Julian Bond, former NAACP chairman and longtime civil rights activist, dies at 75
Julian Bond, a civil-rights activist and longtime board chairman of the NAACP, has died. He was 75.

Julian Bond, the former chairman of the NAACP and a longtime advocate for the rights of Black people, LGBT people, and other marginalized groups, died last night in Florida after a short illness. He was 75. 

The Nashville native was considered a symbol and icon of the 1960s civil rights movement. As a Morehouse College student, Bond helped found the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and as its communications director, he was on the front lines of protests that led to the nation’s landmark civil rights laws.

Bond later served as board chairman of the 500,000-member NAACP for 10 years but declined to run again for another one-year term in 2010.

The SPLC said Bond was a “visionary” and “tireless champion” for civil and human rights.

“With Julian’s passing, the country has lost one of its most passionate and eloquent voices for the cause of justice,” SPLC co-founder Morris Dees said in a statement. “He advocated not just for African Americans, but for every group, indeed every person subject to oppression and discrimination, because he recognized the common humanity in us all.”

In announcing his passing, the NAACP referred to Bond as a “civil rights titan.” There is no truer descriptor. Rest peacefully, sir, and thank you for everything.

A Little Help, Please?

This is Fred.

Fred, aside from being incredibly handsome and debonair, is also a loving companion to his human friends, a tireless watchman who keeps tabs on the neighborhood from every window, and a caring older brother and playfellow to Victor, our other kitty. It’s a lot of hats to wear for a rescue cat, but he manages them impeccably.

This is Fred’s left eye.

We don’t know what happened to it; he had it when we got him, after he was dumped as a kitten. His vision from it is minimal at best; for a while we thought he might be able to track movement with it, but it’s gotten cloudier lately and you can no longer see the pupil move.  He has to work hard to close it all the way now. The vet says it’s likely he’s been completely blind in it for some time. She’s kept tabs on it though the year we’ve had him, and she says that it’s getting larger now than she’s comfortable with and she’d like him to have it removed. She’s worried that it might be causing him pain (cats are notorious for hiding pain) and she also feels that it may at some point (please skip to the next paragraph if you’re squeamish) burst on its own.

We would very much like to avoid that scenario, and we can’t stand the thought that it might be causing him distress that he’s toughing out and not showing us, so we are going to follow the vet’s advice and have his eye removed. But eye surgery isn’t cheap; we got a quote yesterday and it starts at nearly five hundred dollars, and it can go up from there depending on how long the surgery takes and whether we want it biopsied. The low estimate is 449 and the high is 740. So yeah, that’s a fair amount of dosh. (If anyone would like to see the estimate I would be happy to take a photo of it.)

We’re at a rough spot right now and don’t actually have this much spare, but we did apply for and get accepted by Care Credit, which is a credit card for veterinary expenses. Our vets take it, and we got enough of a limit to cover the cost. But paying it off is going to be difficult and I’d like to offset it as much as possible, so this seems like a good time to point out that I have an Etsy shop. I sell jewelry and hand-made plush animals and puppets. If you don’t see anything you like, drop me a line and I might be able to do something custom for you. Please have a look and know that anything you buy will be going to the Pay Off Freddie’s Eye Surgery Fund and you will be helping a kitty live a happier, healthier life.

Thanks for reading.

Dominant Extraverted Intuition

ENTP & ENFP Personality Types

With Extraverted Intuitive personality types, words, ideas and possibilities spew effortlessly from them. Words are their best friends. They dance around ideas, the more, the merrier. Imaginative, spontaneous, original and enthusiastic, they have a knack for seeing other possibilities, other dreams and options. The world is never as it is but as it could be, as if it were but an artists sketch begging for colour. They initiate change and often are prone to trespassing a few known boundaries to take themselves and others where no one has been before. The status quo tends to lack inspiration.

When inspired, they are fearless and tireless. Their energy will know no limits unless red tape takes over. Routine drags them down. Their faith in possibilities and belief in the benefit of change often inspire others to follow. They are challenging, ingenious and innovative. They will give their best to what appears to be an impossible challenge, a place unknown to man or beast.

They use metaphors, stories, images and analogies to make their point.They love theories and often shape their own. They see patterns emerging. Keen improvisers, they are rarely caught off guard, there is always something up their sleeve. The sky is the only limit.

They are sometimes entertainers, artists or otherwise engaged in public demonstrations that allow their ideas to bloom. Their greatest difficulty is not in initiating projects but in choosing among so many possibilities, setting realistic boundaries, establishing priorities and correctly assessing resources.

You know, now that I think about it, “Choice Web Star: Female” might not have been the appropriate award for Grace Helbig after all. Because she’s so much more than that.

She’s the hardest-working human on the Internet. She’s a video blogger, a writer, a podcast host, a TV show host, an actress, a NYT best-selling author, and an entrepreneur. She’s beyond dedicated to the work that she does - which by definition means she’s dedicated to us, her consumers/fans/devotees - and has an absolutely tireless work ethic.

She is aggressively authentic and puts on no personas or affectations for the purposes of making herself more palatable to a wider audience. And she is a role model for countless young people - and a goddamn good one - because of exactly that: her authenticity.

She is Grace. She is awkward, introverted, brilliant, hilarious, clumsy, gifted, beautiful Grace. She is so much more than just a “web star.”

Grace, we love you, and we are so goddamn proud of you. <3

(ADDENDUM: I must confess, though, that I do regret the missed opportunity to see Goose rip that surfboard to pieces.)

anonymous asked:

An amusement park date with Aomine Akashi Himuro Kuroko Kagami Kise and Nijimura and their s/o. The s/o really wants to go on the big roller coasters too

Since there are a lot of characters, I’ll turn these into relationship headcanons with an amusement park theme.


