send me flowers?

yoongi: no, why would i do that?

jin: yeah, like you’d ever be romantic enough to do something like that for no reason.

jin: [reads note] “dear jinnie, i lied. they’re from me. love, yoongi”

jin: you liar!

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I have been wracking my brain trying to work out how to describe this feeling I have been struck with over the past - almost - couple of days. It is one of those feelings that is entirely new, but also weirdly familiar at the same time. Perhaps similar to when one attempts to eat something new in a place you are unfamiliar to, and the flavours and textures in your mouth are new and wonderful, but you also think… hey, haven’t I heard about this somewhere before? And I think I have finally worked it out. There is a British TV show called Coupling, and it is a really, really great show that I highly recommend; I doubt a lot of people outside of Britain have seen it, and I think there was a US remake, but I have not seen that, but that’s not the point… The point is that in the very last episode, two of the characters have a child. The father of the child is sort of a little bemused by the whole birth aspect, and then he sees his son gazing up at him for the very first time, and the father says aloud: “and… oh my goodness me, I became somebody else entirely.” Yes, that… that is the feeling that I am experiencing right now, and it is wonderful.