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They used to say he was the most carefree spirit they’d ever met, someone who always tried to make people laugh and treated everything as a joke. Hell Jack Frost used to be someone that would try so hard just to make the kids who couldn’t even see him happy. 

Nowadays it was more likely he’d send a blizzard their way to keep everyone inside while he threw his tantrums. 720 years he’d been wandering with no direction, no instructions; no friends and no one to even so much as look at him besides the other spirits. (Like that ever went well, if it wasn’t North throwing him out of their workshop it was Bunny rearing back a fist for sending a few feet of snow on Easter, or even something like a small flurry in the warren) Nonetheless it all added up to a Jack who was just…..tired.

He was tired of no one seeing him and tired of being ignored, though mostly he was tired of asking for answers and getting nothing but moonlight on his face. And Jack was cold, always so cold, cold and bitter and tired and wasn’t that just a terrible combination. All in all he was nothing like the carefree spirit he’d first been; flinching away from the slightest touch, snapping back at the slightest comment thrown his way, not playing with the kids anymore.

It all led to the current scenario of him in a forest near Burgess shouting his head off at the moon. Frost was just standing in the clearing, staff set aside when he’d gone from pleading with the moon to just flat out yelling at them. Not like he thought anyone could hear him anyway.

“Why can’t you just tell me why you put me here!”

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Kieran Hexius Black, Nightmare Prince

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{The Darkest Depths}

Sleep was a rarity that Jack hardly indulged in. After all, he was a spirit - he didn’t require rest to function, and it seemed a waste of precious time he could be spending with Jamie or the other children of the world. THough, with help from the occasional gifted sand, Jack was whisked into his dreams, where any fantastical thing could occur.

Much to his chagrin, this was the third time in the past week that Jack had attempted a peaceful slumber, only to find himself startled awake by the demons of his nightmares. The mind was a terrible thing to lose, especially to the plague of darkness. The Guardian of fun had believed so resolutely that his heart was guided by Manny’s light, but even his savior couldn’t protect him at all times. 

Never one to sit by idly in times of distress, Jack decided on an excursion to the lair of the man responsible for his affliction. Ever since the Nightmare King’s defeat, his lair had been impenetrable. Every tunnel Aster burrowed was rerouted, and even North’s snow globes couldn’t permeate the barrier set by Pitch. It appeared the winter sprite would have to find another way.

Staggering Home

Kieran tore his eyes away from the moon, the bitterness of his words still layering his tongue. the rage continued to boil in his gut, flushing hot shivers under his skin as his body tried to heal. the anger fueled his recovery, but his arm just wasn’t keeping up. hesitantly, the boy looked down at his severed arm. he bit his lip, stomach clenching at the sight of nothing below his elbow besides the writhing inky blackness tangling out from his open limb. a hissing intake of breath passed his lips as his hand gingerly prodded at the severed opening. his fingers slipped through the black twisting shadows coming from under his skin and touched the regenerating muscle beneath. that awakened the pain and Kieran lurched forward, his stomach nearly flipping up his throat. he briefly retched as the pain swelled and dully subsided. he heard a heavy plotting noise and looked down at the cement of the quad. his dark blood was slipping through the mending darkness and starting a little pool next to his foot.

“Great..” he muttered, clenching his teeth as he took a step forward. “Just fucking terrific..” his legs wobbled from the shock of the battle. it hadn’t yet fully registered that he’d survived an encounter with one of his father’s greatest enemies. he could have easily been killed. but what the boy did focus on was that he needed to get to one of his parents’ homes. he looked to the sky, doubtful he could fly in this state. deciding to give it a try, the teen gently kicked off into the air. he hovered only for a moment before his powers evaporated, his body too weak to sustain them. he fell to the ground, barely catching himself on his feet. an aggravated growl escaped his lips as his severed arm was jarred from the impact. he clung to what remained of the arm, hearing his blood plot down to the ground again. soft drippings reminding him that his healing was failing fast. 

