im tired of being taken advantage of just because im nice. Nice has gotten me nowhere so far. You tell me things and think ill be alright but in reality you dont know what really happens. #Tiredofthis

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I guess now this is the part where I start to miss you and where I wait for you to text/call me and apologize and we make up and we love it for a few days and then we fight again and then we repeat in a few weeks.

From now on ..

If you ask me about the flannel waist jacket and YOUR ON ANON.. dont even bother to send one because im going to ignore it and not anwser them.. Simply delete.. Come off anon and send ke a message

I just wanna know what happened, where did I go wrong to make people not want me and to make myself feel so lonely? I mean all my life I thought I was doing good by being the “good girl” the one that did her homework and got the good grades. I don’t know why I feel this way. I’ve had a good life; good family, amazing friends, but I just still feel lonely and unwanted. There’s days where I just want to be alone by myself in the middle of nowhere and sit there just sit there. People tell me to wait and the good will come but when will it?? Will I be able to hold on that long? Why can’t the time be now? Why am I suffering while the bad people out in the world are having fun and getting what tht want, I just feel let down…

read this

if i didn’t do anything wrong: don’t get mad at me.

if you’re jealous: don’t take it out on me.

if you assume i’m trying to “make you mad”: how old are we?

if you’re annoyed with me: grow up.

i’m soooooooooooooooo tired of you being grumpy because of me. like there is no reason not to be happy at this point. how about we all take a big fucking drink of calm the fuck down and smile.

i am in a great mood.