katie-ing the shit outta this

Okay but I just had a really really stressful and busy few weeks and today I finally had not just a good day but a fucking awesome day like

  • basically killed it on my run this morning even though I was really tired
  • hair game on point
  • got a seat on the cramped-ass train
  • partner who gets annoyed with me a lot complimented me on some funny scripts hell yeah
  • helped write a bomb-ass tagline on the fly
  • called out a guy I work with for being a sexist douchebag and everybody was like hell yeah
  • ate a bomb-ass tostada salad thing for lunch
  • presented the absolute shit out of some TV ideas to a client and they liked all of them
  • got an email from my boss telling me how awesome as shit I was at presenting
  • got put on a 24-hour assignment that could have kept me at work all night but I finished it in 3 hours whaaaaaat
  • wore a white shirt all day without staining that shit
  • gonna go see john mulaney do some fuckin stand-up tonight with my goddamn boyfriend and then go cuddle the shit out of my cat
  • gonna play some fuckin flag football tomorrow because all these bitches want me on their team, they don’t even care I don’t now what flag football is ok whatev