Flying was clearly out of the question, and he had to fly to get to his mother’s portal to her realm. he couldn’t simply reach it through the shadows, and he could never walk to the Great Oak. he’d never make it. there was only one other option, and his glinting gaze turned to the deepening shadows of the quad. a spent half smirk crossed his face as he staggered to the shadows. oh how his father was going to love this. he could only imagine his mother’s reaction when she’d find out. his stomach twisted with dread as he slipped into the darkness, feeling the path through the lightless passage. hopefully his mother wouldn’t get herself in trouble. with Nightlight labeling her as a traitor to the Moon she was in danger. what if she was out hunting and he found her? Kieran grit his teeth as he pushed through the shadows, shoving the worry from his mind. no use in fearing that. he would do all he could to warn her, and going to his father’s was his best option. 

At last he emerged from the shadows, half falling out onto one of the bridges passing through his father’s darkened palace. he fell to his knees, now breathless and drained as he clutched his arm above the elbow. the black tendrils trying to make up his missing arm were becoming less active in their writhing, and more blood was spattering to the floor. traveling through the shadows had taken it’s tole on the boy and he was now shaking. 

“Dad?” he asked, barely needing to raise his voice. he knew his father didn’t need a call to know he was there. 


Kieran sketch dump 

at the top you can see the really bad warm up pics, and then after his teeth study it just gets silly and better formed XD

Kieran belongs to me and Tiredofhidingunderbeds

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The Apology

Hallow silently slipped down into the hole tucked away deep in the forest. it was the entrance to Pitch’s lair, and she had something for him. she landed at the bottom lightly and stood, a small package of chocolate dipped strawberries in her hands. her mun had shoved the package into her arms and sent her out to Pitch’s lair to apologize, but Hallow was dubious that the Nightmare King had a sweet tooth. all the same, Hallow gently set the gift on the floor at the threshold of Pitch’s lair. straightening, she looked into the shadows hesitantly. she admittedly didn’t have the guts to draw his attention to the gift, and instead hoped that leaving it for his discovery would be enough of a courtesy. she didn’t want to bother him, especially not after their last encounter. she truly felt bad about the whole ordeal. but she still didn’t feel bad enough to call his name.  

Sighing softly, Hallow turned and looked up at the settling dusk above the pit’s mouth. stars were beginning to bloom in the darkening sky, and Hallow knew she had delivered the gift early. too early, she hoped, for Pitch Black to notice her visit. 

art done by MuttTech from GaiaOnline

Kieran belongs to me and Tiredofhidingunderbeds

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Kieran Hexius black, son of Hallow-Eve and Pitch Black. thank you again EstelleDawn for making this happen!! :D

Unexpected Gift: Kieran's Birth

Hallow made her way upstairs after a very long night of harvesting lost souls. Cat Sith meowed and circled around her legs as she walked, purring and rubbing against her shins. 

“No, Sith, I didn’t bring any souls home with me,” said Hallow wearily, ignoring the faerie’s imploring mews. 

The exhausted spirit entered her room and began to peel off her clothes. First her heavy boots thudded to the floor with echoing booms, then she peeled her long striped socks from her ivory legs. The thorny jacket was then flung across the room, along with her shorts. She allowed her scythe to un-summon itself, the softly ringing blade unhinging into a flurry of disconnected shadow magic. The plume of darkness that followed the scythe’s leave sparkled briefly with energy before dissipating. 

Hallow’s firefly-bright eyes gleamed in the dimness of her room, fluxing with gold light like a breathing ember. She fixed her sights on her bed. That gloriously comfy forgiving bed…Hallow became painfully aware that she needed sleep. It had been weeks, again, since she’d properly slept. No sleep for the dead, she always told herself, but just once in a while a psychopomp needed to retire for the night. Well, morning in her case. Though her realm never let the sun rise, she could feel Earth’s surface gently being graced by dawn’s light. 

She crawled into bed, allowing her bare white legs to slip into the warmth of her dark red covers. She huddled down deep inside the warming cocoon of blankets and let out a heavy listless sigh. She was already getting too old for this job she concluded as she closed her eyes for sleep. Cat Sith made a purring grunt as she leaped up on the bed and gently sat on Hallow’s hip atop the mound of covers. But the faerie did not settle, and that made Hallow crack a glinting eye open. 