  • He’s never been to theme park often since he’s always busy with schoolwork so you loved the changing expressions on his face when he entered the park and saw all the rides.
  • He enjoys roller coasters to a certain extent and would accompany you on them. However, he can’t really handle the ones with extreme drops at the idea of risking both your safeties.


  • This boy right here lives for amusement parks. He’d try to go on all the crazy, fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing rides, which might even drive you insane. Tireless he is when it comes to theme parks.
  • You don’t even need to ask him to ride the roller coasters with you since he’ll practically drag you onto them.


  • Himuro enjoys amusement parks to a certain extent and he could tolerate some of the crazy rides. Though, he’d prefer to spend time with you doing more intimate things such as haunted houses or boat rides.
  • He’s basically chill the whole time. Roller coasters don’t affect him at all but he enjoys them. He can ride them but he just doesn’t really feel the thrill of it.


  • Having lived in the US, Kagami would be crazy about amusement parks. However, in reality, he couldn’t really take extreme rides. He would accompany you to ride them but would never admit to his fear of some of the insane ones.
  • Simple roller coasters were okay. Roller coasters that dropped from a billion feet off the ground and is located in the dark were not okay. He’s actually scared of some of them.


  • As much as he loved amusement parks with the atmosphere and the thrill of it all, Kise could only find enjoyment in the relaxing games. He wouldn’t mind going on the spinning tea cups or the rides with stories. He also loves taking lots and lots of pictures there.
  • Kise fears roller coasters. Actually fears them. He would not get on any of them even if you paid him to. Because of some traumatic event (his sisters dragged him on when he was scared shitless), he refuses to ride any crazy rides and would prefer to wait for you outside.


  • Similarly to Himuro, Kuroko does like amusement parks but the best thing about it would be spending his time with you. He loves the rides and actually found them fun. You’ve never seen Kuroko look so happy.
  • As for roller coasters, he could ride some of the easier ones but he could not ride the crazy ones that would cause even adults to tremble in fear.


  • Nijimura would be all for the crazy rides. You’ve never seen the man let loose his whole life until the time you took him to an amusement park. He loves the rides that gives him thrills and wouldn’t be such a huge fan of the boring ones. However, if you wanted to go on them, then he wouldn’t really mind going with you.
  • Roller coasters are his thing. He likes the drops and the crazy rush of adrenaline he gets from them. His favorite part is usually the loops.

“I can’t deny I’m a better ex-president than I was a president.” —Jimmy Carter

August 19 is World Humanitarian Day and this year’s theme is Inspiring the World’s Humanity. Our inspiration is former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. From his tireless work building houses for homeless families with Habitat For Humanity to his work promoting peace around the world through the Carter Center, Mr. Carter is the hardest working former president there is. His recent cancer diagnosis hasn’t dulled his focus. Who’s your inspiration?


You cannot conjure the dream.
Only it could create such vision.
One should either follow insight,
Or laugh with sneered derision.

Our thought process is tireless,
Constantly redefining limitation.
Formulating imaginative worlds,
Building them without hesitation.

Whether we opt to exist willingly,
In a vague future or destination.
No decision has ever been clear,
So choose your own translation.

Leon Trotsky, Revolutionary Socialist, tireless fighter for a better world, murdered on orders of Stalin 21 August, 1940. We remember.

Where Your Demons Hide

Lucifer was created by God thousands of years ago as a perfect angel. He lived in heaven, and was above every other angel. His appearance was beautiful and dazzling. He radiated light and glory, and was covered with gold and shimmering jewels. Lucifer was the Chief Covering angel and he worked in the throne room of God.

Just over 6,000 years ago God and Jesus had a private meeting and Lucifer was not included. Lucifer became jealous. He set out on a campaign to prove that he was above Jesus. Lucifer began to be proud of his own glory and wisdom. Over time one third of the angels in heaven chose to side with Lucifer and to worship him instead of Jesus. God made tireless efforts to persuade Lucifer to repent and return to God. Lucifer almost relented, but he would not give up his pride and humble himself. He refused to admit that he was wrong.

Eventually Lucifer became entrenched in his pride and God could no longer influence him. God reluctantly removed Lucifer from his position of Chief Covering angel. Lucifer was thrown out of heaven, along with the angels who had chosen to follow him.  

And when Lucifer came to hell, he created the demons. Among them was the demon Bael, and his two brothers.  And while the others perished, killed by priests and hunters, they survived. And they thrived.

Bael took the name Raleigh and created for himself a vessel that would allow him to walk on Earth.

And that was how he’d met Finley. 

It was in some underground club. He couldn’t be bothered to remember the name.  But it was exclusively for “Supernaturals”, and he could only assume that meant that only demons and such could get in. And Finley had seemed normal enough.

Which couldn’t have been less true.

When they got in bed, Raleigh discovered why he was there. A vampire. And he couldn’t get over how hot that was…And they’d broken his bed.

They broke a lot of beds. So many beds…

Raleigh’d been gone, busy with this. Torturing, killing, making people miserable. The basics. But he’d made time.

He sat in the darkness of Finley’s bedroom, one leg crossed over the other, a cigarette between his lips, waiting. It was like he’d been waiting for centuries for him to get his god damn ass home.

Laconic Lament

One can’t outpace the tireless self
Forever racing to be freed,
Nor hide from that which seethes within–
Such cruel, ceaseless need;

Still yet, the self might stay contained,
Restrained by an unbending will,
And need be reigned–or failing which,
Strangled ‘till it stills.