scumsister asked:

ily but you're too sweet. U should just tell these ppl to fuck off, their hate is rude and annoying. U don't have to explain your choices to anyone, especially your choices of what you do/post online, forreal, you're doing nothing especially or even slightly negative.

ugh that’s so true
Some people are just so rude and annoying and just irritating

I just like giving explanations to them why I want them to leave bc i guess I try to show them off their way without a big bang of saying how obnoxious they are w/ out a reason bc then they could just say something like that right back at me i guess

and ugh ik ik I’m literally doing nothing wrong, like it’s not even like I’m being offensive or hurtful or anything to anyone so wtf are they doing messaging me about that?

they’re probably just bored or something and decided to f around w me/ probably some other people too cause they want a reaction or something