The faerie was staring into the darkest shadows of her room, as if waiting for something hidden inside to approach. Hallow looked into the shadows too, but felt nothing that wasn’t her own shadow magic. Her whole house was encompassed by the swirling dark energy, a carefully set webwork of her own personal signature. Nothing could cross through without being felt by her. Well, except for the occasional lost soul. But as she watched, her eyes gently blinking as she began to nod off, something glittered in the darkness. It developed, two orbs of watchful amber light. Much alike to a set of eyes staring eerily staring, fixing on her form. 

With a sharp gasp and flurry of blankets Hallow sat up. “Pitch?” she demanded, breaking the tense silence. Nothing responded. Nothing was there. As soon as she had blinked the shadows were unburdened by the strange set of eyes. As if they had been from her imagination. Perhaps grains of night dust reflecting off her eyelashes? Perhaps…nothing. 

Hallow let out her held breath and relaxed. It was nothing. Just her imagination. No friend the Boogeyman, no foulthings nor fearlings. Nothing. She allowed herself to fall back on the bed and closed her eyes again. Sleep. Fucking sleep. But a strange restlessness had touched her mind. Her mind wouldn’t stop fluttering, something stirring it’s surface. No, shut up. Go to sleep. Dream of sweet nothings. She tightened her closed eyes, trying to force her mind to sleep. She had done it countless times and it always worked. Eventually her mind would give and she’d collapse into the realm of sleep. After several long moments of prying aching silence begging to be heard, her mind began to give. Little by little, something released its attempt to keep her awake and she drifted off. Ever so slightly she faded to somewhere else. 

But not to a place of dreams. It was different somehow. And then the images began, a cascade of swirling memories…

Darkness enveloped her, and she waded through it as stars began to appear. Swirling in the darkness’ surface reflected starlight gleamed, and something very old shook Hallow. It made her blood ripple and her bones ache, an ancient time before time that chattered the teeth in her skull. An age untold unfolded around her for just a moment. Just a brief nothing before it snapped away, and she was hurled through the darkness. But before she forgot the images displayed to her, Hallow saw him. Embroidered in shadow, clad in lead, the being of darkness and terror crossed the galaxy. Destruction and weeping cries bowed in his wake and for one moment, one terrible moment, he turned his unwavering metallic gaze onto her. Fear filled Hallow, fear unlike any she had felt. The whisperings of the fearsome creatures, slithering, cunning, and putridly intrusive, reached out to her. The firstborn fearlings’ hushed malicious whispers bent her will until it was brittle enough to break. Under their cruel tongue she felt her strength caving, but with a relieving subliminal snap, she was flung from that forgotten age and hurtled down the unforgiving tide of space. 

Shadows of Earth reclaimed her and she was washed into a familiar scene. Her fingers, small delicate ivory white digits, reached out ever so hesitantly to another being. The ashen gray flesh she dared to touch did not move away nor give, not allowing her fingers to slip through. Someone could see her and feel her there. those same metallic eyes stared through a sudden flourish of darkness. The solid steely thoughtful gaze did not blink nor flit away. The gazing eyes held her there for a moment, never letting her slip away into the drowning darkness that surrounded them both. 

Then, a hand reached out from the shadows. Slender ashen fingers graced the side of her cheek, a gentle touch of endearment that shook Hallow to the core. She then saw his face mold around the watchful eyes, a smile unknowingly gracing his lips. Shadows mixed, and energies intertwined, braiding around one another. and for a brief moment while she was swallowed into nothingness Hallow felt a surging rush of ecstasy. 

But as the warmth filled her body to her fingertips and collected in her stomach, a gush of pain soaked the pleasure. A sudden pang of agony crippled her small body, then another wave crashed into her, making her collapse. She shattered under the pain and an agonized cry ripped from her throat as a pair of unfamiliar but known golden eyes opened in her mind–

With a broken cry Hallow awoke and her scream ripped the air. She tried to sit up but the pain wracking her lower abdomen wouldn’t permit it and elicited another gasping cry from her lips. She rolled to the side, collapsing out of bed onto the floor. She landed hands and knees, panting, tears running down her face. 

“W-what the fuck?” Hallow spat hoarsely as she fought to breathe. Were these some sort of abnormal form of period cramps? Was she dying..AGAIN!?! She looked at herself, at her stomach, and found that her whole body was leaking smoldering shadows. Her shadow magic was lifting from her skin like steam, breathing free from her flesh. Her whole system of magic was going haywire and it made her head spin along with the pain. She hadn’t realized before, but now she saw that the swirling burning orange celtic knots were swimming to the surface of her flesh. The markings didn’t show unless she was close to death or in battle…and she wasn’t in battle. Did they show up for terrible period cramps? The markings flushed with heat under her skin, as if trying to fill her with something that had been wrenched free. And indeed she felt as if something had been pulled from her. She felt somehow lighter, and weakened. Hallow gave up trying to stand, and collapsed onto the hardwood floor, curling up into a crippled ball as the pain slowly began to subside. Shadows lifted from her skin, steaming and smoking in lazy curls as she tried to breathe. her eyes slid up to see that her whole bed was sweltering with dark shadows. how strange.

Softly, scathingly slow, the pain ebbed away, and Hallow felt her body unclench on the floor. She became limp, her abdomen still aching, but not wracked with pain. The swirling markings under her skin faded and disappeared, nesting deeper under her flesh. Her body trembled, and she could feel shock slowly seeping in. 

Drawing strength into her limbs, Hallow pulled herself up, clenching her bed sheets. Halfway on the bed she paused to rest. She then decided to check to see if her period had spontaneously started off schedule. Pulling her panties out she looked down and saw nothing. No red staining her underwear. Nothing. She blinked, at a loss. 

“What the actual…fuck?” she whispered and let her panties snap back against her pelvis. Whatever. Maybe it was some weird Afterlife condition she wasn’t aware of. Finally Hallow was able to stand and she pushed off the bed. The sudden push of the bed made it bounce and a strange noise broke the silence. 

Hallow stopped dead, staring at her blankets with bewilderment. Cat Sith was nowhere to be seen, presumably dislodged from the bed when Hallow had awakened. But then what…–the same wail broke through the air, making Hallow jump and fall backwards onto the floor. The wailing cries continued, soft, helpless little noises rising from her heap of blankets. Hallow was breathing sharply now, utterly confused and not at all sure how to handle the sudden noise. Then it clicked. A baby..? Hallow scrambled to her feet and drew close to the source of the helpless crying. Curiously Hallow pulled the blankets away to reveal a shocking sight. 

A small baby lay on the bed, little arms clenched close to his body and pudgy legs kicking. His face was scrunched up as he cried, his jet black wisps of hair mussed from being under the blankets. Hallow cried out and fell back again, falling on her backside and clapping her hands to her mouth. Her knees pulled to her chest as the baby’s cries filled the room, her breath blasting through her clapped fingers. Her eyes stared up at the bed, wide and glowing bright in shock. Her body trembled briefly. 

“A..a..” she tried to speak as she slowly unclasped her mouth, her fingers sliding away. “A…a baby? A baby!” she sprang back up and peered over the top of the bed at the surprise bundle of joy. “Oh dear Hel…” 

Her heart was hammering in her chest now. She watched the baby cry, disbelief gripping her immobile. But after a few moments of hearing the little baby’s crying, she was slowly able to move again. She drew close, hesitantly reaching out to touch him. Her ivory fingers gently brushed the baby’s wet cheek, and at once the baby stopped crying. Hallow flinched back, her mouth parting slightly to allow more air in her lungs. His eyes were suddenly open as he paused in his crying. Amber firefly-bright eyes stared back at Hallow. Eyes clear and focused, looking straight at her. It was almost as if something intelligent had slipped behind those familiar eyes and was introducing itself. But then the large glowing eyes blinked and returned to new absorbing curious eyes of a baby. He let out a soft cooing noise and kicked his little feet. His fingers clenched around each other, clasped close to his chest as if praying as most babies do. Hallow felt a smile melt across her face as she lost her hesitancy. She slid onto the bed, gliding close to the baby. She reached out again, this time comfortably close and gently brushed the baby’s black hair from his brow. Angel soft, his jet black hair gave under her touch. His skin was a light ashen gray, like the gently blooming shadows of dusk. As Hallow stroked the baby’s soft hair, something clicked into place. 

“Pitch..” she said, and considered the baby. He looked back up at her and imitated her smile with a delighted coo. “Can you be..?” One of the baby’s little hands reached out and Hallow let one of her fingers slip into his tight grasp. 

But then Hallow mentally shook herself and straightened, making the baby’s smile vanish. “What is this?” she pondered, letting a disbelieving short laugh escape her throat. “Like what, did the stork just plop you down or something?” she actually looked out her window, willing to believe anything at this point. She then looked down at her sore stomach and rubbed it. She couldn’t have given birth. The labor was too short, and no blood came from her. She remembered what birth looked like. It was messy, a bloody sight filled with hours of agony. No, this babe wasn’t even newborn. He was slightly more developed. 

Then she recalled the strange dream she had before waking. She only remembered flits of it. But the piece she remembered the most was Pitch’s hand touching her face, like it had in one of their more recent encounters. An endearing gesture so unlike his character…

“No, no, no–that’s not how you get pregnant!” she exclaimed, standing and considering the child, addressing it. “Right? That’s not how you get pregnant. That stuff takes work and…and…” she stopped herself from saying anything more. “Well that’s just something you’ll have to learn about another day,” she said to the baby boy, who just looked at her blankly. 

Hallow began to pace, panic rising under her complete bewilderment. Was she truly a parent? A mother? Couldn’t be. That wasn’t how you got pregnant. Not by a touch. That’s something some puritan would concoct to frighten horny teenagers. She laughed aloud at the thought, feeling like she was going insane. All the while the baby lay on the bed, watching his mother pace with glinting eyes so alike to hers.  

“We’ve gotta go,” she concluded, running her hands through her hair restlessly. “We’re going to go to Pitch’s and he’ll perhaps know something.” she retrieved her clothing and pulled them on quickly. Straightening her jacket she returned to the bed and slipped down low to scoop up the baby. Her baby. That notion echoed in her head as she collected him into her arms. He was light, but a warm weight in her slender arms. Warm, small, all hers, the baby rested in her arms. He began to clutch at the fabrics of her shirt and jacket and Hallow felt a growing warmth fill her, beating back the soreness that filled her body. 

“You’re so cute,” she finally said, her voice slipping into a motherese whisper. “Just look at you…little adorable–” Hallow stopped herself and glanced up at the wall, chewing her lip. “Oh dear Hel…I…” she looked back down at the baby boy, her son, and nearly melted to the floor. Sighing she held him closer, rocking gently back and forth on her toes. Though the baby filled her with joy she had never felt, an uneasiness gripped her. What was she going to do with a baby? She wasn’t a Mother, but a Maiden. well, not technically…it was more of a status, but still. She took in a deep breath and kept him close. Time to go to Pitch’s and straighten this out. Perhaps he’d know. He was ancient, right? He knew shit. Hallow crossed the room to the shadows, preparing to travel into them to Pitch’s lair. But she hesitated anxiously, swaying at the shadow’s edge. What if it wasn’t his? Or if it was, what if he didn’t believe her? What if he didn’t want anything to do with the baby…or her? Hallow bit her lip, cramming the awful worries away and pushed into the shadows determinedly. Either way she needed to show Pitch. He needed to know, and she couldn’t do this alone. 

So she disappeared in the shadows with her new baby, desperately hoping for the best, and for some answers. 

super duper quickie of Kieran :3 i just wanted to draw him with a halloween scarf lol not to mention play with his hair and profile a bit. dont think i quite got it right but oh well. 

Once again thank you Tiredofhidingunderbeds for proposing and starting such a wonderful idea :D 

My character has "tripped" and fallen into your character's chest, how does your character respond?

lol this is for tiredofhidingunderbeds who i answered this for XD Hallow with Pitch accidentally plunged in her tits. just couldn’t get the image out of my head so here ya go. hope you enjoy :3

Kieran and Hallow -by- Tiredofhidingunderbeds

linework and color -by- Me 

tried to go for a sort of portrait look and just went overboard with the overlay XD thank you Tired for taking the time to draw this and letting me do the color and linework o//o i hope you dont mind the little changes i made, and i tried to keep it as close to the original linework as i could. 

hope you like it ^^